Show Recaps: Week 2/21 – 2/27


Okay folks. I have decided how I am actually going to do this. I will not have a set amount of TV shows I will cover each week. There will be at least one. For the most part, it will be just the shows that really hit me and made me fume with comments. Yes, I take notes while I am watching these shows. I have Word on my phone and keep it open while watching the shows. I was using a notebook, but it was just uncomfortable. I also type on my phone way faster than I write. Odd?

Moving on. This week I didn’t figure out how I was going to do this until half way through the week, so…I only have 3 shows for you today. And only one with a lot to say.

The Walking Dead
Time: Sunday 9pm
Channel: AMC
Episode: The Next World

Thoughts: Loved this episode so much! The bro relationship between Rick and Daryl. The hook up between Rick and Michonne (FINALLY!). And Jesus…who is dreamy and I am hoping that he is a good guy. According to an article I read, in the comics he is a good guy. But we will see.

And we see the true heart of Carl, leading Zombie Deanna to Spencer. He knew it had to be someone that loved her to take her out. And I am sure it gave Spence a little peace knowing his mother was no longer wondering around the world as a zombie.

Now, let me go into this whole Rick and Michonne deal. I saw it coming, I really did. I have been rooting for this since they left the prison. You have two people who were built to survive the apocalypse, they can have a little romance and keep their heads on straight. Meaning, they will make it, they are in it for the long haul. Not to mention that Carl basically told Michonne she was family and he loved her as so. Also, have you seen how much Michonne loves Carl and Judith? It is a family made in the apocalypse heavens! LET IT BE!

Time: 9 Pm Tuesday
Channel: Free Form
Episode: Major Arcana

Thoughts: I don’t have much to say about this show this week. I just wanted to ask a few of you who are fans, did Clary treat Simon this bad in the books? She has basically turned her back on him. He is turning into a vampire and Clary can’t seem to even pick up the phone. If I recall correctly, in the books she was a little more aware of what her best friend was going through. So why does the show have to be so dramatic about it and make Clary look like the worst friend in the world?

Also, OMG! Alec and Magnus! Love!


The 100
Time: Thursday 9PM
Channel: The CW
Episode: Bitter Harvest

Thoughts: Okay, so this show is starting to tick me off. Not to the point where I want to stop watching, but to the point where I want to jump into the television and rip throats out. First you have the sky people at Arkadia, fighting among themselves. They finally reached some kind of agreement with the grounders and stupid Marcus decides that there just has to be an election to make things fair. Big mistake sir!

Now we have this douche nozzle Pike ruining everything the first 100 fought so hard to achieve. Clarke is sitting around with Lexa trying to keep her from killing the sky people, probably setting the site for Lexa to get herself killed. You know how the Grounders have survived? They kill their enemies. You know who their enemies are? The people of Arkadia. Okay, not all of them, but can we please kill Pike already?

Then, we have Jaha with his city of lights BS. I feel like this little happy pill he is handing out is some kind of packet of nano bots. Come on, we all know what happens when you start injecting people with nano bots…the bots take over and all of humanity is lost. But Jaha is too stupid to see what is going on right before his eyes.

So, in conclusion, let Lexa take out Pike and any of his followers except for Bellamy. Which, side note, I am so disappointed in Bellamy. I am totally still shipping Clarke and Bellamy. They should have been a couple a long time ago and wish they would see that already. Sure, Clarke has had her romp in the sheets with chicks, but she was meant for Bellamy! Don’t tell me any different.

Sorry, got off track. Like I was saying, let Lexa in to kill Pike and his followers, give the leadership of Arkadia back to Kane or Abby. Get Lexa back on board with killing her enemies before she becomes too much of a pansy to keep things together. Then find some way to wipe out Jaha’s brain washing computer program. I just can’t take this anymore with Clarke fighting for her people and her people fighting against everything she is doing to save them. Also, we really need to get Pike out of the way before Jaha brings down his hell storm.

TV Show Recap


Hey friends! Have you watched a lot of television this week? I watched about as much as I usually do. Okay, I watch a fair amount of television. Too much really. But I love stories, even if it comes in the form of mind numbing television. I have a few shows to share with you this week.

