The Broken Spine


I have this weird thing that I love.  It’s something that a few book lovers may not appreciate.  But to me it means so much more than what others see.

I love a book with broken spine.  I love the books that are tattered and torn, but not from the weather.  You can tell a difference.  I’m talking about those books that have been so loved that the wear and tear is caused by being taken everywhere.  Those books that have been through one place to the next, like a child’s favorite blanket or toy.  The spine is broken, the edges of the cover are soft and worn down, and some of the pages are even creased from being folded down.

Now, I am not the one to fold down a page.  I can’t stand to fold a page, and I also can not stand writing in a book.  But when the book has other things going on, like the broken spine and the worn down edges, folded pages and underlined phrases are acceptable.  Why?

These are the books that were loved so much that someone couldn’t let go.  Someone found a book that helped them through some hard time and they held on so tightly that they started to strangle the life out of the book.

I always imagine what person could have held the book and what they were going through.  I, for some reason, always think of a teenage girl.  She is still growing into the beautiful woman she is going to be one day, but at that point she isn’t pretty.  At least that’s what she thinks of her self, and she is reminded everyday by the cute, popular girls at school who pick on her.  She rides a bus to school and home everyday.  Even her home life is not that great.  Her parents fight all the time, sometimes they end up throwing things at one another.  And to top it all off, her brother who is a year older picks on her at home.  He is one of the popular kids and his friends are the ones that pick on her the most at school.

To escape this world that has been so cruel to this teenage girl, she reads books.  For some reason, this one book speaks to her more than any others.  No matter how many times she had read the book, she always finds herself lost in it’s pages.  In this book she becomes the hero of the story, or maybe she is the damsel in distress that the hero saves.  Either way, it’s better than her life.

This teenage girl reads this book over and over again.  She reads at lunch, while she sits alone at a table.  She reads on the bus, while she sits alone in a seat because no one wants to sit beside her.  She reads in her room, to drown out her parents fighting and to avoid her brothers torture.

Before long she knows every word.

Then, something amazing happens.  She looks up to find that life isn’t so bad anymore.  She is in college, away from her brother and her parents.  She has finally gotten rid of the bad acne and the braces.  She has become the beautiful woman she was becoming in high school.  She finally has wonderful friends, and her old friend, the book that saved her, sits collecting dust on a shelf.  It’s never too far away because she still can’t let go.

One day, she pulls the book down and begins to read it once again.  She sees the book for the beautiful story that it was.  It was her hero that helped her escape, but she no longer needs it.  It has served it’s purpose.  She decides to take the book to a used book store and hope that another young girl finds it helpful like her.

Maybe I put too much thought into a well loved book in a book store.  Or maybe I am seeing the stories that others refuse to accept.  A broken spine of a book doesn’t mean it was abused.  It doesn’t mean that some kid just tossed it around without a care.  Sure, it could mean that, but maybe it was the hero of the story.


Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day 1

Can you tell I was super excited? I couldn’t control myself! lol

Yesterday was free comic book day.  Honestly, I had never heard of it and when I found out about it, I thought it was just for my local comic book store.  I quickly found out that it was a nation wide thing.  With a little research I found that this day happens the first Saturday in May every year.  Who knew??

I have never been big into comic books.  I always thought they were just an easy read.  Please don’t throw stones at me just yet.  My views have changed recently.  Since I lost my job in February I have ventured into the world of…well…the nerd.  I have always been a nerd at heart.  Really.  I just never had the time to embrace my nerdness.  I have been working since I finished high school.  I have also gone to college and worked while in college.  In high school I was too depressed to care.

Now I find myself with free time, a lot of free time, time to do all the amazing things that I have ever wanted to do.  Like watching anime.  I loved Sailor Moon as a child, I knew it would be a breeze for me to get into anime and I was right.  Not to mention I have always had a love for Japan…where anime comes from!

