Happy New Year!

Happy 2018

Hello Friends!

It has been a long time, hasn’t it? Things have been a little crazy for me. As most of you know, my dad passed away in September of 2017 and life has just not been the same. Some days I felt like it was getting worse. Some days I wanted to run away to a place where no one knew me and start life all over again. But here I am. I am okay…for the most part. I made it through Christmas fairly well, but the new year was harder to get through. I guess it’s because I have entered the new year with one vital person missing.

It has been hard, as anyone that has lost a parent would know. I have had friends help me through.

But that brings me here today. To tell you all HAPPY NEW YEAR. And to promise that I am working on getting my blog back up and running. What am I going to do with this blog? I am still not sure. Hopefully there will be a name change in the future, going back to Awkward Heather instead of readerwriteredreamer. I want a shorter web address. I do hope that something great comes of this. Maybe I can go back to what it was before. Book reviews, movie reviews, Anime, and some writing thrown in there. It’s all the things I love in one place. Who said a blog has to follow one set format? And I plan on seeing more movies this year!

I actually have a few plans for this year that are going to be fantastic. I am even planning a trip to California at some point this year, and that is something I am super excited about. I haven’t sat down and written out my 2018 goals yet, but I will be doing that today. I am just trying to get my mind focused again. I worked two jobs for a few weeks. I haven’t been reading. I have not finished a book since September. Which makes me sad since I was ahead of the game for a little bit on my reading goal. But when things change in life…major changes…it’s hard to keep on track.

I will update you all on my goals for 2018 as soon as I know what they are. As of right now, the biggest goal is to get back to something normal, like it was before my dad passed away.

Tell me, What are your 2018 goals?

May Wrap Up and June Goals

Monthly Wrap up

Hello Friends. This is going to be a quick wrap up/goals post. So for the wrap up let me give you a few linky links.

There were four book reviews. Woot for staying on track with that at least…

  1. Treasures, Demons, and other Black Magic by Meghan Ciana Doidge 5 Stars
  2. Dead Set by Richard Kadrey 3 Stars
  3. Minutes Before Sunset by Shannon A. Thompson 4 Stars
  4. Okay…after checking my book reviews I realized that the fourth book review was the same as the first. Oops! Why didn’t one of you call me out on that? Lol Oh well…I really liked the book anyways. Boo for not staying on track with book reviews. Ugh.
    movie stupid lipstick cameron diaz bad teacher

The prompt for this month was “When she looked into his eyes, she could see his soul.”

Here are the titles and the first line of each. And my linky links so you can read the rest of the story should you feel so inclined.

  1. The Hall of the LostWelcome to the hall of the lost. (This one was my favorite from this month.)
  2. KidnappedThe room was dark and damp, my hands were tied behind my back.
  3. Witches CureThe world has changed over the years.
  4. Origin Mira had been living in the forest for only a few years.

If you read the short stories this month, what was your favorite?

This month I read 9 books, but don’t let that number fool you…4 of those books were the Spiderwick Chronicles books and they took an hour to read. I didn’t enjoy them any less though.

  1. Dead Set by Richard Kadrey
  2. Minutes Before Sunset by Shannon A. Thompson
  3. Exodia by Debra Chapoton
  4. Aerisia: Land Beyond The Sunset by Sarah Ashwood (spoiler: Sarah is June’s author! So look for her interview coming up soon.)
  5. Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver
  6. The Field Guide by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi
  7. The Seeing Stone by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi
  8. Lucinda’s Secret by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi
  9. The Ironwood Tree by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi

Lastly, there was the author interview with Debra Chapoton. She was a lovely author to chat with and I am glad that I was able to interview her.

Sadly there was only one movie review this month, Austenland.

There were some other post you can read if you look HERE. It’s just the post from this past month, including the ones listed above.

Monthly Goals

Now we move on to my June goals. I honestly hate setting goals for myself because I always seem to fail at them. Ugh. Just ugh.

