Netflix Movie Review: Silent House

Silent House Movie

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Okay people of the internet…and those wonderful enough to follow my blog. It’s high time I brought you a new movie review. My goal here is to review at least one movie found on Netflix, once a month. Simply because that allows me to have an excuse to sit down and watch a movie, but it’s not a ton of time out of my busy schedule. It’s a win win for everyone.

I went searching for a movie to watch and came across Silent House. I remember the previews for it and decided I wanted to watch it simply because another Olsen sister has surfaced and there is a possibility she is a better actor than her sisters. Let’s face it, the Olsen twins are not great actors…they were cute once.

Moving on. This movie waste no time getting into the thrill. Maybe ten minutes into the movie, Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen), starts hearing things upstairs.

But let’s back up for a minute. The movie is about a girl, her father, and her uncle, working on a family vacation home. They are renovating it so they can put it on the market. You will notice that all the windows are blackened out and the only light source in the house are the lanterns and flashlights that the three have.

As I was saying before, it’s not long before Sarah starts hearing things upstairs. Her uncle has left the house to blow off steam, leaving Sarah and her father alone to explore the house, to find what is making the noise. Once every room and corner has been checked, Sarah is scolded by her father for not having her room packed. She is left in her room to finish. A few minutes later something bangs the wall, causing pictures to fall.

Of course, Sarah is going to go check it out. What kind of horror movie would this be if she didn’t. She finds her father knocked out in one of the rooms. Of course, the house has no phone line and the cell phones have no service. Sarah tries to get out of the house, but for some odd reason they have locked the door from the inside, and the key that usually hangs beside the door is missing.

Blah blah blah. We all know how the story goes. Now, I am not going to lie. I had this movie figured out in the first five minutes. It was too obvious!

So, if you want to watch the movie, go right ahead, but skip to the end of the post to avoid spoilers. If not, scroll on down and read the spoiler!

SpoilerSo here is what happened. Sarah was molested by her father and evidently her uncle knew about it. Or he was in on it too.. I didn’t really understand that much. Being back in the house has caused Sarah to go a little mental. Why wouldn’t she though? She was molested by the one man a girl should always be able to trust!

The person in the house ends up being her. She is the one who knocked out her father and she is also the one who kills him, though it’s obvious when this happens. It’s just like the story line of “The Uninvited.” They could have at least tried to hide it a little better.

Spoiler End

Let’s talk about the other parts of the movie that annoyed me. I understand this was supposed to be one of those “in the moment” movies where you follow the main character, almost as if you are in the movie. But…didn’t they learn anything from “Cloverfield?” Can we please be over the movies where the camera moves all over the place? It bothers my eyes and I just can’t enjoy the movie.

So why only 2 Jason Mask rating? Because it was predictable and not at all scary. It didn’t make me jump…”Not even a little bit, Not even at all.” (Tell me what movie that quote is from and I will give you a cookie…Hint: It’s not a horror movie.)

Have you seen Silent House? What did you think?