Chit Chat: Wrong Cast


Hello Friends! Kind of a late post today because I have the day off and I’m a little lazy…or a lot lazy.

Anyways, it’s time for another little chit chat!

As any Stephen King fan would know, they have decided to do a Dark Tower movie. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it is a series that Stephen King wrote about a Gunslinger and his quest to find the Dark Tower. Don’t ask me too many details because they are all a little foggy right now. I need to read the entire series again and soon. It’s a great series, I know that much.

I also know that Roland, the main character, is a white man (the color of his skin is important for this post) who travels worlds looking for the Dark Tower and either running from or chasing after the Man in Black. I think later on in the series the Man in Black ends up being Randell Flag, which is the bad guy from The Stand. So, now that I have let that little spoiler out…though is it really a spoiler??

So, the other day I noticed that they have cast Matthew McConaughey as the Man in Black. I have not been following the casting, I just don’t follow castings to movies that often. I wait until it’s all cast and they have started showing previews for the movie. I was reading some of the comments about Matthew McConaughey being cast, to be honest I think he will make a great Man in Black.

In the comments I noticed someone say something about who they had cast as Roland, they didn’t name any names and they didn’t say what the problem was, they just said they wouldn’t even mention the issues with who they cast for Roland.

I looked it up, being the curious person I am and I actually got a little angry. They have cast Idris Elba as Roland Deschain. Is it because he is a black man that I am angry? For once, yes, yes it is.  But before you yell at me and call me racist let me explain why this angers me.

In the book Roland comes across a black lady in a wheelchair, Susannah. She is a loveThe Dark Tower V Art IX - Wolves of the Calla - Bernie Wrightson - "Riza": ly woman, until her other personality kicks in. This other personailty is extremely racist and calls Roland all kinds of names. She is ruthless in her racism and Roland basically lets her speak, without saying a word. There is also another character in this. Eddie, a white man who falls in love with Susannah and marries her.

Now, I am a little foggy on ALL the details, but I do know that Roland was

Eddie and Susannah Dean:

Susannah and Eddie

a white man that was hackled by a sick personality of a wheel chair bound black woman. I also remember her hackling Eddie, the man that she marries. Also, at some point
this personality of hers becomes and important aspect of the story as it is born into a child and becomes a new bad guy for the gang to chase down.

So my only problem with Idris Elba being cast is the fact that the storyline is going to completely change. Are they going to cast Susannah as a white woman, to keep the racism of the story intact? Or do they even plan to make it past the first book in this movie?

From what I have seen so far, this movie will not be as long as The Stand. It’s not a movie series. It’s going to be a regular length movie. So in the end all those people that have not read the books are going to be completely lost. And the fans of the series are going to be disappointed. I have always loved movies based on Stephen King novels. Because Stephen King still has some input in the movie and it never ventures too far from the book. At least, that is what I have seen so far. If you have seen different, please share with me which movies you have seen completely different. I would like to check it out and see for myself.

I have been so excited for this movie. I always get my hopes up every time they start talking about it. A few years ago they had talked about turning it into a TV series, which to be honest would have been the best route. There has been talk about movies before now as well. It never pans out. Now they are actually filming the movie and have a release date for sometime in 2017. I am trying to not get my hopes up, because it will either be canceled or it’s going to be extremely disappointing.

What are your thoughts on the movie?

Movie Review: The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2

Year Released: 2016
Directors Name: James Wan
Lead Actors: Vera Farmiga | Patrick Wilson | Madison Wolfe
Production Company: New Line Cinema | Atomic Monster | Evergreen Media Group
Genre: Horror | Mystery | Thriller



Storyline: In 1977, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to London, England, where single mother Peggy Hodgson believes that something evil is in her home. When Peggy’s youngest daughter starts showing signs of demonic possession, Ed and Lorraine attempt to help the besieged girl, only to find themselves targeted by the malicious spirits.


I can be very harsh in reviewing horror movies. I have seen so many and not many scare me anymore. I stopped looking for a movie that scared me and more of a horror movie that I enjoyed and felt I could watch again. I enjoyed the first Conjuring movie. I thought it was really good and I have seen it several times now.

The second one is going to be no different. I have actually found myself thinking of a movie and wanting to watch it again, only to realize the movie I am thinking about is The Conjuring 2 and I can’t really afford to go see that again at the moment.

As far as the storyline goes, it was well written. It kept me interested throughout the entire movie, trying to figure out what exactly was going on. At times it even had me believing it was about a hoax instead of a haunting. The storyline moves along fairly quick and I don’t recall finding myself bored at any moment in the movie.