  1. Plan better. Hopefully this will help me stick to my goals to begin with.
  2. Make sure I don’t post any repeat book reviews. Yes, it’s bugging me!
    stupid brain failure the wizard of oz grow a brain
  3. Review more movies. (I really hope to add Alice Through the Looking Glass to my movie reviews this month.)
  4. Write at least 1000 words a day. I really need to get back to writing. I feel better when I am writing and I know it’s where my passion is!
  5. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare a post for the following day. But I guess this could fall under better planning..but in my mind it’s two different things.
    90s mtv daria procrastination procrastinating
  6. Set aside more time for reading. Like…every waking moment.
    book books reading icarly

That’s all I got for my goals. Thank goodness for short list and all very doable.

Do you have any goals for this month?

A Writers Corner

A Writers Corner

Hello readers and writers and everyone in between! It’s Sunday. The day for us all to be lazy. Which is why this post is a mid day post. I actually had trouble deciding what I was going to post today. Then I decided I needed to set some goals!

Mainly goals for my writing. I haven’t written much of anything lately and it’s actually driving me a little crazy. I know that when I write I am in a better mood. I have said this time and again, yet I don’t listen to my own advice. There is something therapeutic about my fingers dancing across the keyboard, creating words, putting together sentences, and bringing things from my imagination to a form where I can share it with the world.

Then, I let the world in and I become afraid that I will never be as good as the greats (Ex. Stephen King). I’m afraid I will be laughed at and ridiculed. That I will be the author that other authors point out how horrible my writing is. How I should have taken classes or written more before I published. My biggest fear is Stephen King, some how coming across my book and using it to fuel the fire in his fireplace after reading the first chapter. Silly, I know. Isn’t that why we are writers though? Our imaginations run away with us.

Because of my lack of writing I have decided to set a few ground rules/goals for myself. And as I typed that last sentence I let something on my desk grab my attention in an effort to procrastinate.

Let’s get on to the goals for the rest of this month!

  1. Write everyday! On the big project that I have going. The re-write of my book that I have been working on for 8 years now. Ugh.
  2. Post everyday! I’m tired of seeing little gaps in my posting activity report. I hate it! Especially since I went 4 months straight (basically) posting every day. What happened to that drive? What happened to that girl?? (Look at how sad December looks!)Posting Activity
  3. Read more articles and columns about writing.
  4. Finally go through my Writers Market 2015 book and find contest and things that I can enter to push myself.
  5. Stop letting stupid things get in the way of my dreams!

I can do this. I know I can. I can finish this novel, finally. I can find an editor to help me polish it up and make it better. I will find a great, inexpensive, cover artist. I will make my dreams happen. I’m still not sure if I want to go the traditional route, or take the self-publishing route again. There are so many advantages to self-publishing, but I am horrible at self-promotion! But I can figure all that out when I am finally happy with my manuscript!

What are your goals for this month? It can be writing goals, reading goals, or just life goals. Give them to me!

Hello July!

Hello July

Wow…June went by so fast! I can’t believe how fast it went. Let me take a look back at the books I read last month.

I’m actually shocked, I managed to read 7 books this month. Last month I read 8 so I am only one less than last month. And I think that has to do with a few of them last month being a tad shorter.

July Books

My favorite was The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black. I am still reeling over how much I loved that book. As soon as I get a chance I am totally re-reading it. I didn’t actually read The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa, I actually listened to it. But it still counts.

I didn’t do much writing in June other than the short stories. Which I still wrote 4 and I can’t believe I am still keeping up with it. If you missed it you can check out all of the writing prompts up until now HERE.

Also, in case you missed it, July’s writing prompt is this…

July Prompt

Creepy? Exciting? A little bit of both? I can’t wait to write more stories with this prompt.

I have a few goals for this month. So…since I have avoided list for a while, here you go, a list of goals for this month, though a short list.

  1. I want to read 7 more books this month though, 8 would be better
  2. I will post a blog everyday. Which I did this past month and I have seen an increase in followers. Yay!
  3. Do a little more writing or editing. Whatever I need to do to work on novels. I really need to get back to my novels.
  4. Read more blogs. I want to find more bloggers that I enjoy reading. I want to find more bloggers that write or read as much as I do. There is a whole community of people out there that I am missing out on.
  5. Get a few more movie reviews into my blog. I have been slacking recently.
  6. Post a book review a week. This should be easy, since I have so many books to review right now. I like doing them and getting my thoughts on the books I read out to the world. I don’t care if you like reading reviews or not, I am a very opinionated person and I must share my opinions!

