Prompt Challenge: 050316 Witches Cure

Prompt Challenge

Hello Friends! I hope this day finds you well. If not, just read a short story and escape the world for a moment. 


BorderWitches Cure

The world has changed over the years. Kira has benefited from this new world. It is a world out in the open. No one hides anymore. Vampires are out, werewolves, fairies, and all the mythical sea creatures. They are all out. The world has become a dangerous place for anyone not a little magical. The poor humans huddle in dark corners, hoping that isn’t one of the dark corners that the boogeyman resides in. Not even the light is safe for the humans, because there are monsters that live there too. Some of the monsters have taken steps to protect a few humans, the human sympathizers.

Kira is a witch. She is a well respected and pleasantly aged witch. Like a lot of the monsters around, she remembers a time when she was forced to hide who and what she was. She was grateful for the day when she could be out in the open about what she did. She wasn’t just respected by the monsters of the world; she was respected by the humans as well. She had developed potions and spells to help the humans hide. For the monsters she gives them the same services she did before. She tracks their enemies, hides their wrong doings, and helps them find love.

Her latest creation is the one thing that has gained her the most business. For several monsters, they have a missing part. It’s most common in vampires, but werewolves can suffer from it as well as demons. They lack a soul.

Kira has found a way to find that soul and return it to the body it once lived. Of course, for the demons that never had a soul to begin with, things are a little tricky. Some humans are so desperate to keep their family safe; they will forfeit their soul, which Kira uses to appease the demons after a little tweaking.

Or at least that is her plan. The word got out about her possible success when she tracked down Brandon, the vampire who offered a fortune for the first witch who could give him his soul back. Kira knew that she was the only one old enough or experienced enough to complete the task. She wasn’t arrogant, just honest.

Brandon was sitting at her table, waiting for her to bring him, what he deemed as, the cure. It looked like a simple liquid, but Kira assured him there was nothing simple about it. It had taken her the past 100 years to get it to the point it was at. She wasn’t doing it for the fortune that Brandon offered for it, but for the simple fact of saying she was the one who did it.

She watched as Brandon drink the potion and they waited, staring at one another. She watched him closely, looking away when a knock came at her door. She went to the door and rushed off the demon child who bothered her every night. She returned to Brandon and looked into his eyes.

When she looked into his eyes, she could see his soul.

Kira smiled and clapped her hands and danced around her kitchen. She had done the impossible. She had found a way to return a soul to its body. What Brandon didn’t know is that this would change him in ways he had not imagined. Tears streamed down his face and he crumpled to the floor. Kira watched in delight.

“What is happening to me?” Brandon asked. He cried out in pain, unable to uncurl from the fetal position. Kira laughed louder.

“You have been a soulless monster for some time now. All those people you have harmed, maimed, killed. It’s all rushing back to you. Not to mention that your soul has been in hell all these years. It has suffered for every act. You are feeling it all now.” She laughed and sat at the table, sipping from a cup of hot tea.

“Make it stop.” He gasped, reaching for the witch.

“No. I can’t do that.” She said, looking down on him. “This is pay back for what you did to my family.” She snarled. She slammed her cup down and pulled a carpet back from the floor. A trap door hid under the carpet. Kira quickly opened it and pushed Brandon into the hole, hearing his body thump as he impacted with the dirt floor. More moans rose from the dark hole. Brandon wasn’t the first monster to get his soul back. He was the first to offer a reward for it, the first to give Kira the idea to make it happen. He wasn’t the first experiment and he wouldn’t be the last.

Kira had lived a long time. In that time she has watched the monsters hide in the dark and take the lives of those who were trying to live an honest life. She wanted to make them pay. She would let the rumor mill bring in more customers.

She sat at her kitchen table, sipping from her cup of hot tea, and waited for the next monster to walk through her door. One by one she would get revenge for her family and all the families who had lost innocents by the hands of monsters.


I hope that you enjoyed this story. Feel free to leave any comments about what you liked or didn’t like. And if you see any errors let me know. 

Also, feel free to write your own short story for this prompt. I’m considering starting a monthly thing where I will feature a short story on my blog that you have written that goes along with the prompt. Let me know if you may be interested.

Prompt Challenge: 050116 The Hall of the Lost

Prompt Challenge

Hello Friends.

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers out there. A bigger happy Mothers day to my mom for being the best mom a weird girl like me could have. And since it’s mother’s day I am going to dedicate this story to my mom. She may have already read the story, but I know she will look at my post too. ❤

This short story is about 4 days late, but it happens. With work as crazy as it was last week, I knew it was going to be hard to get the story up soon. Also, I had no idea what I was going to write. Funny enough, the idea for this short story came to be while I was out with my dog first thing this morning. It didn’t even start as a short story for the prompt, but about half way through I realized it was perfect for the prompt challenge.

A little warning, it’s a little longer than my usual prompt challenge stories, so I hope you still want to read it. I enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.


BorderThe Hall of the LostBorder

Welcome to the hall of the lost. A never ending hall with doors on each side. All doors are unique to what lay behind them. There are silly rooms, like the room of lost socks, a room of lost earrings, a room of lost screws. There are also important rooms, like the room of lost love, the room of lost laughs, and the room of lost joy. Some people who fight to get those things back will find themselves here. They will find the right door and they will find what they have lost.

I am the keeper. I keep everything organized. Things come through the portal and I put them in the correct place. My favorite room is the room of lost books. Some days I spend too much time in there and get behind on my work. Some days I stay in there just to avoid sorting more lost things. Especially, when there is an abundance of lost souls.

I don’t like the room of lost souls. It’s so dreary and sad. The souls know that they are lost, but they have no idea how to get back. They are not trapped in there, they are free to go whenever they like, whenever they decide to find themselves. Not many of them want to find themselves. A few have left to find themselves only to come back here. Some souls are better off lost, while some are just hiding from something they didn’t think they could handle. Most lost souls have had their hearts shattered over and over again. It becomes too much for some people and they let go. I try my best to help them. I play happy music for them and keep the room bright and vibrant. I even bring in fresh flowers every day, which is why you will not find a room of lost flowers. The souls need it more than those careless enough to lose them.

As I was taking a doll to the lost dolls room, I ran into a man, a soul. He had just walked out of the lost souls room. “Hello.” I said to him, smiling my bright smile. I was happy to see a soul leave that room. It had been months since the last soul left. More come in than go out.

