Pin-It Saturday: They Don’t Think They Are Bad

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I haven’t been writing much other than my short stories and I really need to get back to my novels. But while on a break at work one day I came across this little diddy on Pinterest.


It made me stop and think about every antagonist I have ever written. Every bad guy has a back story. There is a reason they are the way they are. Something in their life has changed their way of thinking. We may see them as the bad guy, but they don’t always see themselves as the bad guy. They see themselves as the wronged guy, the person who deserves something for the crap they have been through.

Of course, I do believe there are bad guys in stories that are just messed up bad guys, but most of the time there is a reason and a purpose.

It made me question my own antagonist in my novels. What is their story? What makes them the evil beings that they are? As a writer I understand that I have to know every side of the story. I may not know the whole story when I start, but I learn it along the way. As a writer I have to see the bad guy as the good guy in his own world, in his own head.

I think for a moment I forgot about that. It was nice getting a reminder.

What makes your bad guy so bad?


Pin-It Saturday: Name That Novel

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Here we are again my friends. Another Saturday and another pin. Seriously, this has been a ton of fun for me, to go through my Pinterest board and write my own thoughts on the matter. Although, I do need to start reading more of these articles through the week instead of waiting until Thursday or Friday to go through the list. I also need a way to remember what all I have used for the Pin-it Saturday posts.

This week I found a nifty little article on naming your novel. You can find the post HERE.

I have written three novels. All three need to be revised and polished, but they are sitting in my files waiting for me to stop being lazy and take care of them. I have only named the first one I wrote and the name came from a short story I had written. The novel actually has nothing to do with the short story, I just borrowed character names from the short and put them in the novel. Once I finished the novel I realized how perfect the name of the short story was and how it would fit the novel.

Of course, now that I am in the stages of rewriting the novel I see that I may have been wrong in my choice of titles for it. Also, I am such a nerd and I want to make sure the title of the novel is said somewhere in the text. Yes, I am one of those weridos that giggle when a movie title is said in the movie. I don’t know why it pleases me so much, but it does.

My novel from NaNoWriMo was called “Looking for Complete” and half way through the story the title doesn’t fit the story at all. I had an idea of what the story was going to be, but it ended up being something that I hadn’t even considered.

So not only am I rewriting my novels and making them better, I am also looking for the perfect title. The article that I found on Pinterest actually gives a few really good tips on naming a novel. Hopefully it will come in handy when I am renaming my own novels.

What about you? How do you come up with a title for your novel? Are there any tips that help you pick titles for your work?