The Haunting of Hill House: Review

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I will watch just about anything with a horror theme that comes out on Netflix. Movies, shows, anything! Okay…not just Netflix, anywhere. I love anything and everything horror. Even the bad ones that everyone hates.

I had plans on watching the Haunting of Hill House since I first heard about it. It was always in the plans. But then Mr. Stephen King (my favorite author of all times) decided to comment about how amazing this show was. So of course that made me move a little quicker to watch the show. It took me 3 days to watch all 10 episodes…but I could have easily done it in one day given better circumstances. Work gets in the way of so much stuff!

Let’s get down to business. What you are really here for. What did I think about The Haunting of Hill House?


Okay okay. Let me talk about all the reasons I love this show. I actually have reasons to love this show and not just an over all “I just love it” excuse.

First, let me talk about the actors. Every child actor in this movie is phenomenal. It made me wonder if these kids were picked out of some cloning field where they just mass produce great child actors. Not a single one let me down with the believability of their fear. It made the show feel so much more real, like there was some bent neck lady standing behind me, watching me.

The adult actors…they were so fantastic. I loved the chemistry between them all, how much they felt like siblings. Not to mention the familiar faces. Carla Gugino who played the lead in Geralds Game, another Netflix Original. She was also on a TV series called Wayward Pines. As well as on Watchman.¬† Then we have Kate Siegel who played the lead in Hush, Netflix original. She is also the wife of Mike Flanagan who had his hands all over The Haunting of Hill House.

The camera work of this show was something of magic. Seriously, there had to have been magical creatures moving these cameras because it was so smooth. There was a ton of movement but not once did I worry about motion sickness. To go along with the great camera work I want to add the transitions! There are a ton of transitions from present day to the past and the transitions are so quick, smooth, and seemless. They were also very clear and not once did I wonder where in the story line I was at.

The Haunting of Hill House is all over the place. The timeline is not a straight line in either the past or present day. There is a lot of jumping around but it is done is such a way that you know exactly where you are in the story and what happened when. It was so great because you knew what was going on, but there were so many questions you were waiting for answers. It’s one of the greatest things about the show, it answered all the questions, but in it’s own time and it wasn’t stretched out to the point where you just couldn’t continue to watch because you got bored.

This show was actually scary! It gave me tingles at the back of my head, which happens when I am legitimately enjoying a horror movie. It doesn’t happen often anymore because things are just not as scary as they once were. Don’t get me wrong, I love horror and the stories, but they don’t scare me as much. This actually freaked me out a little bit. There was even a few jump scares that got me! One of the jump scares I didn’t even see coming and I loved it!

Now, it wasn’t all fun and games. There was one episode where things went on almost too long and I wanted to rush through it. Good news, this was on the very last episode where everything was being wrapped up and all questions answered. There was only one moment where I was like “Can this scene be over with?”

The question that arises at this point is, Will there be another season? I have discussed this with someone who thinks there shouldn’t be another season. But I think there should. There are things that could be explored from this point on. We could take a look more into the past of this haunted house. We could look into the future of what could happen or go wrong with this house. I realize that this show is based on a book and with the last episode is the end of the book, it has been wrapped up. (I need to read the book!) That doesn’t mean the story has to stop there. Now Mike Flanagan has so much to work with and he is free to do what he wants from this point on. It could be something amazing and I really would like to see a second season.

I would watch this show again and again. It may become something that I need to watch every year in October because it was fantastic and scary and I want more of it. For me it is added to the list with Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas. It has to be watched a million times. Not to mention that I have a weird feeling that every time I watch it, I will notice something new that I didn’t see before.

My suggestion to you, if you have not seen the show yet, go watch it. And pay close attention to it. Don’t look away for a second because you may miss something. There are a lot of little details thrown in that could easily be missed, which is something I absolutely love.

Have you watched The Haunting of Hill House? If so, what did you think about it? If not, do you plan on watching it? I think you should!

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Netflix Movie Review: Neverlake


The other night my parents and I decided to hit up Netflix for a movie. We didn’t know what we wanted to watch, but there was nothing on TV so we always go for Netflix for help. I have seen many horrible movies by hitting up Netflix and thinking it would be a good movie. Especially horror movies. Being the horror movie fanatic that I am I always go for a horror movie.

Truth be known, I love stupid horror movies that are so bad you almost can’t finish them. The only thing that gets you to the end is curiosity.


Lucky for me, Neverlake was not one of those movies! I was terribly shocked at how much I enjoyed this movie. Which is why you get a review on it. I am trying to convince you to watch this movie. If you have Netflix and some free time, what do you have to lose?


Jenny has come home from school to visit her father. What she thought was going to be a fun trip spent with her father soon became boring. Jenny’s father is always away, doing something other than what he has promised Jenny. Jenny is left home with her father’s nurse.

Since her father decided not to take her on a walk through the woods to see the lake, she leaves the house to take on the adventure alone.

While at the lake, Jenny runs into a young girl who seems to be blind. The girl leads her back to a hospital where sick children are kept. Being the only kids Jenny has met on her trip and desperate for some companionship, Jenny returns to the hospital daily to read to the sick children.

Soon Jenny realizes that there is something off about the children and her father.


The start of the movie was a little slow. I would say give it at least 20 minutes before you go cutting off the movie. I almost turned it off to watch something else, but my mom convinced me to continue to watch it. I am so glad that I did. The movie kept me guessing the entire time and when you finally get to the root of the problem, you never would have guessed it!

This is one of those movies that I would watch over and over again. It was creepy, scary, and magical all at the same time. The ending was perfect! Unlike most horror movies that leave and open ending that makes no sense.

So, go watch it…right now. And tell me what you think!

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P.S. What do you think of me making this a regular thing on the blog? One Netflix movie review every week or every other week? It could be fun!

Enjoying My Day Off


I have worked 7 days straight. Which may not seem like a lot to some people, but it is for me. Don’t judge me!

I was going to clean up my room a bit today and maybe do some writing. And read a lot. But that didn’t actually work out. My ankle has been really sore today so I decided I needed to use today as just a rest day. So I have done nothing but eat, sleep, watch TV, and browse around YouTube. It’s been great!

Actually, I ended up cleaning up my desk so that I can get some inspiration to write tomorrow. I haven’t been doing so good with the whole writing thing, yet I get jealous when someone talks about how they spent the entire day writing. I’m such a strange person.

I will probably do a little more cleaning up before the night is done, but first I need to watch a horror movie. And possibly paint my nails. I love having free days!

What do you do on your off days?

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