Show Recap Week March 6 -12


Show Name: The Walking Dead
Time: Sunday 9pm
Channel: AMC
Episode: Not Tomorrow Yet

Thoughts: This episode was so intense. I spent the whole time just cringing, waiting for someone to die. Evidently, we are all just waiting for Glenn to meet his end. I have been trying to prepare myself for it, even though I don’t want it to happen, I can’t help but believe all the rumors.

First I will say, there was a moment where I wondered if maybe Rick’s group has become the bad guys. I mean, they are going into this place where these men are sleeping. They have done nothing to Rick’s group, unless you count the a-holes that held up Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham. Of course, Daryl took them out real fast, but I guess the guys do have that whole possibility of killing. Then, when Glenn kills his first guy and moves on to the next we see the pictures on the wall. I don’t know if those pictures were live people that this bad guy killed or if they were walkers. Either way, having those kind of pictures above your bed…comforting you as you sleep…you are definitely a bad guy.

I found it funny that so many people thought that Negan, the bad guy we have all been warned about, was the woman on the walkie. The actor who will be playing Negan has been all over the news. It was kind of an eye opener as to maybe how obsessed I am with this show.

So here is my prediction for the next episode. If you watch Talking Dead you saw the preview where one of the guys holding Maggie and Carol called Carol a bitch. I just feel like he signed his own death certificate with that comment. They don’t know how crazy Carol is and I don’t think that Rick and the other guys need to worry about the two women because Carol is about to open a can of…you get the picture


Show Name: Once Upon A Time
Time: Sunday, 8pm
Channel: WLOS
Episode: Souls of the Departed

Thoughts:  Okay, this was not a season premier, but more of a mid-season premier. It is episode 12 of season 5, but after the hiatus we need to discuss this and give the show its props. When we left off at the mid-season finale, Emma and all her companions were taking a trip into the underworld to find and save Killian. Of course, they have to save Killian because he became the dark one and had to be killed to save the town. And it’s all Emma’s fault. Can I blame her?

What I loved about this episode was Regina was reunited with her father. It gave her a chance to apologize for being so horrible to him. And her father is such a great character. Even though his wife and daughter have had their evil past, he never gave up on Regina. It’s so heartwarming that he was always in her corner, never believing for a second that she was the evil queen she tried to be. Regina’s mother on the other hand is just a power hungry skank that doesn’t deserve the love Regina holds for her. But it looks like Cora is in some deep trouble herself with Hades himself. I honestly cannot wait to see what happens with this story line. What is that Hades wants?

I like the direction this show is going right now. I may be a little biased though. I love any kind of twist of the classic fairytales. I think Emma and her family are in for a fight, but I sure do hope they come out with Killian in the end. But not Neal. I liked Neal, but I feel as though his story line is done and over. Sure, let him help them find Killian, but then he can move on like Regina’s father did. Please?


Show Name: Teen Wolf
Time: Tuesday 8pm
Channel: MTV
Episode: Apotheosis (Season Finale)

Thoughts: I may or may not have sat around for 5 hours, binge watching the last 5 episodes of this show. I have this bad habit of waiting to watch my favorite shows until I have almost the entire season to watch at one time because I am terribly impatient and can’t stand a cliff hanger. The biggest problem with Teen Wolf is that it was on a night when I usually had to work and when I close I often have to open the next day. Meaning I have no time to watch Teen Wolf the day it airs. So I just saved them all until this week when I binge watched it all.

So let me get into this. This whole entire season was pretty amazing. There was so much going on and Lydia almost died at least twice. The poor girl. But I feel like this season she really found who she was. She finally understands what it means to be a Banshee and she can use her abilities to her advantage instead of them using her. I know that Stiles and Malia currently have a thing going on, but who hasn’t been rooting for Stiles and Lydia since the beginning? I think it is finally going to happen. Stiles has finally won over Lydia, because he is the one who never gave up on her. He saved her when she thought she was done for. It has to happen!

