Book Review: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One


5 Nerd Girl Rating

Hello Nerds!

That time of the week again for another book review!

First the boring stuff.

Author: Ernest Cline
Release Date: August 16th, 2011
Genre: Sci-Fi/Dystopian/YA/Fantasy
Pages: 374
Publisher: Random House
Buy it : Amazon

First Line: Everyone my age remembers where they were and what they were doing when they first heard about the contest.
**Yes! You get the instant feeling this is going to be a great book! Something that everyone remembers? It has to be something exciting.**

Synopsis: Wade is a poor boy, living in the stacks with his ungrateful aunt who only has him around for the food the government gives her for him. The only good in his life is the online world, the OASIS, where he spends most of his time. There is also a little contest that has been in effect for years, a contest that could change Wades life forever if he were to win.

The contest consist of finding three keys hidden in the OASIS by one of the developers. In a moment of luck Wad finally figures out where the first key is and he becomes the first player to find the first clue. Now, there are people that want his help and others that want him dead. All for a chance to become the new owners of the deceased developers company and his fortune that comes with winning the contest.

Review: Warning: This review can and most likely will include spoilers. Should you want to avoid the spoilers, skip on down to the conclusion where it is safe. Our world has become the age of computers and internet and in Ready Player One we may be seeing the future. This could be what our world is coming to and it’s rather exciting if I do say so myself.

Wade is a underprivliged teen who finds comfort in the virtural reality world. He has studied everything from the 80’s just to have a heads up on the contest that, if won, could lead him to being the next person to control the OASIS. He spends every moment studying and looking for the first key, or at least every moment he is not in school. He hides in an old van where no one can find him, away from his home life. In the OASIS wade is known as Parzival and he soon becomes one of the most famous players.

Then a new company, who wants to control OASIS confronts Wade, they know who he really is, and they are willing to kill him to keep him from winning the contest. Between him and his friends he fights to concur the contest.

I am so in love with this story. This kid goes from being some random nobody kid to a leader. In the end he leads the whole lot of people in the OASIS into a battle against IOI, a company who wants the OASIS for themselves so they can charge people more for using it.

And then there is the love story between Wade and his crush Art3mis. She is probably smarter than Wade, she knows more about the 80’s than he does. She figures out most of the clues before him, he was just quicker at making it to the first key. There is a short little love story that she breaks off because she wants to focus on the contest.

The whole time I was shouting at Wade, Art3mis and Wade’s best friend, Aech, to just join together and figure it out. There was so much money to win that there would have been no issues splitting it! Which, in the end they did and it was amazing.

My favorite part of the novel was the final battle. It was so intense that I almost tore the book because I was holding on to it so hard!

Conclusion: This book is the perfect book for any nerd. I am so mad that I didn’t know anything about it until this year, when my brother got it in a subscription box. It is a story about finding comfort in a virtual world, something a lot of us do, but then realizing that reality can be so much better. It is about a boy, coming out of his shell and becoming a leader, stepping into a role he was meant to be in. It’s about friendship and hard work.

I loved this book so much, even if it did take me a little longer to read. It does start off a little slow, but that was my only problem.

Let’s talk about the cover though! At first I didn’t like the cover, but now I am in love with it. I tried to imagine what the stacks would be like, it took me a minute to realize that was what the cover was. It was Wade climbing up the stacks to his aunts trailer. It’s a crazy idea that people were living on top of each other.

If you have not read this book, please do before the movie comes out. I am so looking forward to seeing how the movie turns out!

Have you read Ready Player One? What did you think about it?



What Are You Reading?

What Are You Reading

Another Monday, another week behind us. So, how many books did you finish reading this week? And what are you currently reading now?

For me…there are some books that I am still reading…like Ready Player One.

To be honest, I haven’t read much of this novel this week. I really want to. I do! But I was reading another book that captured my attention that I couldn’t put down. I know once I get further into this novel I will be captured by it. Actually, my goal this week is to finish this book.

I am still reading Shackleton’s Folly…


Another honest moment, I just can’t get into this novel. I may not even finish it. But I will try to power through at least a few more chapters before I deem it unworthy of my time. I can’t waste too much more time on it.

Small Favor by Jim Butcher


Another novel that I so badly want to read and finish but other books take over my mind.