There are a few jump scares that I thought were very well done. Of course, you can see them coming for the most part, but a few will still surprise you.

As far as scary goes, there is one character in this movie that I thought might actually fallow me into my dreams. And I promise it wasn’t the nun that you see in the previews.
Although, the nun character is rather sinister and creepy, we all have seen her in the commercials. Everyone knows she or rather, it, will be in the movie. The character that really got me is called the crooked man, and while the animation of him is 80’s style CGI the concept was spine tingling.


The actors were fantastic as always. I love Vera Farmiga in everything she has done and she is the perfect actress for Lorraine Warren. Madison Wolfe, who plays Janet Hodgson is such an amazing actress. While I have not seen her in other movies, I do look forward to seeing her career flourish.the conjuring 2

Final Thoughts: I do not feel that I wasted my money to see this movie. I thought it was fantastic, suspenseful, and an overall great horror movie. The last few minutes of the movie was so intense that I think I forgot how to breathe. It had me on the edge of my seat. That is what I look for in a movie. A story that will put me on the edge of my seat and capture my attention so completely, I forget I am only watching a movie.

Have you seen The Conjuring 2 yet?

Movie Talk: It

I have loved horror movies since I was a toddler. It’s true, as my parents. I have watched just about all the scary movies that everyone claims is just too scary. The only one that actually bothered me was Exorcist and…I still haven’t watched that movie again.

I have watched It several times and I have loved it every time. Unlike a huge chunk of the worlds population, clowns do not freak me out at all. And to be perfectly honest with you, Pennywise wasn’t even that scary.

Now as most of you have heard, I am sure, It is getting a remake. Like most of the world, I don’t like remakes, but for some reason I am excited about this one. Maybe it’s because of my love for Stephen King and everything he does. Maybe because Pennywise is one of my favorite horror movie villains. Who knows, but I am ready for it.

The other day they annouced a recast of Pennywise.

At first it was going to be this guy…

Will Poutler. He was Gally in “The Maze Runner”. He also played Kenny in “We’re The Millers.” He has a baby face…which with the clown make up I am sure can work. Evidently his scheduling didn’t allow for him to continue with the Pennywise roll and they had to recast.

Now it is Bill Skarsgard. One of the actors of Hemlock Grove, also the brother of Alexander Skarsgard (Eric on True Blood).

I am all for this! But I read an article this morning that you can read at where they say that Bill is just too hot to play Pennywise.

Rosewood what morris chestnut say what

Tim Curry, the original Pennywise, was a very nice looking man.

So your argument is invalid.

angry fairuza balk screaming goth the craft

Okay, so that gif may be a little overkill…maybe.

Also, let me point out that Bill Skarsgard is a creepy looking guy. Seriously, he can play an killer clown easily.

90s retro classic horror movie clown

And my last point to this…Make up…This actor is going to be in full clown makeup. How are we okay with baby face Will, but mad about creepy looking Bill? Also, Will…Bill…am I the only one that finds that funny?

I am excited for the casting and the remake. I do hope that everything pans out well and we actually get to see this movie soon. I don’t know about Skarsgard’s acting skills as I have never seen Hemlock Grove or anything else he has played in, but I think he has the look.  I am not expecting the remake to be better than the original…because you can’t beat the genius that is Tim Curry, but I am hopeful for a fantastic movie.

film horror clown stephen king pennywise

What are your thoughts?

Movie Review: The 5th Wave


My Rating:
9.5 Stars

Overall Reaction:

I loved this movie. I have read the book…a few times actually. I went into this not expecting much. I thought it would be a great movie simply because of Chloe Moretz. I love her as an actress, she never disappoints. But I didn’t expect this to really follow the book to well.

It actually followed the book close enough to keep me happy. They made Teacup way to soft for my liking. She was a tough little girl in the book. The romance between Cassie and Evan didn’t really spark until they left his farm, which in the book the romance happened while they were at his farm.  And then there is the romance between Ringer and Zombie, which is not super prominent in the book, but it was almost non existent in the movie. My mom said she could tell there was a little something there, so maybe I am just being too harsh on the movie.

The Acting:

All the actors were so amazing! Chloe Moretz did not disappoint. She gave a great performance as I expected. Zackary Arthur (Sam) was such an amazing little actor and I loved Sam even more for Zackary’s acting. He is such a talented kid and I hope we see more from him.

