Chit Chat: Childhood Books


Hello Friends! I am lucky to have had the time to sit down and write this post. Things at work are crazy as always, but we have inventory coming up. If you have ever worked in retail you can understand the stress of this time. If you have not worked in retail, think about watching a handful of toddlers on a sugar high, and just as many puppies, and only one you. It’s like 10 times worse than that.

Anyways. I found this article the other day talking about weird children’s books. You can read the article HERE.

I just thought it was a nice article and hit me right in the nostalgia.

The first book mentioned, Sideways Stories From the Wayside School, was on of my favorite books when I was a kid. I loved the weird stories! I honestly want to get this book and read it again.


I also remember Freckle Juice by Judy Blume. Again, one of my favorites.


And of course I LOVED Goosebumps!


I have always been a strange person. I loved all the strange stories.

One that wasn’t mentioned in the article was Amelia Bedelia.


Poor Amelia was always just trying to help, but always made an even bigger mess. She may have been a role model when I was growing up.

The thing is, these are the stories that have stuck with me all through my life. Not the classics that they make you read in high school, but the books that made me fall in love with reading. I guess, if something you read in high school made you fall in love with reading then you have a better connection with those. But I came out of the gate loving to read. I wanted to read everything I could get my grubby little hands on.

The books on this list here are the ones that gave me a love and a desire to devour all the words I could. And I will never forget them. I will make sure that I have these books for my kids, and I will more than likely read them ghost stories…


and stories of fairies from the time they are conceived until the moment they take the book and run on their own.

Until I have kids of my own, beware, if I see your kid I WILL offer them books to read. I WILL suggest all the great stories I have loved. It’s one of the reasons I make an effort to read the latest middle grade stories. I want to spread my love of reading to the rest of the world, because not enough people read.

Tell me, what books do you remember from your childhood?


I Don’t Want to Grow Up


One thing is clear in my everyday life.  Being an adult sucks some major monkey balls.  Big harry monkey balls.  You have so much to worry about and I haven’t even made it to the full on adult experience.

I still live with my parents.  I have no kids.  I am not married.  Yet, I still have a world of worry sitting at my doorstep when I wake up in the morning.

Let’s make a list of things that suck about being an adult.

  1. Bills!  Ugh bills.  You can’t avoid them really.  I have credit card bills because I was stupid when I was young.  I got credit cards because I convinced myself it would help raise my credit…which it did.  I actually do have a pretty okay credit score.  Then there is the phone bill.  Of course I could cut down on that cost by not having an iPhone…but then I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the world.
  2. Student loans.  I didn’t lump this into the bill field because it’s a whole other story.  See, I went to college thinking that I would get ahead in life with a college degree.  Little did I know that I would leave college with a 60 thousand dollar loan and no job prospects.  Yeah, I had a good job, but I was let go.  Even experience on the job didn’t help in finding a new job.  Student loans are a whore on a corner who ends up being a cop.  She is dressed all fancy and clean…a clean whore. You pull over to ask her something, she yanks you out of the car, reads you your rights, handcuffs you, and throws you in the back of the car.  No warning.  It doesn’t matter that you were just going to ask for directions.  You are now screwed for life.  Thank you student loans.
  3. Time doesn’t actually matters.  As a kid, time doesn’t really matter too much.  You have to be at school at a certain time, but your parents make sure you are up and out the door on time.  They tell you when to go to bed and you do it.  It doesn’t matter what time it is.  At least, it doesn’t matter to you.  You just go about your business until some adult tells you what you have to do next.
  4. Driving.  I admit, I love driving.  But then you have to make car payments (another bill!!) and pay for gas.  Let’s not forget the yearly check ups you have to get so your car doesn’t leave you stranded on the side of the road.  And add on to the fact that you probably can’t afford a really nice new car, so even if you do get your car checked on a regular, it may decide to leave you stranded on the side of the road anyways.  Thank the good man upstairs that my car is actually a pretty good car.
  5. Calling people about payments you can’t afford.  This is what actually sparked my initial rage for today’s post.  My student loan was deferred for a few months after I lost my job.  Before, the payments were just under 300 a month.  After the deferment ended the bill shot up to just over 600 a month.  Add to the fact that with  my new job I couldn’t even afford the 300 and you have yourself a big mess.  What are my choices?  Call them and talk to them, or ignore it until it ruins my credit.  So of course I did the grown up thing and called them.  Who actually calls people anymore?
  6. Ignoring things does not make it go away.  Do you remember when you were younger and you would just ignore a problem and it would go away?  Maybe your parents took care of it or the assignment was no longer due (and you proudly took the zero grade for it).  Now, the longer you ignore something the more it messes up your life.  Like…my car has this weird thing going on.  It jerks like something is slipping in my motor.  I try to ignore it, but I ignored it in my last car and that car is now in a junk yard somewhere.  If I ignore my student loan my credit is shot and I can never buy a home…not that I could afford a home while paying for these student loans anyways.