“Where am I?” He asks, his face was scrunched in confusion.

“The hall of the lost.” I answer simply. “I am Amara.” I bowed to him.

“How do I get out?” He asked, looking around.

“Do you remember your name?” He shook his head. “Okay, follow me.” I stopped at the room of lost dolls and carefully sat the doll on the shelf, making sure she wasn’t going to fall over. Some child would come for her. A lot of the dolls were eventually found. I left the room, closed the door, and continued down the hall. The man, the soul, behind me read the labels over the doors, stopping once to peak into the room of lost dreams. “Don’t open the door to the lost nightmares. It’s terrifying and always hard to close. Those nightmares hate being locked up.” He laughed, thinking I was joking, but let out a little shout when we passed the door of nightmares and something banged on the door. I only laughed. “Here.” I said, pointing to a white door with black words decorating it.

“The room of lost names.” The soul read off the label. “You think I will find my name in there?” He asked.

“If your name is lost, which it is since you can’t remember it, it will find you as soon as you walk through the door.” He opened the door and peeked inside. I knew what he would see. Names of all origins floating around, little iridescent wings carrying them around the room. Some of the names you could tell the personality they belonged to. I only come to this room when a soul has come to me for help. Some souls leave the room of lost souls and I only pass them on their way to find themselves. The ones standing in the hall way like this man was, are the ones who will need my help.

The man gasp and jumps back as a name tackles him and smacks him in the forehead. “Axel.” The soul read.

“Nice to meet you Axel.” I said, bowing again.

“Why do you bow to me?” He asked. I shrugged my shoulders. “You shouldn’t bow to me.” He said and his mouth drooped in sadness. “I do not deserve such honor.”

“But you do.” I told him, smiling. “All lost souls who walk out of that room deserve the honor. It means you are strong again and you can find yourself.” I touch his shoulder and he flinches, but I do not remove my hand. “You deserve everything the world has to offer you. Do you know how long you have been lost?” I ask him.

“It has been too long to find myself.” He shook his head.

“The thing about the hall of the lost is that time does not exist. Your body is still out there in some time. You will have lost some time in your life, but it will be like a moment in time, a lapse of judgment. For some people it is just a split second. It all depends…on what I don’t know. But because you are out, you can find your life and continue on, knowing you are strong for what you have gone through.”

“I’m ready.” Axel says. He straightens his back and squares his shoulders, lifting his chin. “I am ready to find me.”

“Why are you here?” I ask, starting the process of helping the lost souls who ask for help.

“The love of my life left me. She left me for my best friend.”

“Then she was not the love of your life and he was not your best friend.” I said. At this point, most of my words were scripted. I had said them so many times. But they worked because these lost souls never came back. “You have to free your heart to love again. Maybe you need to move away and start a new life somewhere. Or maybe, be the bigger person and tell them to have a happy life and move on. The anger is only going to hinder your healing.”

“She wasn’t the love of my life.” He shook his head. “I was losing interest in her and wanted out. It just hurt that my best friend took her from me.”

“Do you think that maybe they are soul mates?” I asked.

“Yes.” He nodded. “I saw it when they first met. I should have let her go then.” He hung his head. “I was selfish.”

“No, you were hopeful.” I patted his shoulder and grabbed his hand. “You deserve to have love, we all do.”

“What do I do now?” He asked.

“Are you ready to face the world again?” He nodded and he began to fade away. “Then you have done all you need to do.”

“Thank you.” He said, as he bent to kiss me on the forehead. And he was gone. I touched my forehead, shocked and suddenly sad. No soul had ever thanked me or kissed me. They all left without saying much. It reminded me how lonely it was here in the hall of the lost. It was my punishment. I was the first lost soul, the first to be broken and refuse to return. I felt a tear slide down my cheek. Axel was the first lost soul, first lost anything, to make me cry.

I leaned against the wall and slid to the floor. My knees were in my chest and I couldn’t see through the tears. It was too late for me. Time doesn’t exist in the hall of the lost, but it was too late for me. I was stuck here forever. I was the keeper of the lost and nothing would save me. I would spend all of eternity, caring for things people have been careless about and lost. I would wander the hall of the lost until everything had been found. Would it all ever be found?

A ding rang through the hall, letting me know another soul had just entered the receiving room. I wiped my tears and pulled myself off the floor. I had a job to do and I wasn’t going to slack.

Before I could get to the door of the receiving room, it burst open and a soul rushed out. “Amara.” The soul shouted. “It’s you.” He said.

“Axel?” I gaped at the soul standing before me. The one who had just left, he had just accepted his pain, he had escaped. What was he doing back here?

“It’s you.” He whispered when he was standing in front of me. “I felt it as soon as my soul returned to my life. It’s you.”

“What’s me?” I asked, not understanding his urgency.

“You are my soul mate.” He said, a smile spread across his face, stretching his lips and showing his teeth.

“That’s impossible.” I said. “I have been here too long. Far too long. My life is over. I have no soul mate. I am here to care for all the lost things.”

“What if I am the prince that comes to save you?”

“This is not a fairy tale.” I said, shaking my head. Axel took my head between his hands and forced me to look at him. His hands were warm. Not like that of a soul. It was then that I realized he was not a soul, he was alive, human, and this was his body. When I looked into his eyes I could see his soul. It had been safely returned to his body, to his life. “How did you get here?” I asked, trying to back away. He wouldn’t let me go.

“It doesn’t matter. I have come to take you from this place.”

“Impossible. I have to stay and care for the lost things.” I said, looking down the hall at all the doors.

“No you don’t” He said. He laughed, but there was a hint of sadness there. “This place takes care of itself. It created this room for you. The only soul so broken it didn’t even realize it was a lost soul.” He shut the door to the receiving room and pulled me back a step. He pointed to the label above the door. I had never looked at the label, knowing this room was the receiving room.

“Amara.” I said, reading the label. I shook my head. “This is all wrong.”

“It’s not.” Axel said. His hand was laced through mine and gripping hard. “I have read all about you. You were so broken, Amara. You lost the love of your life, your parents, and three children all in one day. Your kingdom and a beloved pet wolf all died in one day. You were the only survivor. You couldn’t handle it, your soul fled and your life ended before it returned. The pain was too much for even the world to continue.” My vision became blurry, but I could see the tears in Axel’s eyes too.