And don’t worry, I’m not going to share every show I watch every week. Just the ones I feel I need to discuss or maybe haven’t said much about. I will have just a handful every week.

Let’s get into this!

First up…last week I completely bashed this show and I continued to watch it with hopes it would get better.


This comes on Tuesdays at 9PM on Freeform.

I watched this past weeks episode and I can’t lie, I actually enjoyed this episode. Next week Episode 6 airs, so you can still catch up. The acting this week was so much better and I was actually interested in the show.

Baby Daddy:

This comes on Freeform, Wednesdays at 8:30pm. I started watching this it’s first season in 2012. To be completely honest, I had no idea that this had been on for so long! I started watching it because of the cast and obviously, the adorable baby. It’s such a cute show and I might be crushing on Jean-Luc Bilodeau. You can totally check out this show with out seeing any of the other seasons. But the whole show is hilarious.

Young & Hungry:

Another Freeform show. Airs on Wednesdays at 8, right before Baby Daddy. I started watching this one because of Emily Osment. I loved her in Hannah Montana…don’t judge me for watching that show. When I found her on another show, I was instantly hooked. She is such a wonderful actress and her character on this show is just so much fun. I stayed with the show because of the back and forth romance/drama between Gabie and Josh. It’s rather frustrating. But the start of this season is looking promising for the cute couple. Again, you can probably tune into this show now and pretty much know what is going on. It’s good for a laugh!

Shannara Chronicles:

MTV Tuesday nights at 10PM. Like I said last week, I am super impressed with MTV and this show! Why am I bringing this up again this week? Because I love it!

Also, this world is set in a post apocalyptic world. The world as we know it right now has come to a screeching hault and this is what left over. The latest episode, episode 7 reminds you that this is a world after our own. Princess Amberle and Eretria fall into a high school gym. In one scene Amberle is looking at a year book, and says something about how those people didn’t even see it coming. She also mentions how they all look so happy. Which is laughable because who is happy in high school? But not my point. It was a moment that acutally made me think about things around me. What would happen if the world did end suddenly.

Looking at this scene it looks like the world ended in the middle of a high school prom. The gym is decorated like it would be for prom or some other kind of dance. It was just a moment that got to me and kind of shocked me because I had forgotten that the world this show takes place in is beyond the life we live now. It was interesting.


Tuesdays @ 9PM on WYCWD

This show is so awesome and in it’s second season. Liv is a zombie, working in a morgue. Her coworker/friend knows what she is and she is supplied with brains when ever she needs them. The goal of her and her friend Ravi is to find the cure for her condition, and the condition of other Zombies spread throughout the world.

I love this show so much! It’s such a unique concept. We have become obsessed with Zombies, but until now most of us see zombies as mindless creatures who just fumble around and feed off the living. This show gives these zombies a life. A “what if” kind of thing.

That’s all I am going to talk about this week. I will do actual recaps eventually. I just have to remind myself to start watching with a pen and paper so I have some notes to go on. Sometimes after I watch a show, everything leaves my brain until it comes on again and I go “Oh, that’s what happened last week!”

What shows have you been watching? What is your favorite? Are you ready for Walking Dead this Sunday!!??!

The Must Watch Halloween Movies


Hello Nerds!

I realize today is Wednesday and I should be posting a short story. But…I have been lazy and my story isn’t ready yet. So, I thought I would do a fun little list because it is the month of Halloween (seriously they should change it from October to Halloween) and it’s my favorite time of the year!

I thought I would share with you a list of must watch movies for the month of Halloween!

Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. Duh! How could you not watch this movie?? It’s amazing and spooky, but not too spooky for younger kids. Let’s have a family movie night and watch this!

Hocus Pocus. Another no brainer. Another classic that you can not go the entire month of Halloween without seeing at least once. Of course, if you are like me you will see it at least 5 times…

I love this movie so much! It warms my heart and Devon Sawa (Casper) was probably my first movie star crush. I still love the moment at the end when Casper gets to dance with Kat. Another favorite part of mine is when Casper asks Kat “Can I keep you?” Ugh! my heart! Seriously going to get that tattooed on me at some point in my life.

Yeah, I went there. I love all of the Halloweentown movies. They are so adorable and full of all the things I love about Halloween.