That is all I got. This should be a great month of things. And let’s not forget that we have another author interview this month. I can’t wait, though it may come later in the month than the other interviews. I still haven’t finished the book nor interviewed the author. I kind of let June get away from me…

Do you have any plans for this month?


Fitness Sunday: Week 12

Fitness Sunday

Good news, I haven’t gained any weight.

Bad news, I haven’t lost any either.

It’s frustrating, especially since I have been working so hard at work. And I work a lot, trust me. The AC at work isn’t working so well either, so I do a lot of sweating too. And this is probably the only reason I haven’t gained any weight.

My mom and I were talking yesterday and we both want to lose 20 pounds before heading to the beach in August. Our hope is to go to the beach for an entire week and I’m really hoping it happens!

In order to lose 20 pounds by them I am making a few changes. The first of which is I am cutting out candy for good. No more candy until August. I am hoping that by then I will have lost the craving I have to sweets and I won’t want it anymore. And besides, it just until August. It’s not like I will never know the taste of a Butterfinger ever again. Though, that is how it is with soda. At this point, I am considering that I will never know the taste of Dr. Pepper ever again.

The second change I am making is that I will no longer eat fast food. This is something that I hope carries beyond August, though on our trip to the beach I may have to pause this task. Then again, by August I may have learned a few tricks on how to avoid fast food while on long trips as well.

Another change that I would like to make is eating processed foods. This is going to be a little harder because of the fact that I don’t have the money to buy everything fresh. Don’t tell me that it’s affordable to eat healthy, I know this. I know what I can afford. But when it comes to buying everything fresh and making it all yourself, well, there are time and money constraints on that. So, this goal will be more to cut down on processed foods rather than cutting them out completely.

The last change that I will be making is I will make sure to work out everyday. At first I will start with 10 to 20 minutes of something, anything, that is not sitting or laying down. This is to see how far I can push my ankle before it starts hurting more. I don’t want to be in pain all the time, but I have a small suspicion that if I lose weight, my ankle may heal faster.

That is all I have for this week. I am going into this new week with new ideas and new determination. As well as a reachable goal.

What are your fitness goals for this week?


Fitness Sunday: Week 6

Fitness Sunday

Hello people of the internet. I am here with another fitness Sunday. Another fitness blog full of excuses and blame that falls on everything else but me. Because it’s not my fault.

Just kidding.

As you may recall I had a few goals last week.

Last week

  1. Lose 2 pounds.
  2. No chocolate…There is a saying that goes: “There is no try, just do.” Didn’t Yoda say that?
  3. DDP Yoga at least twice.
  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  5. Stop buying junk food at work.
  6. Eat less meat. Fill up on vegetables.

Obviously, I didn’t make it to those goals. I ate a ton of chocolate. And I kept buying junk food at work. The good news though, I did eat more veggies and fruits. And as soon as I get my next check I will be getting stuff to make salads for work and possibly when I am at home.

See, I got this nifty little salad to-go cup at Wal-Mart last week and I makes a nice little sandwich.

Salad cup

It’s easy to tote around and a nice sized salad fits in it. I used it once this week and put buffalo style chicken breast and extra sharp cheddar cheese in it. It was delicious. I added bacon bits and some ritz crackers as well, but next time I think I could do with out that. I also have some carrots that I need to cut up for snacking.

In all honesty, I may be slack at getting this whole weight thing under control, but I am making the effort. I always feel bad for the cookie or candy bar. lol I’m trying to ignore my cravings, but it’s hard to do.

For the past two days I have not drink the 3 liters of water I have been drinking for several weeks now. I can feel it too. I have been super tired the past few days and I am sure the lack of water is the cause.

Let’s move on to this week. What are my goals for this week?

They are pretty much going to be the same as last weeks…

This weeks goals

  1. Chill out on the sweets.
  2. Take a salad to work everyday.
  3. Work out at least once. Okay, so I realize this is bad that I don’t work out. But I unload truck every Monday and most days at work I am stocking. It’s basically a work out…
  4. More veggies.
  5. Make sure to drink 3 liters of water a day.

What are your goals for this week?