“How can I return if my life is over? Why would I want to return to that pain?”

“That’s the thing.” He said, smiling through his own tears. “You don’t have to return to that life. You can come with me, I have a new life for you. It will be me and you, and you don’t even have to remember that pain. It has been washed away. It would be too much for you to remember.”

“I would be happy?” I asked.

“Yes. You and me were meant to exist together. I just had to become lost to find you, to find us.” He stepped away from me. “Please, Amara, come with me.”


I woke from my dream, sitting straight up in my bed. I wiped away the tears and the dream faded. I couldn’t remember what had happened in the dream, and the heart ache was melting away and I took a deep breath. I looked beside me, meeting the eyes of Axel, he stared at me and within his eyes I could see his soul shinning bright. “It’s still early.” He told me, pulling me back down. I rested my head on his chest, just below his chin and listened to his breathing and the light beating of his heart. “Go back to sleep.” And I did. Only happy dreams came to me this time.Border

I do hope you enjoyed the story. Let me know what you thought in the comments.

Prompt Challenge: 040416 The Breakers

Prompt Challenge

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday/hump day. Hopefully you are all getting along well. If not…take a second and read a short story. You know, the one that I am about to share with you. 🙂

I hope you enjoy! It’s the last one of this month for this prompt. I’m not going to lie, I am ready to move on to the next one!

April Prompt

The Breakers

I work for the government. I used to sit at a desk and watch the norms. The norms are the people we only occasionally monitor. They are the low risk families. Up until a month ago, I didn’t even know what they were low risk for. I had no clue what the government even watched for.

Last month, one of the families I watched, the Peterson family, threw up a flag. One of the children was late getting home. All kids have a curfew, and no one is allowed to stay at another person’s home. It was only one of the many laws of our world.

It was little Suzy Peterson that was late and only by a few minutes. But my job is to report any broken laws. Little did I know that reporting this one tiny mishap would bring me where I am today.

I was suddenly put in charge of watching the Peterson family at all hours of the day. I had suddenly become one of the higher-ups in the government. I was one of the people that watches the Breakers. It came with a pay raise, longer hours, and maybe a day off every month or so. It didn’t bother me, I had no family of my own. I would sometimes pretend that I was part of the family, sitting on the couch with them watching their favorite TV shows.

Little Suzy is 13 and she has an older brother, Gregory, who is 17. They also have a baby brother, Jace, who is 5. The mother and father love their children and they were a beautiful family to watch. No more laws were broken for a month. The Peterson family was the model family.

Last night I saw it, I saw what I was looking for, what the government wanted. It started as a little glow on the screen. I didn’t think nothing of it, just thought it was a night light in Gregory’s room. But the light grew brighter and I realized that the light was coming from Gregory.

Only a few minutes later, Suzy lit up her room. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Suddenly, Jace lit up as well. I watched as the parents ran out of their beds to the children’s rooms, trying to dim the lights, trying to put out whatever had happened. It was then that I saw the wings jetting out of the mothers back. Her own skin started to show a faint glow, but she was nervous. Something had activated the family.

Before I could process what was happening, men in black permeated the rooms. They took the whole family hostage, tying down their hands and covering them in black sheets to cover the glowing skin. The only one not tied up and covered was the father. There was nothing special about him. He had no wings, no glow.

It took me longer than it should have to realize what had just happened. What I had just witnessed was the government weeding out the Breakers. They were destroying anything that could possibly be stronger or smarter than the government, or make people question what was actually real. The Breakers were not people, they were creatures of all sorts. I finally left my own terminal to look around. I watched from behind the other employees. There were so many different things. Creatures with big wings, like birds. Creatures with sharp fangs. Creatures like the Peterson family, glowing and batting their dragonfly like wings. Creatures with claws. Creatures with horns. Creatures with scales.

All creatures that were not human and the government was taking them away. I knew I had to find out where these creatures were being taken. I had to find out if the Peterson’s were safe. I had grown to know them, to love them. I wanted to free them.

The rest of the employees began to move from their own screens, looking around at one another. I thought I was slow at figuring things out, but these people were just starting to understand. Some were crying out for the families they had been watching. We all demanded to know what was happening, what would happen to these families. I left the room in a hurry. I needed fresh air. I heard the doors lock behind me and the sound of gas filling the room I had left behind.

It wasn’t until later that the gas they had released into the control room was a gas engineered to make us forget everything about the control room.

“It happens every time.” Someone said from behind me. I jumped and scrambled, trying to find a way out. “Don’t worry. I’m just like you. I was one of the lucky ones, I got out before the gas. They will send us back down, to the low risk watches. Until we spot another one. Then they will send us back here and start the whole cycle over.” The woman stood in front of me, her eyes were bright with anger. “I intend to stop them.”

“How?” I asked her.

“We wake everyone else up.”

4 Nerd Girl Rating

I hope you enjoyed this story and all the stories this month. If you wrote any short stories using this prompt, I would love to see them. So link them in the comments.

Also, any comments about the story are welcome. I would love to know what you think!

Prompt Challenge 030416: Truth Beneath The Skin

Prompt Challenge

Well then, it seems that this month had 5 Wednesdays in it…my goal is to only write 4. So that gives an extra week! I had thought about doing one more short story for this prompt, but I think I will just use the extra Wednesday to announce what the prompt for April will be.

This weeks short story may be my favorite I have written this month. It might be one of those short stories that are put into a special folder to be revisited later to see if it can be turned into a novel. Who knows.

March Prompt

5 Nerd Girl Rating

Truth Beneath the Skin

It was a normal day, just like any boring day. That’s where these stories always start isn’t it? I mean, everything is supposed to look boring so you don’t see the twist that will hit you in the face and make your mouth drop open. But there is always that one person that claims they saw it coming from the beginning. I’m not one of those people. I didn’t see it coming, the truth of my background. The truth of why my world was so much different from those all around me. No one would have seen it coming though, no one expects finding out such horrors about their own life.

What am I getting at?

It was a normal day, just like any boring day. I was to meet up with my best friend and we were going to go to the bookstore. It was my favorite place to go. I was just lucky that my best friend happened to enjoy reading and browsing books as much as I did. We would spend hours in the bookstore and come out with one or two books. Had we had more money, we would come out with the whole bookstore to stuff into her car.