Speaking of Malia, she finally faced her mother, the Desert Wolf, and killed her! It’s about time we no longer have to worry about that bad guy. Let’s face it, she wouldn’t have fought as hard if it wasn’t for Stiles. Stiles is the only normal human in this pack, and he seems to carry them all. He is the force that keeps pushing them to fight a little harder.

Kira has finally accepted that she needs the skin walkers to help her tame her wild side. I just wish it had been something with Scott that helped her control the Kitsune. Scott is the alpha, the one who saves the day. But a summer with the skin walkers sounds kind of fun. Or not…

Over all, I love the ending of this season. It was a fantastic season. I was starting to get a little bored with the show, but this season has brought me back to the fandom. Scott’s pack has defeated the Beast, after they realized it would take all of them to beat it. He has his pack whole and complete again, with at least one added person in the mix. Theo has been taken down to who knows where. Deucalion was actually there to help the whole time. Mason is okay. Everyone is a hero, and even Allison was able to help from beyond the grave. A perfect ending to a great season. My favorite part is that no one died!

And then at the end, they leave us wondering what is going to happen, because you know these teens can never get much of a break.

My question though, how many more seasons will we get of Teen Wolf? They are all talking about going to college, and soon, our Teen Wolf will no longer be a teen. What happens then? Should we be preparing ourselves for this show to come to an end, or will it follow Scott into his young adulthood until the show no longer catches the public interest anymore?

TV Show Recaps/Thoughts: Week 9


The Walking Dead
Time: Sunday 9pm
Channel: AMC
Episode: Knots Untie

I actually found this episode kind of boring. Sure there was the whole Rick and Michonne moment and Michonne dropping that one chick to the ground. But other than that, it was rather boring. I realized the need for it. You know, to show where our group is going next, but I just felt like there could have been a little more. I don’t need for them to let me get comfortable and feel like things are safe for a minute, because this group is never safe.

That being said, I am terrified for the next episode tomorrow night. They are going into the pit of the enemy. Who is going to die? Who will survive? It’s going to be so intense!

Time: 9PM
Channel: Freeform
Episode: Bad Blood

This episode actually had me so mad! First let me talk about Lydia Branwell. The chick that the Clave sent over to check on the institute. She comes in like she owns the place, like she is anyone other than an inspector. Later on she tells Alec about her little sob story about how she married for love and had big dreams until her husband died. Give me a break. I already hated her and I didn’t want to hear about poor pitiful Lydia.

The whole Simon thing has got me so annoyed. He doesn’t even know a vampire, what they are capable of and he instantly calls himself a monster. And let’s not ignore the fact that Clary only brought him back for herself. In the book I was totally okay with it, in the show it just ticked me off. Clary has been so cold towards Simon since she found out what she was. He has been her best friend since they were kids and she knows he wouldn’t bug her that much unless it was something serious. Instead of climbing out of her own head she ignores him, then helps him turn into a vampire. It was almost like she did it just so she could make up for what she had already ruined.

The last thing that really irritated me in this episode is the falcon story that Jace told. In the books it was such an important moment. Jace was finally letting Clary into his mind, showing a little bit of himself. Even in the movie it was done better. In the show it was so poorly done and there was no emotion in it…or rather, bad acting emotion. Serioulsy, the whole thing made me want to jump through the screen and knock out Jace so he would shut up.

Overall, I hated this episode. It reminded me why I disliked the show to begin with. Not to worry, I am a sucker for the whole shadowhunter world and I will keep torturing myself through this show. Why? For Magnus. No lie. And if they mess up the chance of an Alec and Magnus relationship by allowing Alec to actually marry Lydia, I will forever be done with this show.

The 100
Time: Thursday 9PM
Channel: The CW
Episode: Thirteen

So much happens in this episode. I was blown away to be honest.