Yes…I love Tim Burton and all of his movie feed my love for the strange and dark. Corpse Bride is one of my favorites…actually all of them are my favorites. In all honesty, I will use any excuse to watch this movie.

I watched this one just yesterday and what a cute little movie. I loved it. And I think it is the perfect Halloween movie.

Come on….like you didn’t know this one was going to be here. It’s the greatest family ever!

Okay, okay. This is not a Halloween must. It is a LIFE MUST! What better time to watch a strange movie about a goblin king stealing babies than Halloween.

Now, I know you are wondering why I don’t have the classics on this list. Like Halloween, Trick ‘r Treat, Ginger Snaps, I Know What you Did Last Summer, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Donnie Darko. Maybe my list is a little kid friendly…or maybe I am just a child at heart. Maybe, all those other movies just bore the crap out of me! Except Ginger Snaps, that is actually a pretty good (although cheesy) movie. And there are other movies that I could have named. But these are the movies that I watch all month long…honestly it’s an all year long thing, but I usually watch them all more than once in October.

Tell me, what are your must watch movies for Halloween?

New Show: Wayward Pines

As I have stated before, my blog is all about the stories! Books, movies, and TV shows…and plays if I can ever afford to go to those. So today I bring you a review of a new show!

This past Thursday on Fox at 9pm a new show aired called Wayward Pines. Even though I have vowed to never watch new shows again…because they cancel all the good ones, I decided I needed to see this one!

This is a mini series and will end after 10 episodes, so at least I know there will be an actual ending I can be somewhat happy with and it stars Matt Dillon

Okay, let me try to go over this quickly without boring you to  death, because the show is not boring.

Ethan Burke wakes up in a strange town after he and his partner are in a car accident. According to the nurse, the only nurse and seeming only other person alive in this hospital, his partner didn’t survive.

He checks himself out of the hospital and finds himself at a bar where he calls his wife and gets free food from the waitress. The next day he returns to the bar but the waitress doesn’t work there, according to the guy sitting at the bar. This is when things start sounding a little off.

Ethan finds one of the people he was sent to find, but the man is no longer alive and was tortured before he died. Ethan makes his way to the police department and lets the sheriff know, who actually doesn’t seem to believe Ethan.

Ethan then finds the other person who he was sent to find. She is alive and well. He follows her home and questions her. According to her, she has been in the town for 12 years, except she has only been missing for a few months.

The lady from the bar shows up again, to save Ethan from the crazy nurse who is prepping Ethan for surgery. Beverly (lady from the bar) tells Ethan she has been in the town for a year, and she found herself there after a wreck in 1999. She seriously thinks it has only been a year, when it has actually been much longer.

So the question is, how can one person think she has been in the town for a year, but has been gone for almost 16 years, and another lady think she has been there for 12 years and has only been missing for a few months? Obviously there is something major going on in this town. But what?

Ethan even makes it to the edge of town to find a fence that goes all the way around the town. Sure, it could be a government experiment, but what kind of experiment can make people think they have been in this town for different lengths of time?

My first impression of this show is…”OMG!! WHAT?!” and “Do I really have to wait a week before I can see more of this?” Yeah, it was pretty good and I love a good mystery.

Did you watch the show? What did you think about it? If you have On Demand with Charter, you can watch the first episode. I am sure there are other places you can watch it as well. But I think if you like a good mystery…you might want to check into this show before it’s gone!


SC Comic Con 2015


It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I take pictures with people! lol

This past weekend was the second year of the SC Comic Con and it was so much bigger this year than it was last year. I was so super excited to go this year. I even asked for the weekend off just to make sure I could go. Yes, I am a big nerd and I ain’t afraid to admit it!

I didn’t actually get a lot of pictures of the event, I was too busy gawking at the amazing costumes and looking at all the nerdy crafts. It was a blast. The picture above is me with a bad guy from Doctor Who. It is from the episode “Silence in the Library.” It’s the first episode where you meet River. Also, it just so happens that the library is an entire planet…YES! A giant planet dedicated to being a ginormous library! It makes my little nerdy heart beat fast.

Anyways, the bad guys is called the Vashta Nerada, don’t ask me how to pronounce it because I have never been able to say it! He was the only character at the Comic con that I got so excited about that I almost didn’t ask for a picture. HAHA! I think I even shocked my mom that I personally asked and didn’t get her to ask for me. I have always been a quiet child.