My best friend, Alexa, was actually the one who convinced me to read more. We even shared a book blog together. Both writing book reviews and ranting about all the book world things we could get our hands on. We read everything from young adult to Stephen King. Yeah, Stephen King was in a genre all his own, because he is King.

As I said before, the day was a normal boring day. Well, except the excitement of heading to the book store. As we drove down the road, or rather, Alexa drove down the road, something flashed in front of her car, causing her to slam on the breaks. Which, in turn caused me to slam my forehead into the dash. Not a pleasant feeling at all. Alexa looked over to me and I looked at her, both of us breathing heavily from the adrenaline running through our veins.

I should mention it was a bright and sunny, normal boring day. There was nothing around to prove something had actually run across the road. Whatever it was had taken off, never to be seen again. As we climbed out of the car I noticed that there was something metal on the car. Being the idiot that I am, I pulled the metal and sliced my hand.

“Ouch.” I said, shaking my hand. “I sliced my hand.” I said to Alexa, holding out my hand to her. The cut stung, but Alexa wasn’t looking at me, so I moved the metal again. “We should get out of here before that thing comes back.” I said, worried that it was some kind of rabid animal.

We got back into the car and Alexa started driving off. She reached across me and pulled out a napkin from her glove box and handed it to me. I looked at her confused.

“I thought you said you accidently sliced open your hand.” She said, looking at my hand.

“I did.” I cleared my head and took the napkin from her hand.

“Then why aren’t you bleeding at all?” She asked, looking at me, then looking back at the road, only to turn her gaze on me again.

I looked at my hand, there was a cut, my hand was sliced through, but there was no blood. Fear slammed through me as I noticed the simmering green numbers through the cut. “Pull over.” I told Alexa. As soon as the car stopped I hoped out and threw up on the side of the road. I shook my head. There was no way I had seen what I had just seen.

“What happened?” Alexa asked me, walking around the car. “Let me see.”

I showed her my hand, the simmering green numbers still scrolling past the cut. I shook my head and stared at the odd sight. I racked my brain trying to think of any other time I had bleed. I couldn’t recall every having a cut, or seeing my own blood. Surly I had been cut before, but I hadn’t even had a broken bone.

“I’m going to be in so much trouble.” Alexa said, backing away from me. “They are going to decommission me.” She pulled out her phone and made a call. “It happened again.” She said with a sigh into the phone. “The clutz just can’t seem to go one day without getting hurt.”

What? Didn’t I just go over this? I had never been hurt. Never bled, never had a broken bone. I was always tripping, but I had always been lucky to come out unscathed. I stared down at my hand again.

“Listen.” Alexa said to me, now standing in front of me. “You are not going to remember this.”

It was then that everything clicked. Everything I had forgotten rushing to the front of my memories. I gasped and stumbled. I could hear Alexa telling me over and over again that I wasn’t real. I was just a program and she was my handler. I was supposed to believe I was real, for the test. I was supposed to believe that I was an actual human, or the test would fail. I also remembered her telling me that if I knew the truth, humans may die, but she never told me why.

“It will all be over soon.” Alexa said. I stumbled back again, looking around. “No.” Alexa said, walking towards me. “Don’t run.”

“What is my name?” I asked, suddenly realizing I didn’t know my name. I had never heard my name.

“Don’t be silly.” Alexa said. “You are just a program, you don’t need a name.” I dropped to my knees as tears threatened to fall from my programmed eyes. But there would be no tears, I wasn’t programmed to cry. I tried to stand, to run, but Alexa already had me locked down with her hand on my shoulder. I could see something in her hand. A gun? No…that wasn’t it, but it was something similar. I knew whatever it was, it was going to knock me out and they would reprogram me. The cold metal met the temple of my head and before there was pain or sound, I had already blacked out. The world was gone and soon, even my thoughts left me.

It was a normal day, just like any boring day. But this time I had managed to save a splinter of the past. I didn’t know what had happened, but I knew I couldn’t go with Alexa to the bookstore. I knew I couldn’t trust her. Now I just had to find out why.

Lost in my thoughts I sliced my hand with the knife I was using to cut some carrots. The knife was sharp and it sliced through my hand without struggle. As I looked down, I remembered. The simmering green number scrolled across the open wound. I smiled, because this time Alexa wasn’t there to make me forget. This time, I could run.

Plus Mustache

Please let me know what you thought. Feel free to let me know of any grammatical errors or spelling errors.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Prompt Challenge 030316: Taking The Job

Prompt Challenge

I’m getting back into the swing of things. My writing seems to be coming easier and I am finally back in my happy place. Why did I ever leave it??

Here is the 3rd short story from the prompt challenge this week. Feel free to let me know what you think!

March Prompt

4 Nerd Girl Rating

Taking the Job

I had run to the kitchen to grab some towels. My sister had done it again, slicing open her hand on who knows what. She is such a klutz, she takes after our mother in that. I take after mother in the way I take care of my younger sister. Since our mother passed away it has been up to me to take care of Tessa. Father left us long ago, mother passed away when I was 21 and Tessa was only 18. We were old enough to take care of ourselves, but we were not ready for it. I had to drop out of college to take on a couple of jobs. I forced Tessa to stay in college, I wanted her to have the life I wouldn’t get. I figured I would go to college again one day.

That was the plan anyways. I soon found out that Tessa had been kicked out of college for a prank she pulled with a few friends. Now, she sits around the house, eating all the food I work hard for and running up my power bill. I can’t kick her out, she is all I have left in this world, and despite her bumming, I still love her. Mom did leave us a house, so I have that covered. The three jobs that I work covers all the other expenses.

I grab a towel from the kitchen and turn back around, jumping when I almost run into Tessa. “What are you doing?” She asks. I only gawk at her, stunned that she doesn’t seem to be fazed that she is bleeding.

“I thought you said you accidently sliced open your hand.”

“I did.”

“Then why are you not bleeding at all?” I ask as I grab her hand. There is no blood, no cut.

“Because I lied.” She laughed. “You are always so quick to believe everything I say.”

“Because you always get hurt.” I yell at her. I ring the towel in my hands, growing angrier with every passing moment. “What purpose do you have to make me worry like that?” I try to calm myself.

“You don’t have to worry about me much anymore.” She says with a smirk.

“Yeah?” I ask, putting my free hand on my hip and throwing the towel on the kitchen table. “What, did you suddenly become immune to injury?”