Now, I don’t know if it was Maika Monroe, who played Ringer, or if it was just the character all together, but honestly I could not stand Ringer. I wanted to punch her half the time. Her only saving grace was towards the end of the movie, but again, it could just be the character and have nothing to do with the acting.

And how gorgeous is Alex Roe, who played Evan Walker. I know everyone is focused on Nick Robinson, who played Ben Parish and he is an amazing actor and adorable. But Alex Roe…the eyes maybe. Or maybe I just love Evan Walker more than Ben Parish? Am I too attached to the characters of the book and ignore the greatness of the characters of the movie?

The Story line:

Aside from the book, the story line was really well done. There was really nothing that a viewer would be lost about, that someone who read the book would understand. Everything was seamless and so well written. I feel like it was never lost that these were just teenagers and young kids, being forced to fight for their lives. Maybe it was the show of hormones that helped keep things in perspective.


Please, do yourself a favor and go see this movie. It really is a fantastic movie and worth the 12 bucks to go to the theater to see it. It’s so full of emotion. There are moments where you will cry, moments where you will laugh, and moments where you will sit on the edge of your seat. Action, a little sprinkle of romance, and wonderful actors. If I wasn’t so broke, I would go see it again.

The Must Watch Halloween Movies


Hello Nerds!

I realize today is Wednesday and I should be posting a short story. But…I have been lazy and my story isn’t ready yet. So, I thought I would do a fun little list because it is the month of Halloween (seriously they should change it from October to Halloween) and it’s my favorite time of the year!

I thought I would share with you a list of must watch movies for the month of Halloween!

Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. Duh! How could you not watch this movie?? It’s amazing and spooky, but not too spooky for younger kids. Let’s have a family movie night and watch this!

Hocus Pocus. Another no brainer. Another classic that you can not go the entire month of Halloween without seeing at least once. Of course, if you are like me you will see it at least 5 times…

I love this movie so much! It warms my heart and Devon Sawa (Casper) was probably my first movie star crush. I still love the moment at the end when Casper gets to dance with Kat. Another favorite part of mine is when Casper asks Kat “Can I keep you?” Ugh! my heart! Seriously going to get that tattooed on me at some point in my life.

Yeah, I went there. I love all of the Halloweentown movies. They are so adorable and full of all the things I love about Halloween.

Yes…I love Tim Burton and all of his movie feed my love for the strange and dark. Corpse Bride is one of my favorites…actually all of them are my favorites. In all honesty, I will use any excuse to watch this movie.

I watched this one just yesterday and what a cute little movie. I loved it. And I think it is the perfect Halloween movie.

Come on….like you didn’t know this one was going to be here. It’s the greatest family ever!

Okay, okay. This is not a Halloween must. It is a LIFE MUST! What better time to watch a strange movie about a goblin king stealing babies than Halloween.

Now, I know you are wondering why I don’t have the classics on this list. Like Halloween, Trick ‘r Treat, Ginger Snaps, I Know What you Did Last Summer, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Donnie Darko. Maybe my list is a little kid friendly…or maybe I am just a child at heart. Maybe, all those other movies just bore the crap out of me! Except Ginger Snaps, that is actually a pretty good (although cheesy) movie. And there are other movies that I could have named. But these are the movies that I watch all month long…honestly it’s an all year long thing, but I usually watch them all more than once in October.

Tell me, what are your must watch movies for Halloween?

Favorite Movies Through the Years

Happy Birthday To me


I am part of a group on Facebook called Lovely Lady Bloggers. You can go check it out. It is an amazing community for all the wonderful lady bloggers out there.

I asked them a few weeks ago to give me a few ideas for my birthday week. I wanted to do a whole week of long list…I quickly realized how long 30 was and wow…I needed ideas. One blogger suggested I do my favorite song from each year I have been alive. Well…that was just too much to go through. There are SO many songs! And I love so many different genres. It was tough and I just didn’t have time to do it.

But it did spring the idea of movies through the years. So I went through the years and picked my favorite movie starting in 1985, the year I was born.

