Book Review: The Star-Touched Queen

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Author: Roshani Chokshi
Release Date: April 26th, 2016
Series: The Star-Touched Queen
Genre: YA | Fantasy | Romance
Pages: 342
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griggin
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First Line

Staring at the sky in Bharata was like exchanging a secret.

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This cover is so gorgeous. The colors are warm and bright and dark all at the same time. And I love the border around the book. It actually gave it a steampunk feel. Just enough mystery and just enough beauty to draw in a reader from the cover alone!


This book was a last minute decision. I hadn’t realized that the book I wanted to get on audible wasn’t even released yet. This was suggested and I just jumped on it. I had heard so many great reviews but I wasn’t really convinced that it was going to be a great book. The blurb on this book just does not do it justice.

Maya is a princesses, but she is not in line for the throne, she is just another daughter for the king to sale off. Except, she may actually be her father’s favorite daughter. She was also born with a cursed horoscope that promises death and destruction when she marries. Despite all of that, the king is forced to make Maya marry, but she finds herself in a different kind of arrangement than she had in mind.

You know that song with the lyrics “found love in a hopeless place.” I feel like that should have been the tagline for this story.

The writing was so beautiful. The imagery is something to be desired. Roshani has really woven a wonderful story of mystery, love, and magic. There is no instant love in this story. At least not for Maya. Amar, the king that wisks her away may have fallen in love with Maya instantly, but there is so much more to his story.

This was such a great listen. I wanted to speed up the book so I could find out what happened next, but I was pacing myself so I would have something to listen to all month. I finished it about two weeks before the end of the month, but I would read this book again and again. The story was fresh and not something that reminded me of 50 million other books in the YA world. There was romance, mystery, suspense, and…MAGIC. I seriously love magic. I also love the idea of different worlds. Who wouldn’t want to be taken away to a whole new world with a king who will cherish and love you for all of eternity?

I want to read this book, instead of listening to it. I feel like there is more to see by reading it, things that I may have missed while driving home and trying to avoid a wreck on the road. Also, there is a different connection to a book that you have read with your own eyes. The voices are different, the atmosphere is different. I can’t wait to get a copy of this book for my own personal collection.

This book could easily be a standalone, but I noticed on Goodreads that there is a second book due out next year.  Though, reading the description it seems that Maya and Amar will be taking a back seat to a new lead character. While it still in the same world, there is an ending to the first book and a new story for the second. I can’t wait to read it.

Did you read this book? What did you think about it?

A little bit of a extra!! The first chapter of the next book! 

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Movie Review: Austenland





Year Released: 2013
Production Company: Fickle Fish Films/Moxie Pictures
Directors Name: Jerusha Hess
Lead Actors: Keri Russell/JJ Field/ Jennifer Coolidge/Bret McKenzie
Genre: Comedy/Romance


Movie Storyline(From IMBd):

Austenland is a romantic comedy about 30-something, single Jane Hayes, a seemingly normal young woman with a secret: her obsession with Mr. Darcy-as played by Colin Firth in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice-is ruining her love life; no real man can compare. But when she decides to spend her life savings on a trip to an English resort catering to Austen-crazed women, Jane’s fantasies of meeting the perfect Regency-era gentleman suddenly become more real than she ever could have imagined.


I am not going to lie, I started watching this movie because it was about a 30-something single woman. Which is much like myself. It is also about a woman who is obsessed with Jane Austen…which is so far from me.

As far as the story goes, it was adorable and very enjoyable. It left me with a huge smile on my face because who doesn’t like a happy ending?

My favorite part of the story would be the idea behind Austenland. It’s suck a fun idea to have a place to celebrate your favorite author or books. But it can be a little unhealthy to be so obsessed with something that you completely lose yourself in the story.

What bothers me about the story is that Austenland is where people go to be scripted into a love story. And poor Jane Hayes is tricked into one of these love stories without even knowing it. She actually falls for one of the guys in this mess. It was actually a little frustrating to watch, knowing that she was being tricked. It was obvious, between the two men, who was the actor and who was genuine.

All the actors did a fantastic job. I love Keri Russell and have never been disappointed by any of her characters. The only other actors I knew in this movie were Jane Seymour, who played Mrs. Wattlesbrook, the owner of Austen land. And Jennifer Coolidge who played one of the guest. Jennifer Coolidge did an outstanding job at making me laugh, as usual, but I often wonder if she has ever played a serious role…

The romance in the movie was sweet and innocent. It was believable. It made me want to go to Austenland and hope that I come across the one guy who isn’t acting.

There isn’t much left to say other than it was an enjoyable movie and I already find myself wanting to watch it again.

What Are You Reading?

What are you reading

Hello Friends! Happy Monday…or not. 🙂

This week is going to be crazy for me so I probably won’t be reading as much as I usually do, but I still have a few books sitting on my bedside table at the moment.

So let’s get to it.