“No.” She snickers. “I’m just better now.”

“Well if you are better, why don’t you go get a job?”

“I have a job.” She says as her smile fades. “That is what I have to tell you. It’s why I lied. I wanted you to see that things could be worse.”

“What do you mean?” She motions to the kitchen table.

“You might want to sit down.”

“Oh, god, what have you done?”

“You always think the worst of me.” She smiles a sad smile. “I haven’t done anything. I have found a job, but it’s not around here. I will be moving away.”

“Where to?” I ask her. Panic rises in my throat, my heart beats faster and I can feel myself starting to hyperventilate. Maybe the truth is I need her here. She doesn’t need me, she never did. It was always me, I needed her. “Where are you moving to?”

“Earth.” She says. The tears run down my face and I stand from the kitchen table. “I will be going on a mission to Earth. I am to collect data on the humans, find out what they are really like. I will return to Pluto and tell the truth. This isn’t some government run job. They can’t lie to us anymore.”

“How long will you be gone? When do you leave? Are you sure you want to do this? What about your life here?” I spit out everything that is on my mind, unable to hold back my questions.

“Riley, you have to calm down.” Tessa says, she guides be back to the kitchen table, picking up the chair I had knocked over. She forces me to sit then grabs a bottle of water from the ice box, sitting it in front of me. She then sits at the table across from me, taking one of my hands in hers. “You know how much I hate the government and the lies they feed us. I have joined the resistance. I will prove to everyone that Earth is not the bad place that the Officials have told us it was.”

“What if they are exactly what we have been told they are? What if they really are cannibals that eat their own children, kill their own mothers, and destroy the place they call home? What if they find out that you are from Pluto and decide to chop you up? How will I ever know what happened to you?” I cry, hard, the tears blurring my vision. I have a headache now and I feel bile rising from my stomach.

“What if they are just like us? Just trying to make it day to day, living as happily as they can?” She speaks quietly to me. “You can’t talk me out of this. The only thing I have here is you, and I know you can’t keep carrying me like you have. You have put your dreams on hold for me. Now it is my time to move on and let you live your life. I am chasing my dreams so that you can chase yours.”

“When do you leave?” I ask.

“First thing in the morning.”

“I will go with you.” I say, making up my mind. “You are the only thing in my life. You are all I have left. My dream since the day mother died was to take care of you. I am going with you.”

“I was hoping you would say that.” Tessa says, smiling again. “I really didn’t want to go with out you.”

Prompt Challenge 030116

Prompt Challenge

Say what?? Yep, finally got it back! I know it took me several months and I am so sorry for that! I have made a few changes. Last year I titled all of the short stories from the prompt challenge. This year I am doing that a little different. Each short story will be titled as a number. Lame, I know, but I was so tired of naming all of the short stories! The first two numbers are the month (o3 for March), the second two numbers are the story number (o1 because it’s the first story for March) and the last number is the year. Simple.

Also, last year I made a new image for every picture. I realize at this moment, I just do not have time for that. I do all my images in Photoshop and I am not great in the program, so it takes me a bit of time. Also, having to find copyright free images is a pain. So, that being said, I will have one image for the prompts each month, just the image for prompt I am using that month. This month is…(insert drumroll here.)

March Prompt

You will see this at the beginning of every short story. Easy peasy!

Now what you all have come here for. The first writing prompt of March and the first writing prompt of 2016!

5 Nerd Girl Rating


I jumped from the couch, spilling the ice cream that had melted in my bowl. The television was loud. The movie I had put on was still playing, and of course it was the part where the killer bangs on the door. I had fallen asleep watching the movie. That is how bad the movie was, it put me right to sleep. I knew it would, that is why I was watching it. I hadn’t been sleeping well because of crazy dreams where I died. I huffed as I looked down at the sugary mess soaking into my carpet.

I shuffled around the cushions on the couch, trying to find the remote to turn down the movie. I don’t remember turning it up so loud. Sadie, my evil white cat looks up at me and meows. She is sitting right on top of the remote. She paws the remote, turning up the volume more.

“Pesky little demon.” I say, swiping the remote from her satan claws and turning off the T.V. My heart was still racing, but I was tired and I needed to go to bed. I grabbed some paper towels from the kitchen and cleaned up the spilled ice cream and padded into the bedroom. Sadie was already in the bed, cleaning her paws, waiting to get under the covers. Just as I lay down and turned the lights off I heard the pounding again.


I grabbed my phone and ran to the front door. It wasn’t the TV this time, someone was banging on my front door. I peeked through the peep hole, unable to see anything. I have seen plenty of horror movies, I wasn’t going to open the door. I clicked the button on my phone and entered my passcode.


It was right in my face. The banging was coming from the other side of the door. I quickly looked again, still nothing on my porch. I was afraid to turn on any lights, afraid to let them see I was moving around. I dialed the number to the police and was put on hold. Go figure.


I had had enough. I sat the phone down on the table by the door and grabbed the bat I kept leaning in the corner. I remind you, I have seen all the horror movies. Yes, I keep a bat by the door. I also know that it was stupid to open the door, but I did it anyways. I screamed when a girl fell into the door way. She grunted when she hit the floor. I stepped away, not sure if I should hit her with the bat or pull her in. She was wet and I could see what looked like blood.

“Help me.” I heard her ask. It was the voice of a child. She couldn’t be any older than 14. I pulled her in by one arm and slammed the door shut, locking it again. I picked up the phone again, the hold music still playing. I turned on the hallway light and almost screamed again when I saw the blood on the girls face. “I accidently sliced open my hand.” She said, holding out her hand. I put the phone on speaker and put it in my pocket. I helped the girl to her feet and we stumbled into the kitchen.

I switched on the kitchen light and sat the girl in a chair at the kitchen table. “What’s your name?” I asked her as I sorted through the drawers in my kitchen, looking for the first aid kit. I am a little accident prone, so I keep first aid stuff all over the house.

“Anna.” The girl said. I return to her with a wet towel and the first aid.

“What happened to you?”

“I was trying to learn to drive. No one would teach me so I thought I would learn while no one was on the road. I got a flat tire and tried to change it. The bolts on the tire were too strong and the tire iron sliced through my hand.” I grabbed her hand and started wiping away the blood.

“Anna…” I look at her face. Her hand is smooth, not a cut in sight. “I thought you said you accidently sliced open your hand.”