I have also had time to get into gaming and will be uploading my first game play video on YouTube tomorrow. I am super excited about that.  I have been into Doctor Who for maybe 2 years now, which seems to be a staple in the nerd world.  Not to mention all the other movies and shows that I have been addicted to over the years.  The world of the nerds has allowed me to not be ashamed of my love for Power Rangers and Disney movies.  It’s where the adults who refuse to let go of the child inside.  It’s a magical world and I have fallen down the rabbit hole.

My last venture was comic books.  A friend had told me about Free Comic Book Day and I was like…what?  I knew I had to go check this out.  I had to see what it was all about and I am so very grateful for the experience.

Imagine a line of people excited for comic books.  A line of people that love Doctor Who as much as you do.  A line of people that still giggle at stupid kiddie jokes and enjoy the simple innocent things in life.

That is what this day ended up being for me.  And I got to share the experience with my mom and my brother.

I have spent most of my life feeling like I didn’t belong.  Yesterday I found somewhere that was crowded and I didn’t automatically want to fight everyone around me.  Because these people around me were like me.

It was a fantastic day and I can’t wait for Free Comic Book Day next year!

In two weeks Comicon comes to SC.  Right in my hometown’s backyard.  I can’t wait to meet more of these wonderful people.  I am so excited that this is where the life of the unemployed has led me. It’s exciting.

Now I just have to figure out how to make money with this new found nerd life!

Thank you nerd world for waiting for me to wake up to your awesomeness!

Free Comic Book Day Haul

My comic book haul

Give it a Rest

I finally gave in and watched the previews for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie.  I grew up loving the ninja turtles and wishing I had a group of mutated turtles as friends.  I wanted to be April and I had a minor crush on Casey…I have a horrible fascination/weakness for guys with long hair.  These turtles were awesome, kind, funny, loved pizza, and could kick major butt.  What more could a kid ask for in a hero?

Then someone out in the world decided that the version from the 90’s just wasn’t good enough.  Someone decided they could do better.  Someone needed to make a quick buck so they decided to ride the coat tails of an already established fandom.  They didn’t even care if the end product was going to be crap.  They don’t care about preserving the greatness that is the original.  They only care that they are out of fresh ideas.

By they, I mean the Hollywood fools.  The ones that are so disconnected from the world that the only thing they see are the zeros in their bank account.  They destroy childhood memories with the simple addition of CGI.  The puppets from back in the day are no longer good enough.  Sure, let’s get rid of the amazing talent and creativity it took to build those puppets and full body suits.  Let’s replace it with lazy computer created graphics that will warp a childs mind.  Let’s get rid of the magic.

The new turtles are horrible!  Why do they look so human and creepy?  What was wrong with the original design??

And why do the big wigs feel the need to recreate classics instead of taking time to find the hidden gem among the trash?  There are plenty of scripts for amazing movies sitting in some junk pile because someone just didn’t have the time to give the new guy a chance.  If we stopped trying to please famous we could find and fund amazing, one-of-a-kind, stories that might actually add value to the world.

Sadly, we have become a world of instant satisfaction.  We want it now and we expect nothing less.  Feed our minds with garbage so we can forget how boring our lives are.  Let us sit in front of the TV and watch mind killing shows that have no meaning, just pictures that move.

Don’t get me wrong, I love movies and shows.  I enjoy a little mindless entertainment from time to time.  The thing is, everything is the same now.  It’s the same story line, the same bad guy, the same hero, the same love story.

Seriously, how many times can you remake Carrie?  There are like 5 versions now, and nothing much about the story line changes.  Also, Willy Wonka was remade.  As much as I love Tim Burton, it would have been better if the new version was actually about CHARLIE and the chocolate factory, after Charlie had become the new owner.  Is there anyone other than me that is interested on how well Charlie, the kid who grew up poor and ignored by others, took to suddenly being the owner of a very successful business?  And someone please tell me how many more Batman, Superman, and Spider-man remakes must we endure?  I understand that these hero’s are all the rage and everyone loves them, but there are other heroes!  Please pick a new hero to make over and over again.

Or how about this, come up with a new idea and new heroes.  We need something fresh in the mix. Something never done before!  Though, I don’t mind the vampire movies or the adaptations of books.  Just stop changing the book covers to match the movie posters.