I actually forgot one last week! I am listening to the audio book The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa.


Not going to lie, I am in love with this story. Julie Kagawa is quickly making the list of my favorite authors!

Now to the books I started reading this week.

I love Disney so of course I had to go out and buy, then immediately start reading The Isle of the Lost by Melissa De La Cruz.


It’s about the offspring of the bad guys of Disney. It’s actually really interesting and I had to read it before the Disney Descendants movie aired this summer. I’m telling you, my inner child threw a tantrum until I bought this book…

Lastly, I started reading Forging Divinity by Andrew Rowe.


This one was actually given to me by the author himself. He is a self published author that I will be interviewing next month for my Indie Author spotlight. I can’t wait to dive into this book because…the cover is amazing so I have high hopes. Shh…don’t remind me about the whole “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” I am a grown woman…I can do what I want!

I realize that I have way too many books going at once. I just can’t help it. I love reading and I don’t want to get bored with one book…so I read many at once. At some point, one book will take over all my interest and the others will sit in the sidelines again. And some days I just feel like reading everything.

The rest of my life is so busy, why not keep my reading life just as busy?

What are you reading this week?


What Are You Reading: Speed Up

What Are You Reading

What I am reading this week is a lot more than last week. I picked up a few more books to read. Because I can’t just read one at a time. I have too many books to read, and I may need to learn how to speed up my reading…I am evidently a slow reader according to this thing here. Thanks Galit for sharing.

ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department

According to this little test, I read slower than the national average and this…this doesn’t set well with me. It makes me feel like I have lost my edge or something. But I know what my issue is. When I read, every word is important. EVERY. WORD. So I don’t skim, I don’t skip. I read every last word, down to the very last “the.”

Moving on to what I am reading this week.


Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Yes…I am still reading this one. I am sorry! It’s really good though. Like…really good.

The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

I was reading The 5th Wave last week. Finished and jumped right into this one…because the story is amazing and this book is amazing. It’s also very frustrating, irritating, heart breaking…all the emotions that go along with love and hate.

Akarnae by Lynette Noni


I have to say, I have been reading blogs by Lynette for a little bit and I have watched her journey from the moment she was signed with a publisher. I don’t know why I waited so long to read this book. I am not too far into it, but so far it looks promising.

Shakleton’s Folly by Todd Yunker


This is one that I am reading for TRB for a review. To be honest, I haven’t made it too far into the book and it’s just not grabbing my attention. I will give it a little further into the story, but it feels like a chore trying to read this one.

Small Favor by Jim Butcher


I love this series. I love Jim Butcher and Harry Dresden. But, because of all the other reading I have been doing, I am having to restart this book because I left it alone for so long. I will get back to it, and I will love it.

Yes, that makes 5 books that I am reading right now. So sue me. I can’t help it. I will be looking for ways to speed up my reading though. If I can speed up my reading I can read more…and who doesn’t love the idea of reading more??


What Are You Reading?

What Are You Reading

Okay, I haven’t been doing a lot of crafts lately…due to work. I work a lot! Since Monday’s were set aside for my craft corner I decided I need a back up plan when there are no projects going on. So…what are you reading was born!

This is for all of us readers out there who want to share the amazing books we have been reading, or are in the middle of reading. So, tell me, what are you reading and what do you think about it so far?

I am reading two books, that are not part of my reviews for The Reading Bud.

The first one is The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

I’m not going to lie, I have read this book before. And loved it. There are two reasons I am re-reading this.  1. I hadn’t realized that the second book was out, so of course I bought the second book and needed to read the first again to refresh my memory. 2. OMG!!! They are making this into a movie and Chloe Moretz is playing the main character.

I can not tell you how excited I am for this movie… and how bummed I am it won’t happen until January 2016.

The second book I am reading is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

My brother read this, as I have mentioned before. If my brother was able to actually finish it, it must be a good book, because my brother doesn’t read often. And so far, though I am not very far into the novel, it’s really good. I love reading stories where the world is a bit different from the world we live in, but not so different that it’s completely unbelievable. I have high hopes for this book.

And from what I have seen…this book will also be turned into a movie. Directed by Stephen Spielberg. Umm…I’m in!

Your turn! What books are you reading at the moment?