Book Reveiw: The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa

The Forever Song

Rating5 Nerd Girl Rating

Author: Julie Kagawa
Release Date: April 15th 2014
Series: Blood of Eden
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Dystopian
Pages: 393
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
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First Line: The outpost gate creaked in the wind, swinging back on its hinges.

**One of the most boring first lines ever! But it’s the last of a series so maybe I just need the other books to convince me to read this book?

Synopsis: Allie has saved her sire, Kanin, and is now on a search to find the vampire that killed the human boy she loved. To drown out the pain of his loss she has become much more like her blood brother, Jackal, than Kanin likes. They are on their way to Eden, the only place that humans were safe from vampires. At least it was until Sarren found out about it.

Allie, Kanin, and Jackal are on a quest to find Sarren and to stop him from spreading a disease that will kill humans and vampires alike. Allie is going to get revenge for Zeke’s death, Jackal is looking for a cure to make his own vampire army, and Kanin is just looking to fix what he has broken.

Review: I thought I was in love with this series before I read this book. But now…this book was so amazing. Poor Allie is suffering the way a human would, but in her attempt to hide her sorrow she has become like Jackal, trying her best to not care about humans. I have read a few reviews saying that Allie is weak and whiny in this book, but in all honesty…she just lost someone she loved! Her heart has been broken and the only thing she can focus on is revenge.

WARNING! SPOILIERS because I just have to get it out! Skip to the conclusion to avoid spoilers.

I had a feeling that Zeke wasn’t dead. Of course the end of the second book hinted at it. When Allie found Zeke and he tried to kill her, I was crushed. And then she broke him out of whatever trance he was in. I was annoyed with how often he would talk about what a monster he was…yet he has spent most of the time before he was turned telling Allie that she wasn’t a monster. It just made me so mad that he could be okay with Allie being a vampire but he couldn’t face the same fate as her, even though it meant he would be with her forever. It just made no sense!

And let’s talk about that ending! My poor little heart can’t take any more death and there Kanin goes, sacrificing himself to save the world. And then…Allie is all of a sudden a master? What?? Though, I loved the ending I was sad to see such an important character disappear.

Conclusion: I love the characters of this novel. I hated Jackal at first, but I quickly learned to love him and root for him even when it looked like he might be turning his back on Allie and Kanin. If I was to become a vampire I would love for Kanin to be my sire, because this dude was amazing.

This whole series was so worth the three months I spent on it. I listen to one audio book a month and for three months straight this was what I listened to anytime I was driving. It was an amazing series and I would recommend it to everyone that loves a good vampire story. There is action, a little romance, twist and turns, and tears. A great series and it had a wonderful ending that I can live with.


Have you read the Blood of Eden series? What did you think about it? Let me know!


What Are You Reading?

What Are You Reading

I’m back up to speed with things now. I had the whole weekend off…and I did so much reading. I finally finished a book for TRB so I can get another review there. And I was so into the book that I read for it that I had to go buy the second book of the series. I was so mad. I hate when books end in such frustrating ways. UGH!

Anyways, on to the post. What am I reading this week?

Well, I finally have a TBR jar and I drew from it after I finished The Darkest Part of the Woods by Holly Black. OMG! Fantastic book! It was the first book I drew from my TBR jar. The second book was An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir.


So far this book has been pretty interesting. Rather fascinating really.

I am still reading Forging Divinity by Andrew Rowe, but I plan on finishing it this week, if not today.


I started reading Okay by Danielle Pearl. This is the second book in a series. The first I read for TRB and was so sick at the end from the emotional roller-coaster.


I think I am going to DNF Shackleton’s Folly by Yunker Todd


I just can not get into this book. I have tried again and again and I just…I can’t do it. I may give it one more shot this week, but that is it.

The last book, I am listening to the audio book. The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa. I am almost done with it. It takes me about a month to listen to one book because I listen while I am driving.


I am just hoping for a happy ending in this book because I can’t take anyone else dying.

That is all I have for this week. And yes, I am actively reading all of these books. I can’t help it. Maybe I just get bored to easily or my TBR list is just so long I can’t wait to finish one to move to the next, so I just read as many as possible at once.

Tell me, what are you reading right now? What book did you finish last week?


What Are You Reading?

What Are You Reading

Instead of going over all the books that I have open at the moment, let me just share with you all the books I will be actively reading this week. This will make my Monday post, much shorter and I can stop feeling like a failure when I am unable to finish all these books on my plate at the moment.

This week there are only two books I know for sure I will be actively reading, and one audio book.

Forging Divinity by Andrew Rowe. I really need to get this one finished so I can speak with the author for his interview next month.


and honestly, I cannot get over how awesome this cover is.

Next, I know for a fact that I will finish Isle of the Lost by Melissa De La Cruz this week.


I am loving this book and the process of learning about the offspring of the bad guys of Disney. I will not deny that I have a huge love for all things Disney.

The book I am listening to this week is The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa. I just finished the second book and I am so excited to read/listen to the next book!


I have read a few reviews that have hated the second and third book. But so far, I have loved the entire series. And I understand that the main character can be a bit whiny, but she does what she has to do when it comes down to it. Also, life really sucks for her, so…she has the right to be a little whiny.

On a side note, I will also try and decide this week if I will finish Shackleton’s Folly by Todd Yunker. I feel like I haven’t given it a fair try…so I would like to try to get a little further into the story. I have two days in a row off this week and I plan on doing a lot of reading!

So, what are you reading? And what books did you finish last week? I finally finished Ready Player One and that book was so good!