At the beginning I was complaining that I felt the relationship between Lexa and Clarke was forced. It just didn’t feel natural to me. Then again, that could be because I so want Clarke and Bellamy to get together. I feel like they would be a great power couple. Though, now that Lexa is dead, maybe we can have that power couple and they just take over the whole world. Fingers crossed?

I was shocked that Lexa was killed in this episode. I was a little upset about it and I think this will cause huge problems for Arkadia. Without Lexa there to protect Arkadia because of her love for Clarke, we may see more of Arkadia people dying. Hopefully Pike will be the first to go.

There were so many twist in this episode. One, the end of the world was actually caused by a program. I always assumed there was someone behind the “city of lights” chick that told her to end the world, but she did it on her own accord. Then, we find out that the “spirit of the commanders” is actually a chip, a chip created by the same person that created the program that ended the world. Mind explosion!

So my question is, when the two programs recognize each other, what is going to happen? Will there be another end of the world?

Shannara Chronicles

Time: Tuesday 9PM

Channel: MTV

Episode: Ellcrys

This weeks episode was the final of the season. All I can say is please MTV, bring this back for a season 2. There are so many questions and so many places this show could take us. I really don’t have much more to say about it. I was happy with the show. It may have been one of my favorite new shows this year and is probably right up there with Supernatural and The Walking Dead, in terms of importance. MTV did a really great job with this high fantasy series and I have my fingers crossed for a second season.

TV Show Recap


Hey friends! Have you watched a lot of television this week? I watched about as much as I usually do. Okay, I watch a fair amount of television. Too much really. But I love stories, even if it comes in the form of mind numbing television. I have a few shows to share with you this week.

And don’t worry, I’m not going to share every show I watch every week. Just the ones I feel I need to discuss or maybe haven’t said much about. I will have just a handful every week.

Let’s get into this!

First up…last week I completely bashed this show and I continued to watch it with hopes it would get better.


This comes on Tuesdays at 9PM on Freeform.

I watched this past weeks episode and I can’t lie, I actually enjoyed this episode. Next week Episode 6 airs, so you can still catch up. The acting this week was so much better and I was actually interested in the show.

Baby Daddy:

This comes on Freeform, Wednesdays at 8:30pm. I started watching this it’s first season in 2012. To be completely honest, I had no idea that this had been on for so long! I started watching it because of the cast and obviously, the adorable baby. It’s such a cute show and I might be crushing on Jean-Luc Bilodeau. You can totally check out this show with out seeing any of the other seasons. But the whole show is hilarious.

Young & Hungry:

Another Freeform show. Airs on Wednesdays at 8, right before Baby Daddy. I started watching this one because of Emily Osment. I loved her in Hannah Montana…don’t judge me for watching that show. When I found her on another show, I was instantly hooked. She is such a wonderful actress and her character on this show is just so much fun. I stayed with the show because of the back and forth romance/drama between Gabie and Josh. It’s rather frustrating. But the start of this season is looking promising for the cute couple. Again, you can probably tune into this show now and pretty much know what is going on. It’s good for a laugh!

Shannara Chronicles:

MTV Tuesday nights at 10PM. Like I said last week, I am super impressed with MTV and this show! Why am I bringing this up again this week? Because I love it!

Also, this world is set in a post apocalyptic world. The world as we know it right now has come to a screeching hault and this is what left over. The latest episode, episode 7 reminds you that this is a world after our own. Princess Amberle and Eretria fall into a high school gym. In one scene Amberle is looking at a year book, and says something about how those people didn’t even see it coming. She also mentions how they all look so happy. Which is laughable because who is happy in high school? But not my point. It was a moment that acutally made me think about things around me. What would happen if the world did end suddenly.

Looking at this scene it looks like the world ended in the middle of a high school prom. The gym is decorated like it would be for prom or some other kind of dance. It was just a moment that got to me and kind of shocked me because I had forgotten that the world this show takes place in is beyond the life we live now. It was interesting.