“I did.”

“Then why aren’t you bleeding at all?” I asked, confused. She looked down at her hand and huffed. She rolled her eyes and met my gaze, smiling.

“You shouldn’t let strangers in your house.” She said. Her smile grew wider. “Especially, when that stranger is a hungry vampire.” She lunged at me, knocking me to the floor. I felt her sharp fangs ding into my neck. The joke is on her though, I wanted this. All my life I had hoped and prayed for a vampire to knock on my door. I was ready for it.

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Please be gentle with your thoughts. I am a little rusty in my work. It may take me a few stories to make it all look good again. But please share your thoughts! And for all you writers out there, try the challenge with me!


Writing Prompt 9-2: Disappearance

November prompt

Hello folks. Miss me? I know I have been a little absent lately. I am doing some thinking about my blog. I want to make some changes, maybe possibly move to a new blog space. I’m not sure yet. I may just need to make a set schedule I can keep up with here. Things would be better if work wasn’t so crazy.

Any ways, let’s get to what you really came here for today. The writing prompt!

November Prompt Quote

5 Nerd Girl Rating

9-2 Disappearance

Some days it’s harder to get out of bed than others. Some days all I can do is lay there and think about all that I have lost. People keep telling me that there is so much more to find then what I have lost. But when you have lost your entire family, what point is there to life?

Some days I listen to my phone ring and ring all day. I don’t want to answer it, I am tired of people trying to make me feel better. I don’t want to feel better. I want to process this sadness. This dark hole has taken over everything that I am. I don’t even want to remember the good times I had with my family because it only makes things worse. I am alone in the world now, because they all left me. Maybe things would have been better if I knew what happened to them, but they just disappeared. One day they were here and life was great. The next day, they were gone and all I had were questions.

The police found blood and lots of it. My parents home had been trashed. Where was I when it all happened? I was at work. I was always at work, because that is what I did. I wanted so bad to get out of my parents house. I wanted my own place, my own space. I didn’t hate my family, not even in the slightest. I loved them very much, but I still wanted my own place. I felt like I was never going to grow up if I stayed under their roof, like if I didn’t leave home I would never accomplish my dreams. So I worked hard at a crappy job, instead of working hard to get a better job. I wish I had been smarter. I wish I had enjoyed my family more. Even when I was home I was locked away in my room, reading my books, or talking to my friends online.

Now, they are all gone and now I realize how much I loved them. They were my best friends. They were the only people in the world that understood me, but it doesn’t matter anymore. I am lost, broken, useless. Before long I will lose my apartment. I finally got my own place, just to lose it because I can’t make myself go to work. I’m sure one of the phone calls I received today was my boss firing me. I can’t remember when I was at work last…I have no idea how much time has passed. My friends online think that I have died. Only a few know that I am still alive and they all know that it is only a matter of time before I disappear too. None of them care enough to come save me.

All I have left are a few family videos that I saved and some pictures. I couldn’t hold on to much more than that. Sometimes I watch the old videos. I know them all by heart now. Days like today, I play them on repeat. It’s almost like they are here with me again. I watch myself in the recording, blowing out the candles of my last birthday cake. But then I notice something different. My mother, who was recording the video, steps in front of the camera, blocking me blowing out the candles. My mom was always a picture of perfection. Her hair was perfect and her clothes always clean and neat. But in this video, she was not clean and perfect. Her hair stuck out in places, her skin was dirty, and her clothes were torn.

I shook my head trying to clear my mind. I was just seeing things. She stares into the camera and a tear strolls down her face. I move to sit in front of the television and put my hand to the screen. My mother’s hand comes up and sits where my hand is. I jerk back, holding back a scream.

“Naomi,” My mother says from the television. “I am so glad to see you safe.”

“Mom?” I move closer to the television. “Is that you?”

“Yes, sweetie.” She says smiling. “You can hear me.” She laughed. It was the laugh of reliefe and joy all at the same time.

“Where are you?” I ask. “You all left me behind. You just disappeared.” I cried to the television.

“We were taken.” She said. She looked off to the side and her eyes grew wide. “Naomi, we need you to save us. Only you can. There is only one person that can help you. He has been calling you, trying to tell you what happened to us.” My mother talks faster. “Pick up your phone Naomi!” She shouts before the video cuts out, my mother’s replaced with static.

“Mom!” I shouted at the television. I grabbed the remote to rewind the tape, but before I could rewind the tape my phone rang. I jumped and stared at the phone sitting on the table. I rang again. I picked it up and answered. “Hello?”

“Thank God!” A voice said on the other side of the line.

“Eli?” I ask.

“Yes. Naomi, you should really pick up your phone when friends call.” Eli said. He was an online friend, one of the two online friends that actually had my real phone number.

“What do you want?” I asked, frantic.

“Your family isn’t dead.” He said. I gasped and stared at the static on the television. “Naomi, you can save them.” He said.

“How?” I asked. I don’t know where my family is, who took them, or what kind of fire I am about to walk into, but I will get my family back. No one takes away my life line and expects to get away with it.

Plus Mustache

Let me know what you think.

P.S. Tomorrow I will have an update on my NanoWriMo journey!

Writing Prompt 8-4: Mirror Mirror

October Prompt title

Hello Nerds! It’s that time of the week again. First I would like to apologize for missing days and not blogging as much as I have in the past. Work has gotten a little hectic and will stay that way until the end of the holiday season. I am trying to learn how to manage everything. But I am the same as I was when I was a child, I want to do everything. I am still that girl that wants it all and more. I am also the girl who procrastinates or sleeps instead of doing what needs to be done.

Anyways, I am trying to get better, so let’s get into this weeks prompt challenge.

I have saved this idea until the end because it has been my favorite idea since the beginning. Seriously, I have been dying to write this one. I thought the week of Halloween would be the perfect time to write it and share it. I do so hope that you enjoy it.

5 Nerd Girl Rating

8-4 Mirror Mirror

I was always a fortune teller. I always told people what they asked, and a lot of the times they didn’t like what they heard. It only took one person to get mad to put me in the predicament I am in now. Just one warlock who didn’t like his fortune and I was trapped forever. I often wonder why he trapped me in a mirror, maybe he had read one too many fairytales. I once heard that he was friends with the Grimm brothers, he was there for their first stories. I don’t know if that is true or if the warlock was just a nosy witch and in everyone’s business.

