A Female Thing

I have decided that the world is just unfair.  I’m not talking about how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Or how my job doesn’t pay enough for me to pay off my student loans, but I wouldn’t have this job with out an education.  I’m not even talking about how every time I go a little over the speed limit I get pulled over, while others fly by me and never get caught.  I am talking about how mother nature just hates woman, and society couldn’t care less.

Oh yeah, you know where this is going.  That monthly thing that most woman have to face each month. The pain, the grumpiness, the need for chocolate and movies that make you cry.  Lets not forget the heating pad and the incredible amounts of Midol. It’s all so wonderful…

To top it all off, we are expected to still go to work, and be happy about it! So I have come up with a course of action to save us all from the pains of womanhood.

I am sure men hate it just as much as women do.  Let’s face it, women are already hard to deal with.  I know that I am a complicated being, I will fess up to my womanly nature of being hard to understand.  And when that time of the month rolls around, it only gets worse.  I am cramping, making me grumpy.  My emotions are all over the place, making me angry at you one moment and crying the next.

Here is a solution for it all.  There is always that one day that it’s worse.  The pains are intensified and the emotions are through the roof.  I know when my day is, the moment I wake up.  For me, that day is today.  Not even the Midol is helping with the cramps.  I should be at home, curled up in bed, eating chocolate and watching sappy love stories.  Not sitting at work, around a bunch of men who already annoy the crap out of me on a normal day.

This one day should be a free day.  Once a month every woman should get a paid day off, to deal with her sufferings.  It will be better for everyone.  Men do not have to run when they see the evil eyes of a woman ready to bite his head off.  And woman can sulk in her pain with a heating pad stragically placed, chocolate ice cream with a big spoon, and the Notebook in the DVD player.  Or sleeping because you had to take a double dose of Midol for it to even touch the cramps.

Wouldn’t everyone be happier?  As the case is, I can’t afford to take a day off work.  I am stuck here with tons of work I don’t care to deal with, because the pain is already enough.  I don’t want to talk to anyone, see anyone, laugh, smile, or even be seen.

Women, let’s get a petition going to make this thing happen!

Shut Your Mouth

I was thinking at work today, no the world didn’t come to an end.  I was bored and there was nothing else to do.  I got to thinking about high school and the silly things people do in high school.  And also, the mean things people do.  I have no clear answer as to how this come about, but I started thinking about birth control.

I have been on birth control for about three years now.  YOU WHORE! You know you were thinking it.  Actually, to be honest, this girl is still a virgin. What, what!  But I realize that birth control has this stigma about it. Like, if you are on birth control you just want it so you can sleep around with out getting pregnant.  Some women are embarrassed because they are on birth control and try to hide it.  It’s  not a sin folks, and it doesn’t mean I am just looking for my next one night stand.

I am on birth control because of medical issues, that probably stem from my weight problem.  I’M NOT FAT! Okay, I’m overweight, but I’m working on it.  Kind of.  Okay! Not hard enough.  Anyways, I have no shame in the matter that I am on birth control.

Wondering back to high school, how many of those girls were on birth control for medical issues?  People automatically assume ALL teenagers are out having sex with each other.  Their hormones are all out of whack and they are just getting their freak on.  In reality, it’s not true.  I know a few people who didn’t have sex through their teen years.  Yes, teenage sex does happen because, once again, their hormones have gone cray cray.  Please forgive me for using cray cray…

Think about it.  How many teenage girls are labeled as whores just because someone found out they were on birth control.  For that matter, how many adult women are considered whores because they are on birth control.  Or maybe not so harsh as a whore, but loose.  I feel like people label women as some kind of villain, out for her next kill.  Okay, maybe most of them are, but there are still a few decent women waiting for some guy to sweep them off their feet.  You know, the girls that have been pushed into the shadows, because they could never measure up to the blond, blue eyed, babe with big boobs.  Yeah, we are still waiting for someone to notice us.

I totally went off topic.

My point in all this is, next time you hear a woman or teenage girl talk about being on birth control, don’t jump to conclusions.  You don’t know her story.  And ladies, don’t be ashamed about it!  Why should we hide the innocent medication we take…unless you really are a little loose and use to mess around with whoever.  And if you are one of those women, I really hope you are using condoms too, birth control doesn’t always work.  I have seen proof.  There is also the whole messy deal with STD’s…sleeping around is really not a good idea!

A quick message to teenage girls, because I feel the need to say it.  Don’t let anyone pressure you into having sex.  Heck, boys too for that matter.  No one can force you to do what you don’t want to do.  Your virginity is something super special and should only be shared with some one you trust.  It’s also, usually best to wait until at least after high school.