When I was a kid I remember dreaming about being an adult.  Driving where I wanted, living in my own place (I always wanted to live in an apartment), going out with friends and staying out as late as I wanted, having a really great job, meeting my prince charming.  So many things I thought would be easy.  I thought it just came with growing up. I learned soon enough that growing up meant fighting for all the things I wanted.  And even with all the fighting I wasn’t guaranteed all the things I wanted.

I think I need to go work some of this steam off in the gym.  Cause that is another thing we worry about as adults.  Our health.

Monday Madness: Kickin It

Hello peeps!! I am trying to keep on top of things and I am bringing this blog back to life. I may even revamp my page…but seeing as I can only do so much with a free blog…that may not actually happen.

Anyways, happy Monday everyone! I keep forgetting that it is Monday. My days are all mixed up and crazy now. I have to actually look at my lovely agenda just to see what I need to do every day. It’s a wonderful life when it’s a busy one. 

On to the fun! Here is a video that I saw yesterday that I just fell in love with. A mother leaves the house to do some shopping, leaving her kids at home with their dad.  This dad is simply amazing. Instead of sending his kids outside to play or to their rooms, he pulls out the video camera and has a little fun.

My dad has always been a big part of my life. I found it funny when I saw that the new parents, the guys my age, didn’t have much to do with their kids.  This video restores my faith that there are some dads out there trying to stay in their kids lives.  Also, the little girl is adorable and the song is super catchy.

Have a wonderful day. And check back tomorrow for my movie review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! 

10 Years From Now


Photo Credit: Mkmatsumoto (from DeviantArt)

I keep thinking about my future.  Where will I be? What will I be doing?  Who will I be with?  Who will my friends be?  So I decided to write it all down.  They say if you write things down it is more likely to come true. So here is a journal entry from the future.

*** TIME WARP***

Sunday June 16, 2024


It’s early morning.  I hate mornings, but my kids are early birds.  This morning I am up extra early.  It’s Sunday.  I have to get the kids ready for church and Sunday I always make them a fun breakfast.  It keeps them from getting too cranky while in bible school.  Not that they get to cranky, they love visiting with their friends.  Home schooling the kids, they don’t get the same kind of social interaction as kids in public schools.  Amara enjoys home schooling though, so I am hoping that next year Silas will be as easy.  He learns a little now, but he doesn’t do a full days work like Amara did this past year.

Seth, is going to be the problem child.  He likes to get into everything.  He likes to see how things work.  He is so smart for a 3 year old.  Amara and Silas are smart too, but not as observant as Seth. He watches everything.

I should get into the kitchen, before the kids wake up.  And Luke is getting annoyed with my pen racing across the page.  He is lucky he is the dad and can sleep later than the kids.  But he does work hard through the week and deserves a little extra sleep.  After all, it is because of him that I was able to stay at home with our kids, become a published author, live in this beautiful home, and no longer be in debt.  Yes, he is reading what I am writing now, but I would have said it anyways.


The kids are finally in bed and Luke and I are getting ready to watch a movie.  We could watch a new movie, but I talked him into watching Labyrinth.  It’s my favorite movie! Also, if the kids wake up they won’t see anything scary or inappropriate.  At least that was the excuse I used to win the argument of what to watch.  The kids will probably want to watch it sometime tomorrow as well.  I was a good mom, I showed them all the awesome movies from the 80’s.  The awesome movies that are appropriate for little kids.  I will wait until their pre-teens to show them the other good movies that I love from the 80’s.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day.  Luke has to go into the office for a meeting and probably won’t be home till around dinner time.  He is working on a huge project right now.  He is designing a new building for the city.  I think it’s going to be a place for concerts and other events.  I don’t ask him too many details about work, when he gets home I want him to be able to focus on relaxing with the family.

I also have a trip planned for the kids.  We are taking all of our recycling to the plant.  I want to show them where it all goes.  Amara is super excited about it.  Silas and Seth are just excited about going to the park after.

Then back home to get dinner ready.  With Luke working so late I won’t be able to get any writing done until the kids are down for bed.  It’s a good thing that I don’t need a lot of sleep like I did when I was younger.  I wouldn’t get any writing done.