1985- The Breakfast Club

1986- Labyrinth **This also happens to be my favorite movie EVER!**

1987- The Lost Boys

1988- Beetlejuice

1989-The Little Mermaid **I have always felt a connection with Ariel. I have always felt I was out of place in the world I am in.**

1990- Edward Scissor Hands **This one competed with Cry Baby. Both staring Johnny Depp, but Edward Scissor Hands is such a beautiful movie.**

1991- The Adams Family

1992- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

1993- The Nightmare Before Christmas

1994- Interview with the Vampire

1995- Casper **I want a tattoo that says “Can I Keep You.” Because of this movie**

1996- Matilda **We share a love of books. When do I get powers?**

1997- Men in Black

1998- What Dreams May Come **Beautiful movie. RIP Robin Williams.**

1999-10 Things I Hate About You **RIP Heath Ledger.**

2000- O Brother Where Art Thou

2001- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone **As a lover of books, you had to have known this would come up**

2002- Queen of the Damned

2003- Big Fish **I will watch this movie a thousand times and never get tired of it.**

2004- Howl’s Moving Castle

2005-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory **I realize not a lot of people like this one but I loved it! Tim Burton and Johnny Depp…Of course I loved it.

2006- Step Up

2007- Hairspray

2008- Twilight **I know I’m not supposed to like this…but I do. It’s my dirty little secret**

2009- Zombieland

2010- Alice in Wonderland **Again, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton!**

2011- Beastly

2012- The Hunger Games **Again…I read the books, love the movies. GIVE ME MORE!**

2013- Enders Game

2014- The Maze Runner

2015- Chappie **This year isn’t over, but this was the one movie that has stuck out the most so far. Such an adorable movie.**

The thing about this list…It made me realize how many amazing movies I need to re-watch! And there were so many times where I debated for a good 10 minutes before I settled on one movie. Over all, my favorite movie is Labyrinth and I will always pick it over any other movie.

What is your favorite movie?


The Horror of it All

Today I wanted to talk about something else that I am passionate about, other than reading and writing. Crazy that I have time for anything else, right? I know, I know. And you can probably look back at my blog and figure out what it is.

I was 3 when I got into it. My parents would take me to the movie store and I would run straight for it…HORROR MOVIES! Oh yeah, three is a little young to be in love with crazy monsters. But it was something that I did myself. They never scared me too much, and when they did I was thrilled. Have I ever mentioned that I am an adrenaline junkie? You can’t tell because I don’t have the money to do all I want to do, but horror movies create an adrenaline that I can live with for now.

My favorite horror movie was Poltergeist. I love that movie and I am not sure how I feel about the remake, but I assure you, I will see it. The movie that scared the crap out of me was Exorcist. I just couldn’t take it.

I have always had an overactive imagination. The chick on Exorcist reminded me a lot of an imaginary friend I had as a child. I was terrified this imaginary friend was going to turn into this crazy demonic thing who twisted her head all the way around.


Not even going to lie, I still have trouble with this movie. I know that it more than likely wouldn’t scare me like it used to, but that childhood fear lingers. I haven’t seen it since I was a kid and I’m pretty sure I only saw it once then.

I found this nifty little thing on Buzzfeed the other day about 16 Problems Only Horror Movie Fanatics will Understand. And to be honest it was pretty spot on. My favorite is #5 that says “You were probably way too young when you saw your first horror film.” I honestly thought I was the only one.

My love for horror movies is probably what created my love for Stephen King. I did see “It” when I was a child and loved it. Though, I hated “Cujo” simply because it was an evil dog that was killed at the end. I didn’t like that it was killed! And let’s not forget “Pet Cemetery.” Another movie that scared the crap out of me, but I still watched it over and over again. What isn’t creepy about an evil demonic kid calling for his mommy?

And yes, I have watched a ton of B-grade horror movies to find a good one. It may not count, but I loved “Cabin In the Woods.” It was an actually fresh new concept!


And to be honest, if you don’t like horror movies, I am probably not going to like you very much. It may actually contribute to my singleness as well. I have talked to a few great seeming guys only to find out they didn’t like horror movies. Out of all the things I love to do, horror movies is probably pretty high on my “passionate about” list. I don’t want to date a guy who can’t appreciate a good horror movie with me. Am I wrong for that?

Enough rambling, Do you love horror movies? What was your favorite? And if you don’t like horror movies, tell me why.


SC Comic Con 2015


It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I take pictures with people! lol

This past weekend was the second year of the SC Comic Con and it was so much bigger this year than it was last year. I was so super excited to go this year. I even asked for the weekend off just to make sure I could go. Yes, I am a big nerd and I ain’t afraid to admit it!

I didn’t actually get a lot of pictures of the event, I was too busy gawking at the amazing costumes and looking at all the nerdy crafts. It was a blast. The picture above is me with a bad guy from Doctor Who. It is from the episode “Silence in the Library.” It’s the first episode where you meet River. Also, it just so happens that the library is an entire planet…YES! A giant planet dedicated to being a ginormous library! It makes my little nerdy heart beat fast.

