Fitness Sunday: Week 21

Fitness Sunday

I gained some weight…but I lost it. I have been up and down lately. I completely failed at not eating bread or sweets. But I am working on all of this. I actually feel like I am slowly getting to where I need to be in my fitness.

Every night this week I have done my challenge. This is the one I am doing:

30 Day Ab and Squat Challenge Workout Chart This site has some good how tos on basic exercises that are often done wrong

Right now I am on day 13. I am also doing a push up challenge.

This 30 day easy push up workout challenge has been designed as a great way to learn how to do simple press ups. The routine starts off at just 3 push ups on ...

I went with the easy challenge because I am not very good at push ups!

Sadly, this is all I have done this week. I haven’t done any other work outs and I am trying to decide if this is enough for now. Or maybe I need to pick it up.

My ankle has been super painful this week, so I haven’t really wanted to do much other than sit and prop my ankle. I haven’t been drinking enough water and I know that is the true issue with my ankle.

This week I am considering doing a 1000 calorie diet, just to see if I can and if it will help any. If I can do it without starving and it helps, I may just do that until my vacation/birthday. Just to see where I am once that rolls around. Simply put, I have been slacking and still have my first 20 pounds to lose.

Starting tomorrow I am going to be a very hardcore diet. Not really a diet…just cutting out all the junk food and eating more healthy foods. I need to step up my game and get serious about weight loss. I have this image of what I want to be and I won’t get there by sitting at my computer playing games all day. I need to find a balance and I need to actually put forth the effort.



Craft Corner: Not So Crafty

Craft Corner

I skipped craft corner last week, and a bunch of other post. I have been working so much lately and trying to prove that I am a good choice for full time that everything else has been swept under the rug. Just yesterday I was wondering if I even wanted to continue writing post for my blog or let it go. Lucky for you all, writing is the only thing I am sure of and right now this is my only outlet for that writing need.

I haven’t created much in the past few weeks. I haven’t had time. I have cupcakes sitting in the kitchen right now because I am going to be making cake pops later today, but that will be for next weeks craft corner. Since I didn’t make anything I thought I would share a little something with you that I did make.

I read this article last week, you can read it HERE, about the benefits of pineapple water. The first try at pineapple water I made way too much and found out that it was only good for three days.

My mom and brother helped me drink it, but I still ended up pouring out about half of it. This water is supposed to have a few health benefits. If you didn’t read the article here are a few things that interested me about pineapple water.

  1. Fights Inflammation. Of course this is going to be my main concern. My issues with my ankle has a lot to do with inflammation so I am always looking for things to counteract that.
  2. Helps with Weight loss. If you are around on Sundays and read my Fitness Sunday post you would notice that I am trying semi-hard to lose weight. So this is perfect.
  3. Regulates the Thyroid. If you don’t know the thyroid is the part of the body that helps with metabolism. If it stops working, you gain a ton of weight and have to take medication. Not very scientific in my explanation, but that is basically what it is.
  4. Works as a digestive aid. Hello!! This also has a lot to do with weight loss. If that crap gets stuck in your system then you are going to lose weight a lot slower.

The other benefits that are listed in the article are as follows:

  1. Flushes parasites from liver and intestines.
  2. Balances Electrolytes
  3. Gets rid of heavy metals and toxins
  4. Strengthens gums and helps whiten and preserve teeth. Anyone else see preserve and think dead bodies?
  5. Improves vision
  6. Protects from cancer.

The last one always makes me roll my eyes. I bet there is an article out there somewhere that says pineapple causes cancer…or water causes cancer…or breathing causes cancer. And then there are a ton of things that prevent it too. The word cancer gets thrown around a lot!

Anyways, I thought I would share with you my process for preparing a few jars of this pineapple water. I am going to give it a test run and see if it makes a difference.

First you need three jars, a pineapple, and some ice and water.


I have this handy dandy pineapple cutter/peeler thing that helped me get my pineapple.


I was going to take a video of using it, but I didn’t have anyone to hold the camera. lol


You seriously just twist it into the pineapple.


Then you have perfect pineapple rings!


It makes cutting a pineapple so much easier. After you have your pineapple slices, separate them into three jars.


Add ice. This supposedly keeps the pineapple from floating and helps flavor the water.


Then add the water.