Tuesday is going to be just as busy.  My helper comes in to keep Amara on track with her school work, and to keep Silas and Seth busy with something.  I have to run the bakery and train the new girl I hired.  I do a lot of baking, but with everything else going on, I needed a little help.  Jeff still helps with the decorating and a lot of design work.  I just need someone who can handle running the front and taking orders.  Lucky for me, Luke will be home early that day, so the kids will be with him after 2pm.  Then more writing once the kids go down for bed.

Wednesday Pixel goes in for her vet check up.  Crazy girl has been with me for so long now.  It’s the longest I have had any animal.  I love that sweet dog so much.  Her and Jareth, our huskey, get along so well.  Of course, Jareth is still young, only 6 months old.  He want’s to play so much more than Pixel does.  Pixel is content sleeping at my feet while I write and watching the kids play in the backyard.

Thursday and Friday Luke will be home for most of the day.  I will probably spend those two days catching up on my writing.  My next novel will be released soon and my editor want’s a copy of the one I am working on, before the other one hit’s the shelves.  Tab pushes me  pretty hard sometimes, but I wouldn’t be the great writer I am today if it wasn’t for her.  She is the best editor I could ever ask for.  And thanks to my assistant, Lacy, I can juggle being a writer, baker, business owner, wife, and most important, a mom.  It’s a lot of work, but show me someone who is happier and I will give you next months royalties.

Saturday is my 20 year high school reunion.  Luke convinced me to go.  He wants to see the guys I used to have a crush on in high school so he can tell me why he is better. He is so silly.

Luke is reading again.  It’s going to be a busy week, so I guess I better pay him some attention tonight or he might find himself a new wife.

Luke says to let who ever is reading this to know he couldn’t find a better wife than me.  He really likes my cooking.


To be honest. That was fun.  And now my fingers are crossed that my life ends up as awesome as that.  Though, that sounds like a very busy life. I would enjoy it.  What would you like your life to look like in 10 years?

Stuck at 18


I was watching TV (I evidently do a lot of that) and a commercial came on about a new show that will be airing in June.  The show was about a 24 year old woman who finds out she has cancer.  What got me though was how put together her life was.  She had a boyfriend, her own place, and a great job.  It got me to thinking about my own life.  And that is never a good thing.

I am 28, unemployed, single, and live with my parents.  I love my parents and I love that I always have someone to talk to.  I an only unemployed for the time being, and I have had a job since I finished high school.  I am single…so very single. So very very single.

What was I talking about?

Right…my not so adult life.  It amazes me when I see people my age that have their life so together.  Sure they are drowning in debt (at least most of them) and possibly going through rough patches in their marriages.  They could be having trouble with their kids or having it out with their parents.  They are adults, living adult lives.  They are doing exactly what they are expected to do.  They are living lives full of bills, marriage problems, kids, and crappy jobs.  All I am doing is sitting at home, extremely grateful for my awesome parents who haven’t kicked me out, wondering where I went wrong in life.

It’s not that I am unemployed right now.  That is pretty much my own fault because I am not sure what I want to do next.  I want a new experience, but I am not sure how to get that new experience.  I just feel like I should have more going on.  I actually don’t feel like I am 28.  It’s like I am stuck on this life long trip of being 18.  Always teetering on the edge of “what should I do now?”

What should I be doing?  Should I be working at a job that I am terribly unhappy with?  Should I be dating a guy that treats me wrong?  Should I be huddled up in my empty apartment, crying because I can’t make rent this month?  How about being married to a guy that doesn’t work as hard as he should or could, doesn’t watch the kids, and yells at me when the house isn’t clean.

I know not all lives are like that.  I should have a happy life.  But what is that happiness supposed to be?  Would I be happy married to a great guy and 2.5 kids?  Or is there something more that I could be doing?

It just concerns me that so many people have their life going in some direction, whether it is good or bad, while I seem to still be stuck in the moment I finished high school.

Am I wasting away?  Or am I one of the few that is lucky enough to still be reaching for my dreams?  Am I immature and indecisive?  Well, yeah I am, but that is beside the point.  I am mature when I need to be…or am I?  Where are all these questions coming from?!

Show Review: The 100

There are a few new shows starting up recently.  Some have been on for about three weeks, while others have only had their first episode.  One show that has only had one episode is The 100.

This show comes on the CW on Wednesday nights at 9PM.

