My First Book Signing


Hello Nerds!

One day that title will mean something totally different! But for today, it just means I went to my first book singing event, of another author. Robert Beatty just released a novel called Serafina and the Black Cloak.

It was really fun. I got to talk to the author a little and who doesn’t love a signed copy of any book?

The event was held at my local Barnes and Noble book store, so of course I didn’t just get a signed book.

The event itself was pretty short. It only lasted about an hour. I stood in line for maybe 10 minutes to get my book signed because I got there early. Then there was a quick Q&A. I even got to ask my own question. There were not a lot of people there.  After the author went back to signing books and I found new friends.

I ended up talking to a few other ladies for about an hour about books, reading, movies, and writing. It was seriously the first time I have had an instant connection with people since high school. It was a blast.

Also, this is probably the first author I have personally met…ever. lol

And you should see the book behind the dust jacket!


Anyways, want to see what else I got??

IMG_2824 (1)I have been wanting to read Alice in Wonderland…so I finally bought the book. The cover is adorable.


The writing prompts are cute and it just seemed fun. I may share a few. And you can never have too many notebooks. I am going to decorate this one and sort of personalize it.

IMG_2826No trip to a book store is complete without a few bookmarks. How cute are the owls?

I can’t wait to go to another book signing and make more friends!


Ready to Read

Yep. That is my Nightstand!

I realize that some people have a ritual or things they have to have when they get ready to sit down to read.  Some people have a ritual or things they have to have when they write as well.  For me there are things I have to have while reading in case an idea strikes and I need to write.  A lot of times my ideas come to me while I am sitting in bed reading at night.  It just comes with the territory.


I mostly read at night before bed.  The day time is filled with so many other things that I often don’t have time to read.  But I have a few things that I have to have when reading.  First is a cup of tea.  Since it is bed time I drink the Lipton Soothe tea, which is a green tea with a hint of mint and citrus. I love it.  If I read during the day I have to have green tea with lemon.

I am usually reading at least three books at a time so all my books are sitting in my bed and I will spend about an hour reading each book.  I also have my notebook. This is so I can take notes on the books I am reading so that when I do my book review I have all the important parts right in front of me.  Which is fantastic, because when I have a thought or complaint about the book I have a reminder.  I often forget my complaints if I like the book.  I am blinded by the good ending.

If I am reading during the day I also have to have my iPod and headphones.  At night the house is quiet and a fan is enough to drown out any major sounds.  For some reason I can read better with music blaring in my ears than hearing the noise of my family going on about the day.



When I sit down to read I have to have a few things.

First…tea.  I know, I am a tea nerd.  For writing the tea can very.  It’s either sweet tea, green tea with lemon, Earl Grey, or Lady Grey.  It just depends on what I am feeling that day.  I also have to have some water and usually a little something to snack on.  I don’t want any distractions while I am writing.  Door

I have a few notebooks that I keep with me while writing as well.  The one pictured above and two more.  Out of the two, one is for a story that I have been working on the second book for, and the other is for random ideas I have been writing down.  The one pictured above is for my blog.

I have a mini white board on my bedroom door.  I use it for when I am writing so everyone knows not to bother me.  Of course, it only works half the time.

Let’s not forget my computer.  It depends on what kind of mood I am in.  I will either use my desktop or my laptop.  If I am using my laptop I am usually sitting in my bed because I am too lazy to sit at the computer desk…although sitting in bed helps my ideas flow.

There has to be music.  Always!  It helps me drown out the noise of the house and keeps me focused on my work.

I would love to have an office with sound proof walls.  I could so write in silence.  I could also use a computer that doesn’t connect to the internet because I always think of something that I just need to look up right then.  Even if I have the notebooks sitting beside me and can jot down what I need to look up for later.


That’s my routine and needs for reading and writing.  What do you do to read or write?  Or am I the only weird person that has to have things set up?



Crafty Gurl: Personalized Notebook

I got a moment to sit down this weekend and amp up my blog notebook.  I have been carrying this thing for a few weeks, writing down blog ideas as they came to me.  I got tired of the cheesy and predictable composition notebook look and decided to fix that. I jumped in head first into my craft drawers to see what I could come up with.  This is what I got.

IMG_1359The notebook that you can kind of see poking out with cupcakes on it is my recipe notebook.  It had been sitting around for a few weeks waiting for me to finish it.  This is really easy to do actually.  This is probably the fourth notebook I have personalized.  It just takes a composition notebook, a few sheets of scrapbook paper, some glue, scissors, and a paper cutter if you have one.  (If you don’t just use a super steady hand and scissors.

IMG_1358First take the sheets you want to use as the main cover.  For me it was the lips.  I felt like it made sense to use lips.  The notebook is full of my thoughts, the come from the lips in my mind.  I coordinated everything around my main cover so that it all matched. I usually trace the notebook on the back of the cover sheet and cut out around, enough so that some of it folds over onto the inside of the cover of the notebook.  I then glue that on and decide how much I want to overlap the spine covering.  I usually line the main sheet up with the black of the binding, but this time I went a little over.

Cut out the size that you need to cover the binding, but make sure it wraps around to the back.  It will also need to be longer than the notebook so that you can wrap them to the inside as well.

I realize now that I should have taken more pictures…

I used the glittery sheet of scrapbook paper to make accent strips to hide where the binding overlaps the main sheet.

Then use a solid color to go on the inside of the cover and the back to hide all the ugly edges that you folded over.

IMG_1360I will probably do another notebook one day and take more pictures.  This was a last minute decision because I was super bored and had been meaning to do it.  It’s fun and the notebook is super cute.  Not to mention that no one will have the same notebook as me!  Now when I sit in a coffee shop and pull out my notebook I will impress someone…maybe.

Let me know if you decide to personalize your notebooks too.  And if you can’t wait for me to post a more detailed blog, go look it up on YouTube.  There are a ton of tutorials on how to do this fun and quick activity!