I put my in the fridge and drink one ever morning before I eat anything. The first day doesn’t taste too much like pineapple, but you can’t wait to drink these because they are only good for three days. I’m all about preparing ahead.

So, if you try this let me know what you think of it! I will let you know if it works for about two weeks.


Fitness Sunday: Week 6

Fitness Sunday

Hello people of the internet. I am here with another fitness Sunday. Another fitness blog full of excuses and blame that falls on everything else but me. Because it’s not my fault.

Just kidding.

As you may recall I had a few goals last week.

Last week

  1. Lose 2 pounds.
  2. No chocolate…There is a saying that goes: “There is no try, just do.” Didn’t Yoda say that?
  3. DDP Yoga at least twice.
  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  5. Stop buying junk food at work.
  6. Eat less meat. Fill up on vegetables.

Obviously, I didn’t make it to those goals. I ate a ton of chocolate. And I kept buying junk food at work. The good news though, I did eat more veggies and fruits. And as soon as I get my next check I will be getting stuff to make salads for work and possibly when I am at home.

See, I got this nifty little salad to-go cup at Wal-Mart last week and I makes a nice little sandwich.

Salad cup

It’s easy to tote around and a nice sized salad fits in it. I used it once this week and put buffalo style chicken breast and extra sharp cheddar cheese in it. It was delicious. I added bacon bits and some ritz crackers as well, but next time I think I could do with out that. I also have some carrots that I need to cut up for snacking.

In all honesty, I may be slack at getting this whole weight thing under control, but I am making the effort. I always feel bad for the cookie or candy bar. lol I’m trying to ignore my cravings, but it’s hard to do.

For the past two days I have not drink the 3 liters of water I have been drinking for several weeks now. I can feel it too. I have been super tired the past few days and I am sure the lack of water is the cause.

Let’s move on to this week. What are my goals for this week?

They are pretty much going to be the same as last weeks…

This weeks goals

  1. Chill out on the sweets.
  2. Take a salad to work everyday.
  3. Work out at least once. Okay, so I realize this is bad that I don’t work out. But I unload truck every Monday and most days at work I am stocking. It’s basically a work out…
  4. More veggies.
  5. Make sure to drink 3 liters of water a day.

What are your goals for this week?


Make A Change


I have been a bum so far this year. I have not accomplished the first goal that I set to accomplish last month. I lounged around and thought about it. But that was about it. Lazy and not driven. I want to reach my goals. And I forget that to make it to the big picture I have to go through step by step to make it there. I forget that setting goals is like trying to lose weight. You can’t expect it all to happen over night. You have to set small milestones. You have to build the walk way to the finish line.

So, I failed last month. I started the year off rocky. But it’s okay. I can’t think about all the time I wasted, because I am just wasting more time that way. I have to think of the time before me. The time that I have waiting to be used. Nothing I can do about the lost time.

Here I am again, setting goals for the month of February and hoping that I can get myself under control and be disciplined enough to accomplish these tiny goals. I have to not only set monthly goals, but weekly and daily goals. I need to set these monthly goals, break them down into weekly goals, and break that down into daily goals. I need to force myself to sit down once a week and write out my daily goals, based on what monthly goals I have yet to accomplish. This is how organized people do it…right?

On to my goals for this month!

  1. Drink 3 liters of water a day.
  2. Work out once a week.
  3. Take on the squat challenge once again.squat-beginner
  4. Get back to taking my vitamins. I’m sure there is something my body needs that vitamins can provide
  5. Write everyday. No matter how many words, I just need to write something other than a blog.
  6. Start writing blogs in advance. I gotta stop sitting down at my computer and trying to find something to write about.
  7. Get my business bank account open.
  8. Make stuff to sell on my business Etsy account.
  9. Organize all the notes on things I can make.
  10. Spend more time with Pixel.
  11. Lose 2 pounds.

That is about all I have at the moment. I plan on challenging myself further at some point. These goals are simple and easy. And they all work towards a greater goal, something bigger that will be worth all the time and effort. I just have to push myself to do things. I have to be the adult that I am…but that doesn’t mean I have to start thinking like an adult. lol

I have a lot that I want to do with my life and I can’t do it the way I have been doing things in the past. Isn’t there a quote that says something about if you want something to change in your life, you have to make a change in yourself?

Meet Again 2