The idea of this show is the Earth has been evacuated for 97 years and what ever population made it off the Earth safely is now floating in space on the Ark.  Sadly, the Ark is dying and they have to figure out a way to save lives.  The  Chancellor of this ship is like the president, he calls all the shots.  Because of the tight space and the lack of supplies, any and all crimes are punishable by death.  Lucky for anyone under 18, they get to sit in a cell until their 18th birthday before they are sentenced to death.

Now, the reason Earth was evacuated is because of radiation poisoning.  Someone on the ark decides that Earth might actually be safe to return to, but in order to check they create a plan.  Unfortunately for 100 of the kids under 18, rotting away in a cell, this plan includes putting them in a ship and sending them down to Earth.  These teens are given a simple task.  Make it to Earth to test the air, if they die Earth is not safe, if they live they are to find supplies that were left in a safety zone 97 years ago before Earth had to be left behind.

As soon as the ship lands on Earth the kids separate.  You pretty much know from there who is going to cause problems and who is going to take the mission seriously.  Of course, they all committed some kind of crime, so why would they start listening to the adults now?

My Take on the Show
The first episode was fantastic.  It was enough to keep me interested and left me wanting more.  Here are my thoughts in a nice little list!

  1. First of all, these kids are criminals.  They have all done something stupid to put themselves in prison.  Why would they be the first to send down?  Actually, it makes sense to send down criminals to see if they survive, but why so many at one time?  They could have been sent in smaller groups.
  2. Why kids?  They are all under 18.  They are minors with parents that still love them no matter what stupid crime they did.
  3. ANY CRIME can get you locked up.  Does this mean that if one kid steals an extra bite of food and gets caught, the kid automatically goes into lock down to wait for his death the moment he turns 18?
  4. Each couple is only allowed one child.  One couple has a second child and tries to hide it.  When the child is discovered it is taken from the family and the mother is killed.  Was this really necessary?  Really??
  5. One group of kids goes off to find the supplies they were told about.  On their trek through the woods they encounter a deer with two faces and a giant snake that chills in the river.  Is anything safe to eat?
  6. At night the plants glow and two of the teens that are awake find it fascinating.  Yes, it was gorgeous, but it was caused by radiation…is it really that beautiful?  Will it kill you?
  7. One kid that knows his plants picks a flower and eats it.  What part of radiation did they not understand?

All in all, I will be watching more of this show.  Curiosity killed the cat, but I bet the cat was never bored.  This show has got my attention.  I want to know what is going to happen.  Will the ark be saved?  Will everyone return to Earth?  Is Earth really safe?  And who will fall in love with who?  A good show is never complete without a love story, even just a hint of one!

At least in my opinion.

What Do You Think?

Have you seen the show?  If so did you like it?  Do you want to watch it?  Go HERE to check it out!

Watch Me

The other day, my mom made the comment that if I was as dedicated to losing weight and watching my diet, as I am to writing, I would be in really good shape.  After thinking about it, I realize she is so right!  I can be super tired, have a raging headache, and want noting more than to sleep, but I make myself get up and write.  I even skipped church a few times to get a little more time to write.  This is new though, I just got back to writing like this.  I am writing anywhere from 2000 to 3000 words a day, and then a daily blog.  Yeah, I missed a few days with the blog, but I don’t plan on that happening again.

I decided I am going to try very hard, to be just as dedicated to my health as I am my writing.  I mean, writing is my passion, it is how I release the stress of every day life.  I dream of days when I actually get paid for doing the one thing I love the most.  I think I would become very lazy though, sitting at the computer all day writing.  Though, probably not much lazier than I am now.  Now, I sit 8 hours a day at work, then come home and sit behind the computer to write.  Maybe if I was getting paid for my work I wouldn’t be so lazy.

That is why I have decided that my health needs to be part of my passion.  I write because I want to be an inspiration to others, my main focus being on teens.  My heart goes out to teens and how hard life can seem at their age.  I just want to be the person they can look up to.  But I can’t be that person if I let my health go, just because I hide behind a computer all day.  It’s going to be hard, but that is what being a role model is all about.  We work hard for what we have, and we show people that it is possible.

Right now, I am almost at my heaviest.  I have set a goal for my latest novel, I want to have it ready for publishing August 21st, my birthday.  I want to keep that date, I want to add to my goal.  By August 21st, I want to be the healthiest I have ever been.  Which means, I need to lose at least 30 pounds.  But it’s not just the weight that has to go.  I have to do other things, like giving up all the candy that I love, and the sodas.  As much as I am doing it for myself, I am also doing it for anyone struggling with health issues.  Kids, teens and adults alike. I am doing this to prove to everyone, that no matter how busy you feel you are, it can be done.