Tuesdays @ 9PM on WYCWD

This show is so awesome and in it’s second season. Liv is a zombie, working in a morgue. Her coworker/friend knows what she is and she is supplied with brains when ever she needs them. The goal of her and her friend Ravi is to find the cure for her condition, and the condition of other Zombies spread throughout the world.

I love this show so much! It’s such a unique concept. We have become obsessed with Zombies, but until now most of us see zombies as mindless creatures who just fumble around and feed off the living. This show gives these zombies a life. A “what if” kind of thing.

That’s all I am going to talk about this week. I will do actual recaps eventually. I just have to remind myself to start watching with a pen and paper so I have some notes to go on. Sometimes after I watch a show, everything leaves my brain until it comes on again and I go “Oh, that’s what happened last week!”

What shows have you been watching? What is your favorite? Are you ready for Walking Dead this Sunday!!??!


Nope, not talking about the ugly fish with whiskers that some people love.  Nasty, ugly, smelly things, but the thing I am talking about is just as ugly, smelly, and nasty.

If you ever watch MTV or even randomly come across the channel you might have seen the show called Catfish. It’s about people that have met someone online, but have failed to meet them in person.  They haven’t video chatted and some haven’t even talked to one another on the phone.  Sure it sounds fishy(Catfishy!), but when you are in the moment, when that person is giving you the attention you crave, you don’t see it like the rest of the world.


How do I know?

Because I have been catfished!  Yes, it’s true!  It was several years ago, but I fell for it.  Shockingly, I still talk to the guy that catfished me!

I figured I would go a little personal and share my story with you.

A few years after high school I joined the online world.  I didn’t go out with friends much, because I just didn’t want to be around a lot of people.  Not sure what I was thinking, but I was very much a hermit, a homebody.  I would chat online for hours.  It pretty much started with a site called IMVU.  It’s a 3D chat site.  You get an avatar that you can dress up and make it the representation of you.  Everyone on the internet knew me as the character I had created.

I called myself Pythongurl.  As in python gurl.  Nothing dirty so get it out of your mind.  Here is what I looked like online.  An image that I still wish was really me.

avipicmarch2I talked to a lot of people and became really close with a few.  One being a guy who claimed to be a blond haired surfer boy with some killer abs.  I fell in love.  But what I loved the most was that some gorgeous guy was talking to me.  Not just talking, but flirting!  He knew what I looked like and he still liked me.  I was shy and never very confident.  I still struggle with confidence and shy away from guys because I just can’t imagine why they would talk to me.

I am gaining confidence, but at this moment, my confidence came from some cute guy talking to me.  He eventually asked me to be his girlfriend.  Super stoked I said yes.  Now, I still tell people that I have never had a boyfriend because I don’t count my internet relationships.

This guy would call me and talk to me all the time.  We would chat on IMVU every night and he would even sing to me.  I was stupid and I was loving the attention.  I didn’t get attention like that from guys.  It’s what I had always wanted.  I soon realized that internet dating was not what I was looking for.  Also, the guy that I was “dating” would never video chat with me and when I mentioned visiting him, he always made up an excuse why I couldn’t come.

It was a few years after our failed “dating” attempt that he finally came out and told me the truth.  To be honest, at that point I wasn’t so shocked.  I knew something was up, but it did make me questions all the things he had told me about his life. I still don’t know what to believe from him, but I will always chat with him when he is around.

I still love my online friends, and I have seen most of them on video chat.  They don’t talk to me as much as they once did, but I am always there when they are ready to talk.  I miss my online days.  I miss staying up late and talking to them, but we all grew up and moved on with our lives.  I sometimes stalk their facebook pages to see what they have been up to.  lol I am known as the stalker among all of them, so why not keep up the tradition.

For any of my online friends from back in the day that may be reading this, just know that I still love you guys and hope that your lives are doing fantastic!

Another thing I miss from those days is my copy of Photoshop…ugh I want it back so bad!