After our walk around the convintion I went on ahead and did my duty and gave blood.


I swear it doesn’t hurt! It was actually the first time that the person sticking a needle into my vein missed it. She had to move the needle around just a little to get the blood. No biggy, and I got an awesome shirt! Which, I do not have a picture of at the moment.

I of course spent a little bit of money on my newest obsession…Funko pop!


Pixel bombed the picture, but she is adorable and allowed to do so.

I had the Walked dead already from a few years ago for Christmas. As well as the Nightmare Before Christmas ones. The rest I got from the Comic Con. I was super excited to find Dancing Groot, because he is adorable. Actually, I was super excited to find all of them! I went a little crazy buying them all. If I had more money, I would have bought more.

I did have a little money left over, and I decided I really needed to do something to the wall above my desk.

For a quick reminder, this is what it looked like before.

Desk 1

I took everything down and bought some shelves. I wanted to display my new toys, because the ones I had before had been boxed up in my closet. I didn’t have a good place to put them. So, since I was wanting to redo the wall above my desk anyways, I got to business. My mom went with me to Home Depot and got everything I needed. At home, my dad helped me put everything together.


Behold my wall of awesomeness and inspiration. You will have to forgive me for the bad picture. I left my camera in my mom’s car and was too lazy to go get it at the moment.

Thanks to my wonderful parents I now have this great place to display my awesome vinyl figures and there is room for more, which I have already put together my wishlist. I might share it with you all one day, since people like to see other peoples wish lists! 🙂

What do you collect? Have you ever been to a Comic Con? And in the first picture, can you tell me what my shirt is from? Only one person at the convention knew. It saddened me.


Enjoying My Day Off


I have worked 7 days straight. Which may not seem like a lot to some people, but it is for me. Don’t judge me!

I was going to clean up my room a bit today and maybe do some writing. And read a lot. But that didn’t actually work out. My ankle has been really sore today so I decided I needed to use today as just a rest day. So I have done nothing but eat, sleep, watch TV, and browse around YouTube. It’s been great!

Actually, I ended up cleaning up my desk so that I can get some inspiration to write tomorrow. I haven’t been doing so good with the whole writing thing, yet I get jealous when someone talks about how they spent the entire day writing. I’m such a strange person.

I will probably do a little more cleaning up before the night is done, but first I need to watch a horror movie. And possibly paint my nails. I love having free days!

What do you do on your off days?

Meet Again 2

What’s Next!?


I will admit, I watch a lot of TV.  I fear that at times I watch more TV then I spend reading.  But how could you not, with so many awesome shows on TV every night.  It’s great and it does help spark a little inspiration from time to time.

Yesterday I found out that one of my shows had been renewed and I was super excited.  I was so excited that I decided to check out the listings for renewed shows.  With this list came another list of shows that were canceled.

After looking through the renewed list like a mad man (woman) I wanted to go hide in a corner.  Some of my favorite shows were not listed.  I could already feel my heart breaking into a million pieces, just like it does every year with the news of canceled shows.

I prepared myself to bust out into tears and slowly went down the list.  “Take another little piece of my heart.” was playing through my head with every blow to the heart.  Seriously, some amazing shows had been canceled and more amazing ones are hanging in the “undecided” closet.

Let’s just talk a little about these programs and the stations that put them on.

The worst of them all is ABC Family.  I have started watching so many programs that they start, just for them to cancel after the first season.  Which wouldn’t be such a big deal if they didn’t leave things on such a huge cliff hanger!!

First example, Jane by Design.  A show about a high school girl who some how lucked out, tricked an entire company, and started her dream job before she was old enough or qualified.  The first season ended with her best friend confessing that he was in love with her.  What happened after that?  Did she get found out by the company?  How about the guy that was always flirting with her that was way to old for her, but he didn’t know because she was lying to everyone but her best friend.  COME ON!! At least give me a short movie to finish up the story.

Recently, there was a show called Bun Heads.  A Vegas show girl married this guy who had been in love with her for a long time.  The day they got married the guy was killed in a car accident.  The woman then had to try and get along with the mans mother who is mad because the guy signed everything over to the woman he had only been married to for a few hours.  There was so much they could have done with that!