Either way, I am now the side attraction is this strange fair that travels the world. Yeah, I did say the world. I told you it’s a strange fair. We just show up one day, set up and ready to go. No one knows the fair is coming and no one knows when the fair is going to leave. It’s there one day, gone the next.

I am the end show in the fun house. You know, the fun houses with the weird moving floors, crazy stairs, slides, and fun mirrors that make you look tall, fat, or just miss proportioned. I am special, I show the viewer the last thing they will see when they die. It’s not always fun, and word has traveled fast. What I tell is true, but I was never a fraud. It was the warlocks punishment for telling him that he would die a week after his reading. He did die…which is why I am still trapped in this mirror. It will take a miracle to get me out of here. I pick one willing soul in every town and tell them the truth. It’s usually the last one through the fun house. They are always the ones more willing to believe what I will tell them. I have yet to find the right person to set me free.

This time…this time I have found the one who will set me free. You seem strong in mind and I can feel your power. I know you are wondering why I don’t tell one of the people traveling with the fair about me. It’s simple really, they have all been told not to look at me. If they do, the owner will not only fire them, but leave them stranded somewhere. Half of them don’t remember where they came from anyways. This fair, it does something to the travelers. I am only safe because I am trapped in this mirror.

So, will you help an old fortune teller out? Will you listen to what I say and set me free? You will be rewarded for your bravery. It’s almost like the movie. It’s just a little rhyme. Just say “Mirror, mirror at the fair, listen now and heed my prayer. Release the soul trapped within, wrap it in a brand new skin.”

You just touch the mirror as you say it and my soul will be set free.

You want to know what your reward will be? Of course, you are human and humans do nothing unless it benefits them. With my release you will be rewarded with great power. I have had years to master my powers and I can share that power with you.

Hurry now, touch the mirror and repeat the spell. Before the owner comes by and finds you still here. He will know what I am up to. Quickly!


As you watch the fortune teller walk away, it becomes clear what she has done. You have great power, the power to tell a person the last thing they will see before they die. But no good deed goes unpunished, you have become the mirror. Relax, everyone loves you, all eyes will be on you. The world will come to the fair and wait in line just to see you.

“Sorry dear, it had to be this way.”

Plus Mustache

Writing Prompt 8-3: Prankster

October Prompt title

After a ton of distractions I finally finished this weeks writing prompt. I have been bad at keeping with a schedule, but I am working on that. I just want to sleep most of the time. It messes with everything.

I noticed the other day that all of my writing prompts end up with a little dark twist…I decided to maybe keep this one a little light hearted. I hope you like it.

October Prompt

5 Nerd Girl Rating

8-3 Prankster

Rumor has it; the mirror at the end of the fun house at the local fair will show you the last thing you will see before you die. None of us believed it and fought our way through the fun house. We only wanted to see what the mirror has to say about our future. We even made sure that it was the night of a full moon, at midnight. We may have snuck into the fair to see it after closing.

Carter was the one we all laughed at. According to the mirror, the last thing he would see was a cracked windshield and a “dead end” road sign. A few days later, we were no longer laughing. Carter swerved on the road to avoid hitting a deer and hit the road sign. The “dead end” road sign.

A few days after that Cassie was walking home from work, it was dark and she didn’t see that the man hole cover was missing. She fell to her death. The mirror showed her nothing but darkness, we now know why.

There are just two of us left now. Me and Edward.

My name is Brittany, and according to the mirror, the last thing I will see is a clock clicking over to midnight and a calendar reading tomorrows date. Edward saw the same thing. We laughed at it at first, but now we think the mirror is cursed. I can’t undo what has happened already, but I can stop what is coming.

After researching, we found all that we need to cancel the curse. All I have to do is break it. But it’s not going to be easy. To break it I have to reflect the moon light on to the mirror and use a hammer dunked in holy water to break it with the moon lighting it. Meaning, I have to wait for the fair to shut down for the night, sneak in and pull the mirror out of the fun house. Edward is helping me, he is the one that found out how to break the mirror.

It takes no time to sneak in to the fair grounds. We have done that much before. Sneaking into the fun house was easy as well. Moving the mirror looked impossible, but we figured it out.

I get the mirror where I can see the moon in it and raise the hammer to break the mirror. Before I bring the hammer down I hear Carter and Cassie laughing. I look at Edward who starts laughing as well.

“What is going on?” I ask, looking at my friends that are supposed to be dead. Both of them laughing so hard they are bent over. Edward throws his arm around my shoulders, trying to contain his laughter.

“We had you going.” Edward says. I push him away.

“You did all of this for a prank?” I shout, throwing the hammer and breaking the mirror. I was furious. I couldn’t believe my friends would do such a horrible thing.

“My aunt works for the fair.” Carter says.

“She helped us set it up.”  Cassie said, standing up and trying to wipe the tears from her eyes.

“Your whole family was in on it?” I asked Cassie and Carter. They were twins, and they were well known for their pranks. I thought being Cassie’s best friend protected me from their games.

“Edward caught on after the man hole incident.” Cassie told me. “He came to the house and made us let him in on it.”

“I’m your girlfriend.” I told Edward, hitting his arm. “Why would you put me through this?”

“I’m sorry, I thought it was a hilarious idea.”

“I broke the mirror.” I said, my face turning red. I wasn’t mad, just embarrassed.

“It was an extra.” Carter claimed.

“What was the point in all of this?” I ask the twins.

“You have always been into the weird stuff. You believe in all the ghost stories. We just wanted you to experience it once. We wanted to help you believe in all the magic that we pick on you about.” Cassie was smiling, but worry clouded her eyes.

“It was all on good intentions.” Carter said.

“It was fun.” I told them, shaking my head. “But I know the thought of losing you two will haunt me for the rest of my life.”

Carter and Cassie hugged me. We were best friends, had been best friends since kindergarten.  I could never be mad at them and they had given me the thrill of my life.

“So, am I okay too?” Edward asked from behind us. I laughed and pulled him into our group hug. Years from now we would all laugh at this. It would be a story we would tell our kids and grandkids.

“Don’t do it again.” Told them and we all left the fair grounds laughing.

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Writing Prompt 8-2: Midnight

October Prompt title

Hello Nerds!

Welcome to the writing prompt. If you forgot what this months prompt was…

October Prompt

Now, on to the story! Warning…it’s a little longer than the others. But I think you will enjoy it!