At the moment, I consider myself working two full time jobs.  My regular day job, and writing.  So let’s add one more full time job to that, because isn’t your health a full time job?  Can it be done?  Of course it can.  Watch me.

Celebrity Bashing

Today I read an article about Justin Bieber.  Yes, I am going there.  Hang on for the ride, because I have a destination in mind.

This article was about Justin’s recent trip to a museum of Anne Frank.  We all know who Anne Frank is, well, the smart ones anyways.  Please, Google her if you don’t know who she is.  She is a very inspirational person, who died too soon because of idiots.  Justin wrote in the celebrity guestbook at this museum and said that it was inspiring, that Anne was a great girl and that he hoped she would have been a fan.  I find this rather cute, but some people think it was stupid and selfish.

As a writer, I often wonder if certain people were still alive, would they like my work.  Would they be a fan?  There is nothing wrong with that.  That is pretty much what Justin is saying here.  People are freaking out!  Which makes no sense.  A friend told me that she thought it was selfish for him to write such a thing, because none of the other celebrities wrote stuff like that.  I am sorry, but your argument is lacking just a bit.  The only reason other celebrities didn’t write things like that is because they didn’t think about it.  I bet they will now.

There is a point to all this, I’m getting there.

Justin Bieber gets a lot of hate.  Everyone loves to hate the Biebs.  Why?  They say he has no talent, he is immature, and he is rude.  Okay, I agree that he has become a bit of a douche lately, fame usually does that to people.  Yeah, he is immature, but he is a teenage boy, what do you expect?  Just because he is famous does not mean he has to give up having stupid fun,  let him have his fun!  Talent now, I think he does have talent.  I love a few of his songs, and I support him 100% because everyone should get a chance at their dreams.

It’s not just Bieber that gets a lot of hate.  Most celebrities are constantly bashed for their imperfect ways.  How DARE they not be perfect.  They are in the spot light the HAVE to be perfect.  But you are wrong.  First and foremost, we are all human.  We make mistakes every day, and probably more than once a day.  Why does someone who just happens to be really good at acting, suddenly have to be perfect?  Why are they the subject of your hate?  I think it is jealousy, because they have fame and fortune.  I bet their lives are not as glamours as they seem.

Moving on though, parents, stop and think.  When you talk about a celebrity, bash them and call them ugly names, your kids hear that.  Kids see on TV every day, a new celebrity being BULLIED.  Now do you see where I am going with this?  No?  Hang in there.

When you go online and send hate messages to celebrities, that is bullying.  Paparazzi is just a bunch of bullies, waiting for just the right picture to make a beautiful person look hideous.  Kids see this.  Couldn’t this be a reason why there are so many bullies in school.  Or at least a contributing factor?  If mommy and daddy can bully a famous person, why can’t I bully the kid that sits beside me in math class.  You can’t tell me you have thought about that.  Who cares if the person being bullied is famous or not, it’s still bullying.  Throwing things out of proportion like the Bieber and Anne Frank thing is ridiculous.  People are just looking for new ways to put down a celebrity.

Next time you have something bad to say about anyone famous, think about what you are saying.  Is it really justified?  Should you really say it?  How would you feel if someone said the same to you?  It just a bunch of bullying.  Set a good example for the young, show that you can respect talent, even if you don’t think it’s talent.  No matter how many times you say someone is not talented, there is is at least one person out in the world that thinks they are talented.  Stop being so ugly to one another.  Make the world a better place.

Irrational Fears

I have a bit of a confession for everyone tonight.  I have never dated, never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, and never even held a boys hand.  But that isn’t the confession.

I told people for years that I was just too busy for a relationship.  I told them I needed to focus on my studies so I could get a good job and depend on myself.   That’s not the confession either.

The confession, I am absolutely terrified to date.  Not just the dating, but the whole flirting part.  The part where I get super close and comfy with someone that I don’t mind letting them invade my personal space.

Seriously, at my age, dating should be easy.  I should have gone a million dates, and kissed at least a few guys.  Heck, at least flirted a bit.  Oh, I flirted online, I was good at flirting online.  That was safer, no one could actually see me and I couldn’t stumble on my words.  When you flirt online, you write words.  That means you think about it, type it, read it, and change it when it sounds completely retarded.  In real life you can’t take back stupid words and you can’t hide the fact that you just stuttered.  Real life people can also see you blush. Yep, real life kind of sucks.

