April Book Haul

Hello Friends! First, let me tell you about the heart attack I almost had today. I went to save something to my flash drive that I save all my short stories, book reviews, and author interviews on. Everything that has to do with this blog is on this flash drive.

Well, as I went to save something I noticed that none of my files were showing up. EMERGENCY EMERGENCY! Yes. I downloaded a program to recover files and it didn’t find the files. So…I went running to my mom crying. I don’t cry often so you can imagine how devastated I was. Mom hooked my flash drive into her computer and my files showed up! I quickly saved them to a new flash drive and I am back in business. Though I have learned my lesson.

Lesson today, back up your files in several different places! I will be investing in an external/portable hard drive, possibly signing up for one of those cloud services, and saving everything on several flash drives. I plan on doing a back up at least once a week. This will not happen again!

But let’s get on with this!

Book Haul

Bought Books

It was a rare month for me. I decided to hold off on buying so many books. Two of them I ordered in March, but didn’t receive until April. The other three were from the SC Comic Con. I got to meet the authors and everything.

Ruin and Rising

Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo. This was one of the ones ordered in March. It’s also the third book in the Grisha series. I have the first two so it only made sense to get the third. This was bought at BookOutlet.The Kiss of Deception

The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson. This is the first book in the Remnant Chronicles. I have heard this was a good book so I wanted to give the series a try. Look at me being all adult and only buying the first book…Until the rest are available at a discounted price on BookOutlet anyways. lol


Beast Within by Tyffani Clark Kemp. This is the first book I bought at the SC Comic Con. It’s part of a series. It’s also a retailing of Beauty and the Beast. I love retailings so I had to have it.

Quincy Harker

Year One: Quincy Harder by John G. Hartness. This is a collection of novellas of the Quincy Harker story. Another book I picked up at the SC Comic Con. John G. Hartness had a few other books that I would like to get my hands on. He was fun to chat with.

The Mussogsky Riddle

The Mussorgsky Riddly by Darin Kinnedy. This is the last book I got at the SC Comic Con. The author was probably one of my favorites to talk to as well. He explained the story really well too. The story line kind of reminds me of Cell with Jennifer Lopez. I honestly can not wait to start reading this one. It’s sitting on my book shelf waiting for me to pick it up.


I also bought Dead Set by Richard Kadrey. I forgot to add it in my pictures. Mainly because it is sitting on my bedside table. I am about half way done with it and it’s awesome. The best part about it is that I bought this book at Dollar Tree. You can’t beat paying a dollar for a good book.

What did you buy in April? Anything good?