Hello April, Goodbye March

March Review

This has seriously been one amazing month! I have done so much this month and I can’t wait to continue to grow! I finally got my business up and going, with cake pop orders rolling in and request being made. I succeeded in writing four short stories for the prompt challenge. I went to an amazing Comic Con. And I reviewed two books over at The Reading Bud. It was a busy month and I am tired. But it’s the good kind of tired.

I can’t tell you how far behind I am on all my shows that I watch, but it’s just not important to me anymore. I do spend way too much time at my desk. I feel like I have even had more time to play with my puppy. Maybe TV isn’t as important as I thought it was.

This month I was even able to make my life a little healthier. I have been drinking plenty of water, to the point where I get headaches if I don’t drink my usual 3 liters a day. It’s been great. I feel like I have become a better person all around. Because of this I have decided to move ahead with a few goals.

Not only did I make my life healthier I made a schedule for my blog that has been helping me keep up with blogging every day. I am almost to 300 followers! I know that my blog is all over the place and I was worried about that. The truth is, I don’t care anymore. I am covering every part of my life that I love and honestly, my blog doesn’t have to focus on one thing.

So the schedule as it stands right now is as follows:

  • Monday- I used this day to show off anything that I made for the week what ever it may be.
  • Tuesday- This right now is still a free day that I can ramble about anything.
  • Wednesday – Prompt challenge day!
  • Thursday – another free day for everything else.
  • Friday – Something light and fun. A quick read. I am considering making this day for movie reviews as I want to do one once a month.
  • Saturday – Pin it Saturday. It’s all about Pinterest. Right now it is all about my “Writing Stuff” board, and it may be that for a long time.
  • Sunday – Fitness day. It’s where I will recap my week of fitness and list a few goals for the upcoming week. This is to keep myself honest with myself really. And to possibly connect with others that are on a weight loss journey.

I don’t know how important a schedule is for your blog or any persons blog, but it has done wonders for me. I now know what I am going to be writing every day and it makes it so much easier. Especially since I am so busy. I am able to take a few hours on my days off to write a few blogs ahead of time. This way I don’t have to worry about missing any days.

I have a few goals for the month of April

April Goals

  1. Read and review 4 books. This will be at least 2 for The Reading Bud and 2 for my own blog.
  2. Post everyday.
  3. Review one Netflix movie
  4. Write four stories for the Prompt Challenge
  5. Update all pages on blog.

Hello April! Let’s get this month going!


Last Minute Goals

Last Minute Goals

I haven’t written a blog in the past two days because I have been so tired. Every time I have set aside some time for writing I end up at work. The store manager has been sick and seeing as I have accepted the role of assistant manager I am one of the people called in to cover shifts. Because of this my ankle has been in so much pain. I finally got the pain to settle down today, but it’s back to work in a few minutes for me.

Yesterday I was finally able to open a new bank account for my business. Now I just have to get the other accounts set up and start selling. I seriously can not wait. This also means it is time to take out my backers cap and get to practicing with cakes, cake pops, cookies, and all other things sweet. Not to mention all the craft projects that I plan on doing to sell.

Today I was thinking about my writing and how much I want to be an author. Above all other things in my life this is my biggest dream and goal. The only problem is that I really need an editor and to hire a professional cover designer. But to do all of this I need money. With tax season upon us it would have been a great investment to use my tax returns for my writing. But…bills, bills, bills. They are just pilling up and I have to pay them.

Therefore, my tax money is already gone and I haven’t even gotten it all back yet. This has sparked something in me though. An idea and a new goal to work towards this year.

Writing takes time. I know this. I have always known this. A few years ago I tried to skip all the hurdles and go straight to publishing a novel that was not complete. It was stupid of me and it disheartened me a little bit. I wasn’t ready, the book didn’t sell well, and I just lost my spunk.

I may have found a way to bring back my muse, my spunk, my desire to be a published author. See, I have a year from now before tax season comes again. I have a year of hard work and retail income. I could save a little money, which I plan to do. This also gives me a year to re-write my novel, 1st and 2nd, as well as writing the next in the series. This gives me time perfect my own writing, my own story. To get ready for an editor and to get serious about being the author I have always dreamed of being.

It may be a year before my work graces the shelves of e-books. It could be longer. But the important part is that when I get to that point I will be ready. I will succeed in my dreams. Nothing happens over night, I just have to put in the work. Then, when I get taxes back next year I will put that money with whatever I was able to save and get an editor as well as a cover designer. Then my dreams will come true.