Anyways, the bad guys is called the Vashta Nerada, don’t ask me how to pronounce it because I have never been able to say it! He was the only character at the Comic con that I got so excited about that I almost didn’t ask for a picture. HAHA! I think I even shocked my mom that I personally asked and didn’t get her to ask for me. I have always been a quiet child.

After our walk around the convintion I went on ahead and did my duty and gave blood.


I swear it doesn’t hurt! It was actually the first time that the person sticking a needle into my vein missed it. She had to move the needle around just a little to get the blood. No biggy, and I got an awesome shirt! Which, I do not have a picture of at the moment.

I of course spent a little bit of money on my newest obsession…Funko pop!


Pixel bombed the picture, but she is adorable and allowed to do so.

I had the Walked dead already from a few years ago for Christmas. As well as the Nightmare Before Christmas ones. The rest I got from the Comic Con. I was super excited to find Dancing Groot, because he is adorable. Actually, I was super excited to find all of them! I went a little crazy buying them all. If I had more money, I would have bought more.

I did have a little money left over, and I decided I really needed to do something to the wall above my desk.

For a quick reminder, this is what it looked like before.

Desk 1

I took everything down and bought some shelves. I wanted to display my new toys, because the ones I had before had been boxed up in my closet. I didn’t have a good place to put them. So, since I was wanting to redo the wall above my desk anyways, I got to business. My mom went with me to Home Depot and got everything I needed. At home, my dad helped me put everything together.


Behold my wall of awesomeness and inspiration. You will have to forgive me for the bad picture. I left my camera in my mom’s car and was too lazy to go get it at the moment.

Thanks to my wonderful parents I now have this great place to display my awesome vinyl figures and there is room for more, which I have already put together my wishlist. I might share it with you all one day, since people like to see other peoples wish lists! 🙂

What do you collect? Have you ever been to a Comic Con? And in the first picture, can you tell me what my shirt is from? Only one person at the convention knew. It saddened me.


Enjoying My Day Off


I have worked 7 days straight. Which may not seem like a lot to some people, but it is for me. Don’t judge me!

I was going to clean up my room a bit today and maybe do some writing. And read a lot. But that didn’t actually work out. My ankle has been really sore today so I decided I needed to use today as just a rest day. So I have done nothing but eat, sleep, watch TV, and browse around YouTube. It’s been great!

Actually, I ended up cleaning up my desk so that I can get some inspiration to write tomorrow. I haven’t been doing so good with the whole writing thing, yet I get jealous when someone talks about how they spent the entire day writing. I’m such a strange person.

I will probably do a little more cleaning up before the night is done, but first I need to watch a horror movie. And possibly paint my nails. I love having free days!

What do you do on your off days?

Meet Again 2

2014 Recap: Favorite Movie


I don’t get to go to the theater a lot. I have to pick and choose what movies I really want to see. That’s what happens when you are broke and in debt. I found that it was much easier to go to the movies if I didn’t get popcorn and a drink, but that’s not as fun. This year, all together I was able to see 9 movies. Which may not seem like a lot to most, but it was a good year for me.

Here is a quick rundown of the movies I saw in theaters.

  1. Parnormal Activity: The Marked Ones – What a waste of money!
  2. Oculus – It had Amy Pond in it! It wasn’t a huge disappointment but it could have been better.
  3. Godzilla – I got to see this one in 3D and it was amazing!
  4. The Fault in Our Stars – Eh…it was a cute story but I wouldn’t see it again.
  5. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – This movie was awesome!
  6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – You can’t beat the original, but it was good.
  7. Maze Runner – I actually got to see this one for free and OMG loved it!
  8. Into the Woods – Not what I expected but I liked it and will probably buy it when it comes out on DVD.
  9. The Hunger Games: The Mocking Jay part 1 – I am so glad that I read the books or I would be so mad.

Can you guess which one I like the best? Drum roll please!!!


Ta-Da! The Maze Runner was 100% my favorite movie this year. I read the books and the movie was fantastic! Not to mention Dylan O’Brien is adorable and a great actor. Maybe if I had seen more movies this year it wouldn’t be my favorite, but as it stands this is it. It was one of the few movies that didn’t have a love story underlining the whole thing. Sure, Thomas and Theresa might have had a thing, but they don’t remember and nothing was said further then the fact that they knew each other.

I loved how imaginative the whole story was and I think it is one of the better adaptations I have seen in a while.

What movies did you see in 2014? Do you have a favorite?

I hope to see more movies this year, but who knows.

Meet Again 2