I am naturally awkward.  I have been the awkward weird girl all my life.  It doesn’t make it easy to make friends at all.  The friends I do have went through a lot of crap just to call me a friend.  I live in a world where fairies and dragons exist.  I have this wild fantasy that a vampire will find me one day.  And I won’t have to make him fall in love with me because he is already in love with me.  We just click, the end.  No silly dating and strange phone calls.

So there.  I have never been in a relationship because the idea terrifies me.  It’s even hard for my family to know me, how is some random guy going to get to know me.  Especially when I keep everyone at a distance.  I tend to push people away, just so they don’t get too close.  Yeah, it happens all the time in movies.  The girl pushes everyone away but there is that one guy that forces his way into her life and she falls in love with him.  At this point, that is what is going to happen to me.

I can’t even talk to a guy I find attractive, as I am sure I have already mentioned in a blog before.  I wouldn’t know what to do on a date.  My palms would sweat so I couldn’t hold his hand.  He would lean in for a kiss and I would be completely oblivious to his intentions.  Or, he would lean in for a kiss and I would giggle, then he would get all self conscious, and wonder what he has done wrong.  Then there is the chance that I could be head over heels for the guy, but not know how to show it and he would stop talking to me because he doesn’t think I am interested.

Why does the idea of dating have to be so confusing and scary.  Maybe it’s not even the dating thing that worries me, just the idea of letting someone get close.  There is also the fear of being completely crushed.

Of course, my fear doesn’t stop me from dreaming.  But my day dreams usually start with the guy bluntly telling me he is into me and wants to take me on a date.  On the date he will tell me he wants to hold my hand and he will ask if he can kiss me.  Everything straight forward because I am not good with hints.

I think I am doomed.  I should just go ahead and start planning adoption, because at this rate I will never get married.

Go on, laugh.  It really is kind of funny.  Sad, but funny.

Poor Kids

As a kid, I was bullied.  I was the chunky girl that everyone loved to pick on.  I had no confidence in myself and at one point I wanted to die.  I remember once, staring at a knife and wondering how hard I would have to push on it to make the blood drain from my veins.  From 3rd to 7th grade I felt like the whole school wanted me dead.  I hated me and I wanted it all to end.

I have always been a believer in God.  I have always prayed.  And I have also always been told that if I killed myself I would go to hell.  Sometimes I think that the fear of hell was the only thing that kept me from killing myself.  That didn’t stop me from wanting to die though.  I remember laying in bed some nights, crying and begging God to take me.  I would tell God to bring me home, that I just wasn’t cut out for this world.  I wanted out.  Then my dad got hurt and life just seemed to get worse.  My wish for death got stronger.

I finally made it to high school.  I wore black clothes and dark make-up.  But I finally found friends.  They pulled me out of the dark and helped me get better.  I am grateful for my friends who saved me, and for my parents who didn’t give up on me.

With all that said, what is up with kids now days?  I know my own story of being bullied, but it was no where near as bad as some of the stories you hear today.  These poor kids are being destroyed.  Someone finds their weakness and just pounds them with words and fist.  I feel like some kids just don’t have a strong family life, and that is what leads them to killing themselves.

I thought it was bad, but I never thought it was as bad as it is.  I fear for my own future children.

I read an article the other day about a girl who was gang raped.  As if that was bad enough, the boys that raped her took a picture.  The picture got out to the school that the girl attended.  Instead of getting help, the poor girl was bullied.  She was called a whore!  Why?? How could someone be so cruel?  The girl moved to another school, but she was still bullied.  People would send her messages.  Because she just couldn’t take it anymore, she killed herself.

My heart breaks for her and her family.  My heart breaks for every teenager that has killed themselves because they are bullied.  They feel like there is no other way out other than taking their own lives.  It isn’t right for someone to be in so much pain, that early in life.  Or at all.

I ask you all, young or old, if you see or hear someone being bullied, DO SOMETHING!  Don’t let these kids think they are alone.  Don’t let them get so far gone that they kill themselves.

If you are bullying people, I ask, what is your deal?  Why do you feel the need to do so?

If you are being bullied, please find help.  I know I am just words on a screen, but behind these words is a real life person.  I would love to give you someone to talk to.  I am here for anyone that needs to talk.  Together, we could find why you deserve to live.

This is my cry to the world to stop this madness.  It has gotten worse.  It is up to us to stop it.  It is up to the ones that see it, to report it.  It us up to us to give these kids a life line.  Together we can stop this.

I will be your life line!