Meet Again 2

Make A Change


I have been a bum so far this year. I have not accomplished the first goal that I set to accomplish last month. I lounged around and thought about it. But that was about it. Lazy and not driven. I want to reach my goals. And I forget that to make it to the big picture I have to go through step by step to make it there. I forget that setting goals is like trying to lose weight. You can’t expect it all to happen over night. You have to set small milestones. You have to build the walk way to the finish line.

So, I failed last month. I started the year off rocky. But it’s okay. I can’t think about all the time I wasted, because I am just wasting more time that way. I have to think of the time before me. The time that I have waiting to be used. Nothing I can do about the lost time.

Here I am again, setting goals for the month of February and hoping that I can get myself under control and be disciplined enough to accomplish these tiny goals. I have to not only set monthly goals, but weekly and daily goals. I need to set these monthly goals, break them down into weekly goals, and break that down into daily goals. I need to force myself to sit down once a week and write out my daily goals, based on what monthly goals I have yet to accomplish. This is how organized people do it…right?

On to my goals for this month!

  1. Drink 3 liters of water a day.
  2. Work out once a week.
  3. Take on the squat challenge once again.squat-beginner
  4. Get back to taking my vitamins. I’m sure there is something my body needs that vitamins can provide
  5. Write everyday. No matter how many words, I just need to write something other than a blog.
  6. Start writing blogs in advance. I gotta stop sitting down at my computer and trying to find something to write about.
  7. Get my business bank account open.
  8. Make stuff to sell on my business Etsy account.
  9. Organize all the notes on things I can make.
  10. Spend more time with Pixel.
  11. Lose 2 pounds.

That is about all I have at the moment. I plan on challenging myself further at some point. These goals are simple and easy. And they all work towards a greater goal, something bigger that will be worth all the time and effort. I just have to push myself to do things. I have to be the adult that I am…but that doesn’t mean I have to start thinking like an adult. lol

I have a lot that I want to do with my life and I can’t do it the way I have been doing things in the past. Isn’t there a quote that says something about if you want something to change in your life, you have to make a change in yourself?

Meet Again 2

The Truth of it All


It’s funny how I can get so comfortable in a roll then all of a sudden reality hits. Reality reminds me that I was just a place holder, the back burner who finally needed to be used because on the of the front burners needs some time off. And now that the front burner is back on and working fine, I am tossed to the side once more, becoming dusty and forgotten.

Most of my life I have been the back burner friend. The back burner employee. The back burner everything. I am the forgotten one until someone needs something and I am conveniently there for them to use. I thought maybe I wasn’t that person at work. I had been requested to move stores by the store manager herself. Now that the other assistant manager is back from maternity leave I am suddenly an overpaid cashier.

Don’t get me wrong, I love working with the customers. But I don’t like being demoted. It feels like no one trust me to handle the responsibility of being in the management position. Being a cashier means I will no longer have time to stock anything other than what is by the registers. I no longer have keys to the store, meaning I can not open or close. And if by some chance I am scheduled to open or close, I have to make sure I have the keys to do so.

I was finally getting comfortable calling myself an assistant manager, stepping into the role and learning the ropes. Now I am thrown back to just a lowly cashier. It’s irritating because I know I can do the job. I am better than just a cashier. I want to move on and do more. I want to be in charge of something.

And while all of this really ticks me off it has also given me some perspective on my future. Something in the back of my mind has been trying to tell me for a few weeks now. Trying to point out that I would not be in this business for the rest of my life. I have bigger dreams than that. But I wanted to nestle down and become okay with the situation I was in. I wanted to stop fighting for my dreams because what I have now is easy.

I am taking this as my wake up call. I am not a retail worker. I am a business owner and an author. I have bigger plans in my life than just a retail worker. For a moment I thought I could work my way up to store manager, but I was still be working under someone. I am meant to be a store owner and answer to no one but my business partner, who will more than likely be my mom. I let my dreams slide through my fingers, I was going to settle for just okay.

I just needed a kick in the rear to be reminded why I am supposed to be working so hard before and after work and on my days off. I have a lot to accomplish and the job I am at now is just something to keep me on my feet while I work towards my dream.

Meet Again 2