Hello Friends,

It has been a long time since I have been here. I will open WordPress and start to type something and then decided that I just wasn’t ready to come back. I tried to come back a few times and I wasn’t healed enough. It has now been a year and a month since my dad passed away. Things are getting back to normal for real this time. I am working a new job. We have caught up on our bills and we won’t lose the house. My dad is still a big hole missing in my life, but I am getting better. I am living again.

I got up one morning and I realized that I needed to get back to my life. I needed to get back to the dreams I once had and the things I used to do. It was time to get back to reading and writing. I haven’t completely stopped doing all the things, but I slowed down to the point where I would have been better to just not do the things. But I want to get back to it.

I thought there was no better time to come back then my favorite month of the year. Spooky month! I seriously enjoy the month of October. All my favorite things are around and it makes me happy. So, I start back my blogging journey this month!

Spooky month.png

Here are some things I have planned.

1. Watch at least 1 horror movie a day.
2. Read all the Goosebumps and fear street books I have. I have 16 of them.
3. Write 1 spooky short story a week.
4. Write everyday!

I am going to get back on this road, this journey to being something more than just a girl who lives in the south and works in retail. My ultimate goal in life is to make my way to book con. Become a published author. And inspire others to follow their own dreams. I have had enough time to sit in the dark and feel sorry for me. My dad wouldn’t be happy with me if I didn’t keep going after my dreams.

What are your plans for this month??

Chit Chat: Childhood Books


Hello Friends! I am lucky to have had the time to sit down and write this post. Things at work are crazy as always, but we have inventory coming up. If you have ever worked in retail you can understand the stress of this time. If you have not worked in retail, think about watching a handful of toddlers on a sugar high, and just as many puppies, and only one you. It’s like 10 times worse than that.

Anyways. I found this article the other day talking about weird children’s books. You can read the article HERE.

I just thought it was a nice article and hit me right in the nostalgia.

The first book mentioned, Sideways Stories From the Wayside School, was on of my favorite books when I was a kid. I loved the weird stories! I honestly want to get this book and read it again.


I also remember Freckle Juice by Judy Blume. Again, one of my favorites.


And of course I LOVED Goosebumps!


I have always been a strange person. I loved all the strange stories.

One that wasn’t mentioned in the article was Amelia Bedelia.


Poor Amelia was always just trying to help, but always made an even bigger mess. She may have been a role model when I was growing up.

The thing is, these are the stories that have stuck with me all through my life. Not the classics that they make you read in high school, but the books that made me fall in love with reading. I guess, if something you read in high school made you fall in love with reading then you have a better connection with those. But I came out of the gate loving to read. I wanted to read everything I could get my grubby little hands on.

The books on this list here are the ones that gave me a love and a desire to devour all the words I could. And I will never forget them. I will make sure that I have these books for my kids, and I will more than likely read them ghost stories…


and stories of fairies from the time they are conceived until the moment they take the book and run on their own.

Until I have kids of my own, beware, if I see your kid I WILL offer them books to read. I WILL suggest all the great stories I have loved. It’s one of the reasons I make an effort to read the latest middle grade stories. I want to spread my love of reading to the rest of the world, because not enough people read.

Tell me, what books do you remember from your childhood?