5 Nerd Girl Rating

8-2 Midnight

New town, new school, and new friends. The past few months had been a whirlwind of chaos. My room was still a mess of boxes and my little brother was even more annoying than usual. Aside from the annoyance and headaches, one good thing had come from the move, Tori and Nate, the twins, and my new best friends. We clicked almost instantly when I moved in to town. To make things even better, Tori had informed me that Nate was into me. Of course, I was okay with that because I had a crush on Nate as well.

They were the reason I was driving Ben, my little brother, and myself to the fair. Tori and Nate had convinced me it would be fun, despite my hate and fear of fairs. My parents had forced me to take Ben with me. It was going to be okay, he was meeting friends. We had already discussed where we would meet at the end of the night and at what time. We also both had our phones if something happened. He was 14, he could take care of himself. I was 17 and a senior in high school. It sucked changing schools right before my senior year, but it could have been worse. Tori and Nate made it all worth it.

“Mels!” I heard a familiar voice from the crowd after Ben and I parted ways at the gate. Tori bolted from the crowd and wrapped her arms around my neck, knocking both of us to the ground causing as to laugh until tears fell from our eyes. My stomach hurt from laughing. Before we could gather our selves Nate was standing in front of us, offering a hand to each of us to help us stand.

“Thank you.” I told Nate around a laugh. He shook his head with a smile on his face.

“My sister is trying to kill you.” He said, his smile faltering for a second and his laugh bellowed through the crowd. It caused Tori and me to start laughing again. I loved my new friends. Nate put an arm around me and Tori locked her arm through mine. My stomach fluttered and excitement fueled me forward. “Fun house.” Nate whispered.

“Yeah!” Tori shouted, pulling all of us forward. “They have a mirror that is supposed to show you the last thing you are going to see before you die.”

I groaned but followed. We made our way through the fun house, laughing at our distorted reflections and taking pictures together. At the end of the fun house was the infamous mirror, the one mirror everyone came into the fun house for. Nate and Tori went first, laughing and shaking their heads at what they saw. Nate had seen a nurse, frowning. Tori had seen a bunch of people looking as if they were standing around a bed. My turn came and I felt the blood drain from my face.

It was my room, the wall where my desk sat. A few boxes still sat unpacked. The room was dark except for the dim light of the moon. On my desk was a clock that read midnight and the calendar said the date was only a few days from the current day. I held in a scream and bolted from the fun house. I didn’t stop until I was standing at the gate. I was done with the fair and I wanted to go home.

Nate caught up to me first. “What did you see?” Nate asked concerned. His hand was on my arm for comfort.

“I don’t really want to talk about it.” I told him, trying to brush away the image. He put his arm around me and hugged me close. “How about you and I grab a funnel cake and talk about our date tomorrow night.”

“What?” I asked, shocked. “Won’t Tori be looking for us?”

“Nah, she wanted to ride one of those sketchy fair rides.”

The night closed with a kiss on the cheek from Nate and a hug from Tori. I couldn’t shake the image of the mirror from my mind, but I was too happy to dwell on it too much.

I became paranoid the closer the day came that was on the calendar in the mirror. I kept telling myself it was all in my head, but something was wrong. I had asked Nate and Tori to come over that night, to keep me company. My parents were off on a business trip and Ben was staying with a friend. I didn’t want to be alone.

“It’s nothing to worry about.” Tori said when she walked through the door of my house. We spent the night in the living room watching movies and eating popcorn. At some point I had fallen asleep, comfortable with my best friend and my now boyfriend watching over me. When I woke in a panic I was in my bed, staring at my desk. It was 11:50. I tried to get out of bed but I realized my hands and feet where tied down.

“It was fun.” I heard Nate say from the shadows. “I really did like you, Melanie. Sadly for you, we just can’t help ourselves.”

“When the itch arises, we have to scratch it.” Tori said. She was sitting beside my bed, in the floor, her chin resting on the bed. She smiled at me. “I really wish it didn’t have to be you, but an opportunity presented itself and this is how it has to happen.”

“I could have settled down with you. I even considered changing my ways for you.” Nate said, sitting in the floor on the other side of the bed and mocking Tori’s position. “You are just so kind and pretty.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked them, pulling at the rope tying me to the bed.

“Our parents passed on the gene to us. The need to free the soul of a human at least once a year.” Tori said. “Did you read anything about this place when you moved here? A lot of people have died the way you will die tonight.” She smiled. “That was because of us.”

“I’m so sorry, Melanie.” Nate looked like he was sincere. He pulled a knife from under the bed and lay it on my stomach. “I will make it quick.” He picked up the knife and looked at Tori. “Are you sure we have to do this? Maybe we can find someone else.”

“No one else will do. I’m sorry. I really tried to find someone else.” They discussed letting me live for a few moments. But I knew it was over for me. As soon as the clock struck midnight, I was done.

“This is what the mirror told me.” I told them. “It showed me this very night at midnight. It just didn’t show me how I was going to die.”

“Mels…” Tori said as a tear slid down her face. “We can’t turn back now. You know who we are.”

“I won’t tell anyone.” I told her. I was being honest, I hadn’t planned on telling anyone if I got out of this. I wanted to keep my friends. I know that sounds crazy, but I never claimed to be sane. “Couldn’t I join you?” I asked. “I know someone else who is alone tonight. Someone that we all hate.”

“Really?” Nate asked, hope flashed in his eyes. “Please tell me you are talking about Julia.” He said, stroking the knife.

“Yes.” I said. “We could kill her slowly.”

“We?” Nate asked, a smile broke through. I looked at Tori and even she was smiling.

“Obviously I am a part of this now.  I even know how to add a little more excitement to it.” I said. I will admit, I was growing excited at the prospect of joining my friends in their hobby. I had always wondered what it would be like to kill someone. Does that make me crazy or just human?

“Well?” Nate asked.

“We kidnap her, bring her here and take her to the basement. My parents won’t be back until the weekend and Ben is terrified of the basement.” I glanced at Tori. “How much more fun would it be to take a few days to finish her?”

“Untie her.” Tori said as she started working on one side of my bonds. I risked a look at the clock. It was five after midnight. Though, if you really think about it, Melanie did die that night. In her place a killer was born.

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Please tell me what you thought about it! Thanks for reading!