There was another show called Nine Lives of Chloe King, the girl just found out she was some kind of half cat/half human thing.  The first season ended with someone being shot.  And Ravenswood, which was a spin off of Pretty Little Liars (HATE THE SHOW!) and ended on a cliffhanger.

CW is starting to get just as bad!  They just started a show called Star-Crossed.  Aliens from another planet crash land on Earth, and the aliens look just like humans, only with tattoos on their skin that they are born with.  Great show! It has already been canceled.  Really?  It hasn’t even finished it’s first seasons run.

Also on the CW they have canceled The Tomorrow People.  Its about these people that are born with powers.  They are humans with the ability to teleport, read minds, stop bullets, and one can even stop and reverse time.  This show just had it’s finale.  The main guy found out he can revers time and his uncle is out to start some kind of war.  CLIFFHANGER!

Here is the thing.  It’s not so much that these shows are canceled after one season.  It’s how they are ended.  Every single new show should be able to wrap up in one season.  They should have two endings ready.  One for if the show is signed on for another season, and another for if the show is canceled.  I am so sick of being left hanging, having no idea what would have happened next or any idea of what should happen.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland did it right!  They started this amazing show, but people lost interest.  They writers and producers and all that fancy stuff of the show, knew this might be a possibility.  So they wrote an ending to the show that could work if the show continued, and brought it to a nice ending if the show was canceled.  All new shows should be like that.  ALL OF THEM!!

Now for the shows that have been on for years, there is plenty of time to wrap things up and give us a proper ending.  ABC Family has a hard time doing this as well.  Remember Kyle XY?  Really awesome show, very horrible ending.

Maybe I am just coming at this like a writer…You don’t leave your readers hanging.  Though, my mom would say that I always leave her hanging.  Poor woman has read so many of my stories that were never finished…sorry mom.  All of these shows could have been wrapped with amazing movies.  Come on people, the movies that we are seeing today are not as great as they used to be.  Maybe by turning these shows into movies we will have something decent to watch?

Or you could just stop canceling these awesome shows after the first season.  Just a thought.

I will end this post here…there are so many more shows I could talk about, but this post would be way to long for the short attention of the human brain.

Show Review: The 100

There are a few new shows starting up recently.  Some have been on for about three weeks, while others have only had their first episode.  One show that has only had one episode is The 100.

This show comes on the CW on Wednesday nights at 9PM.

The idea of this show is the Earth has been evacuated for 97 years and what ever population made it off the Earth safely is now floating in space on the Ark.  Sadly, the Ark is dying and they have to figure out a way to save lives.  The  Chancellor of this ship is like the president, he calls all the shots.  Because of the tight space and the lack of supplies, any and all crimes are punishable by death.  Lucky for anyone under 18, they get to sit in a cell until their 18th birthday before they are sentenced to death.

Now, the reason Earth was evacuated is because of radiation poisoning.  Someone on the ark decides that Earth might actually be safe to return to, but in order to check they create a plan.  Unfortunately for 100 of the kids under 18, rotting away in a cell, this plan includes putting them in a ship and sending them down to Earth.  These teens are given a simple task.  Make it to Earth to test the air, if they die Earth is not safe, if they live they are to find supplies that were left in a safety zone 97 years ago before Earth had to be left behind.

As soon as the ship lands on Earth the kids separate.  You pretty much know from there who is going to cause problems and who is going to take the mission seriously.  Of course, they all committed some kind of crime, so why would they start listening to the adults now?

My Take on the Show
The first episode was fantastic.  It was enough to keep me interested and left me wanting more.  Here are my thoughts in a nice little list!

  1. First of all, these kids are criminals.  They have all done something stupid to put themselves in prison.  Why would they be the first to send down?  Actually, it makes sense to send down criminals to see if they survive, but why so many at one time?  They could have been sent in smaller groups.
  2. Why kids?  They are all under 18.  They are minors with parents that still love them no matter what stupid crime they did.
  3. ANY CRIME can get you locked up.  Does this mean that if one kid steals an extra bite of food and gets caught, the kid automatically goes into lock down to wait for his death the moment he turns 18?
  4. Each couple is only allowed one child.  One couple has a second child and tries to hide it.  When the child is discovered it is taken from the family and the mother is killed.  Was this really necessary?  Really??
  5. One group of kids goes off to find the supplies they were told about.  On their trek through the woods they encounter a deer with two faces and a giant snake that chills in the river.  Is anything safe to eat?
  6. At night the plants glow and two of the teens that are awake find it fascinating.  Yes, it was gorgeous, but it was caused by radiation…is it really that beautiful?  Will it kill you?
  7. One kid that knows his plants picks a flower and eats it.  What part of radiation did they not understand?