I am still listening to Finders Keepers by Stephen King


This book is just so disturbing and some mornings on my way to work I have skipped listening to it just because the voice actor for the book can get annoying. Just some characters that he reads. He is a lovely voice actor, but some mornings I just can’t take it.

I am reading a middle grade book. Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver.


So far it has been a very interesting story and the cover is just so gorgeous!

I’m also reading The Darkest Night by Gena Sowalter


I was afraid I wouldn’t like Gena Showalter’s adult novels. I love her YA books. My fear was short lived as soon as I read the first chapter. I am, so far, in love with this book!

Aerisia: Land Beyond the Sunset by Sarah Ashwood


This book has been so fantastic so far. Some days I just don’t have enough time to read enough of this book to satisfy my curiosity. As soon as I have some time I am probably going to sit down and do nothing but finish this book.

That is all I have this week. I know, I am reading too many books at once, but I am keeping the stories separate and they are all so different. I would have been done with at least one if I wasn’t working such strange hours.

What are you reading?

Book Review: Her Mad Hatter By Marie Hall

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I have always loved Alice in Wonderland.  It’s a lot like my mind, nothing really makes sense, but it all makes sense.  Everything is a little crazy and chaotic, but it some how works for me.  So, Alice in Wonderland just fit in my life.  Syfy has done a rendition of it and called it Alice.  That was probably the moment that I fell in love with the Hatter.  This crazy, messed up man who no one really understood.  He was funny and he liked tea! Then Tim Burton came along and did his own rendition of Alice in Wonderland, and the Hatter became Johnny Depp.  A man that I have been in love with since I was…well, since forever!

So you can see why I was drawn to this book.


Hatter is going a little mad.  More than usual.  All he needs is love and there is only one woman for him.  Her name is Alice, but not just any Alice will do.  It is up to Danika, a fairy to the great big bads of the fairy world, to find the right Alice and save the Hatter before Wonderland eats him alive.

My Opinion 

I almost feel like I can not comment on this book.  I love the Hatter and Alice in Wonderland.  I want to fall down a rabbit hole one day and find my perfect world, a world that responds to me being there.  Am I really qualified to say anything about this book?

Marie Hall has opened up the rabbit hole and allowed us to fall in.  She has showed us that dealing with the Hatter is not going to be an easy task, and only one girl can control or help him.  You want to hate Alice for being that girl because you want to be that girl.

I seriously loved this book.  It was way too short and I am not a big fan of sex scenes, but there was only one in this book.  And it was tasteful, in a way.

I would recommened this book to anyone that has loved Alice in Wonderland in any form.  This is also the first book in Marie Hall’s series Kingdom Series.  I will be reading the others, because I love a twist on my favorite fairy tales.  One day the world will run out of ways to turn a fairy tale into something new, but today is not that day.

Have you read this book?  Tell me what you think about it.

If Dreams Were Premonitions

I have crazy dreams…like all the time.  It never fails.  I once had a dream that I was training to meet God, by living in a school where “The Mother” studied me until I was ready.  I have had dreams where my family dies, and I always wake up with a heart attack.  I have had dreams that monsters were chasing me, and I have had dreams where I was the monster that was chasing me.  I have dreams where I am everyone in the dream, seeing everything and hearing every thought.  Those are sometimes the worst, too many voices in one mind will drive you crazy.

Then there are the dreams that I wish would come true.  The dreams that I wish were premonitions instead of just dreams.  The dreams about falling in love.

I am, and forever will be, a hopeless romantic.  I am also, and always have been, single.  All I have had are my daydreams, which can sometimes get a little wild…as in, the guy I fall for turns out to be a vampire or something crazy like that.  But my dreams at night are the ones I like the best.  They are the ones I don’t have control over.

Last night I had a dream that the cute guy in my office asked me out.  It was kind of crazy the way it happened.  He walked by my desk, just the way he always does, and smiled.  But he stops, turns around and squats down at the desk so that he is at my eye level.  He smiles his charming (oh so gorgeous!) smile and tells me about a mexican food place up the street.  Then he gets shy and starts stumbling over his words saying he thought it would be nice to go eat there with me. He kept saying it would be just me and him.

Of course, the one thing that I have a problem with in real life, I don’t know when someone is flirting with me.  And guess what…I had the SAME problem in my dream.  For some reason the dream me did not get that this gorgeous guy, with the beautiful smile, was asking me out on a date! In reality I would have known! But dream me had to go stupid!

So, the guy gets up and runs out the door because he thinks that I have just rejected him.  HAHA!! Like I would reject this guy!

I wish that some dreams, not all, were premonitions.  That my dream last night was getting me ready for the cute guy in the office, so I would better compose myself when it really happened.

Of course, the gnomes will do everything in their power to embarrass me and the fairies will steal the cute guy away.  No human man can resist the beauty of a fairy…unless he isn’t human! I mean, his smile just can’t be human!  Maybe I can snag this one, and he can rescue the damsel in distress (me!), from the horrors of the fairy tale world that has leaked into reality.

Told you my day dreams went a little haywire.