All in all, I will be watching more of this show.  Curiosity killed the cat, but I bet the cat was never bored.  This show has got my attention.  I want to know what is going to happen.  Will the ark be saved?  Will everyone return to Earth?  Is Earth really safe?  And who will fall in love with who?  A good show is never complete without a love story, even just a hint of one!

At least in my opinion.

What Do You Think?

Have you seen the show?  If so did you like it?  Do you want to watch it?  Go HERE to check it out!

Celebrity Bashing

Today I read an article about Justin Bieber.  Yes, I am going there.  Hang on for the ride, because I have a destination in mind.

This article was about Justin’s recent trip to a museum of Anne Frank.  We all know who Anne Frank is, well, the smart ones anyways.  Please, Google her if you don’t know who she is.  She is a very inspirational person, who died too soon because of idiots.  Justin wrote in the celebrity guestbook at this museum and said that it was inspiring, that Anne was a great girl and that he hoped she would have been a fan.  I find this rather cute, but some people think it was stupid and selfish.

As a writer, I often wonder if certain people were still alive, would they like my work.  Would they be a fan?  There is nothing wrong with that.  That is pretty much what Justin is saying here.  People are freaking out!  Which makes no sense.  A friend told me that she thought it was selfish for him to write such a thing, because none of the other celebrities wrote stuff like that.  I am sorry, but your argument is lacking just a bit.  The only reason other celebrities didn’t write things like that is because they didn’t think about it.  I bet they will now.

There is a point to all this, I’m getting there.

Justin Bieber gets a lot of hate.  Everyone loves to hate the Biebs.  Why?  They say he has no talent, he is immature, and he is rude.  Okay, I agree that he has become a bit of a douche lately, fame usually does that to people.  Yeah, he is immature, but he is a teenage boy, what do you expect?  Just because he is famous does not mean he has to give up having stupid fun,  let him have his fun!  Talent now, I think he does have talent.  I love a few of his songs, and I support him 100% because everyone should get a chance at their dreams.

It’s not just Bieber that gets a lot of hate.  Most celebrities are constantly bashed for their imperfect ways.  How DARE they not be perfect.  They are in the spot light the HAVE to be perfect.  But you are wrong.  First and foremost, we are all human.  We make mistakes every day, and probably more than once a day.  Why does someone who just happens to be really good at acting, suddenly have to be perfect?  Why are they the subject of your hate?  I think it is jealousy, because they have fame and fortune.  I bet their lives are not as glamours as they seem.

Moving on though, parents, stop and think.  When you talk about a celebrity, bash them and call them ugly names, your kids hear that.  Kids see on TV every day, a new celebrity being BULLIED.  Now do you see where I am going with this?  No?  Hang in there.

When you go online and send hate messages to celebrities, that is bullying.  Paparazzi is just a bunch of bullies, waiting for just the right picture to make a beautiful person look hideous.  Kids see this.  Couldn’t this be a reason why there are so many bullies in school.  Or at least a contributing factor?  If mommy and daddy can bully a famous person, why can’t I bully the kid that sits beside me in math class.  You can’t tell me you have thought about that.  Who cares if the person being bullied is famous or not, it’s still bullying.  Throwing things out of proportion like the Bieber and Anne Frank thing is ridiculous.  People are just looking for new ways to put down a celebrity.

Next time you have something bad to say about anyone famous, think about what you are saying.  Is it really justified?  Should you really say it?  How would you feel if someone said the same to you?  It just a bunch of bullying.  Set a good example for the young, show that you can respect talent, even if you don’t think it’s talent.  No matter how many times you say someone is not talented, there is is at least one person out in the world that thinks they are talented.  Stop being so ugly to one another.  Make the world a better place.