Burn, Rewrite, or Reread


I have seen this fun (I use the term fun, very lightly) around the internet. I thought it sounded interesting, so I decided that it would be my Sunday post for this week.

I hate myself….

So, as far as I can tell the rules are as follows…

  1. Randomly choose 3 books. (Use the ‘random’ option on your Goodreads read shelf. It took me a minute to find this. It’s at the bottom of the page.)
  2. For each group, decide which book to burn, which one to rewrite, and which to reread.
  3. Repeat until you completed three rounds

So…here we go. Ugh.

Round 1


Burn: City of Glass. DON’T HATE ME! I love the Mortal Instruments series, I really do! But…I love the other two books more!

Rewrite: Lover Awakened. To be honest, I can’t remember much of this book. And J.R. Ward is amazing, but there is always something in her books that makes me sad and…I could change that. Also, Zadist is probably my favorite BDB brother so I couldn’t burn this book. I could simply reread it…but rewrite sounded better.

Reread: Feyland The Twilight Kingdom. The reason I would reread this above any other is because…I would have no idea how to rewrite this and there is no way I am burning it. The whole concept of the book is just so interesting. I like it.

Round 2


Burn: Two-Faced. Not that I didn’t enjoy it…but it was a forgettable book. The cover is pretty though.

Rewrite: Friends With Wings. This was a very interesting story. But, it probably could do with a bit of a rewrite…even though I remember a lot about this book. It left me feeling strange and uncomfortable for some reason.

Reread: Night Circus. OMG! I read this in 2014..two years ago..and I still get goosebumps thinking about it. I seriously need to reread this book. It was such an amazing story.

Round 3


Burn: Never Fade. I really enjoyed this book. Don’t get me wrong. But when pitted against the other two, it was the only option left. I’m sorry Darkest Mind fans.

Rewrite: Turn Coat. This is one of my favorite books in the Dresden Files series. Dresden learns to understand and actually become friends with one of his biggest headaches. I just wasn’t happy with the ending and I would so change it!

Reread: You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost). Duh! I am not changing a word of this and I refuse to burn it. Felicia Day is the role model every woman should be looking to. She is funny, quirky, and different. I may have a lady crush on her. You can’t change someones life and her life is so interesting. This book is like an open window in a fancy house. You can’t help but to peak in!

I thought about making this a monthly thing…but no. I am not doing this again. It made my heart hurt because I like most of the books on this list. Then again, it’s not often that I find a book I hate. I followed the rules. I did what I was supposed to do. I am NEVER doing this again. Not fun. Not fun at all.

Your turn. You do it. Go on…try it!

Book Review: You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)

You're Never Weird on the Internet

Rating5 Nerd Girl RatingPlus Mustache

Author: Felicia Day
Release Date: August 11th, 2015
Genre: Non Fiction/Memoir/Humor
Pages: 260
Publisher: Touchstone
Buy it : Amazon

First Line:  I recently experienced the perfect summary of my career at a Build-A-Bear store instead a suburban mall in Lancaster, California

Blurb from Goodreads:

From online entertainment mogul, actress, and “queen of the geeks” Felicia Day, a funny, quirky, and inspiring memoir about her unusual upbringing, her rise to Internet-stardom, and embracing her individuality to find success in Hollywood.

The Internet isn’t all cat videos. There’s also Felicia Day—violinist, filmmaker, Internet entrepreneur, compulsive gamer, hoagie specialist, and former lonely homeschooled girl who overcame her isolated childhood to become the ruler of a new world… or at least semi-influential in the world of Internet Geeks and Goodreads book clubs.

After growing up in the south where she was “home-schooled for hippie reasons”, Felicia moved to Hollywood to pursue her dream of becoming an actress and was immediately typecast as a crazy cat-lady secretary. But Felicia’s misadventures in Hollywood led her to produce her own web series, own her own production company, and become an Internet star.

Felicia’s short-ish life and her rags-to-riches rise to Internet fame launched her career as one of the most influential creators in new media. Now, Felicia’s strange world is filled with thoughts on creativity, video games, and a dash of mild feminist activism—just like her memoir.

Hilarious and inspirational, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) is proof that everyone should embrace what makes them different and be brave enough to share it with the world, because anything is possible now—even for a digital misfit.



I love Felicia Day. I first noticed her in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. I had a friend that encoruged me to watch it, so I did. But I watched it for Neil Patrick Harris. I love that guy! But then I found Felicia Day. I watched her in Eureka and Supernatural. I have even joined her book club on Goodreads Vaginal Fantasy Book Club. You can bet your lunch that I was excited to get my hands on her book!

It took me a little longer to read it than it should have. I got into a slump and just couldn’t bring myself to read much. But, I learned so much from this book. I learned that with enough hard work, you can get to where you want to be. I also learned that it’s okay to be socially awkward, to the point that you start panicking days before you know you have to be around people.

I am not a gamer, so I can’t connect with her on that level. What I am though is a female in a world of nerds. I love all the nerdy stuff around me and it’s amazing to have a woman like Felicia Day to lead our little nerd army.

Overall, this book made me realize that it’s okay to be the weird person I am and it’s okay to obsess over my favorite people (as long as it doesn’t come with a restraining order.) After reading this book, Felicia Day has become one of my biggest role models in my life. I have so much in common with her. Though, it may just be the socially awkward part.







What Are You Reading?

Matilda Quote

**Late Post today because I had some kind of issue and set the schedule for posting wrong…**


I have a confession to make. I have not been reading much! WAIT! Don’t throw your stones yet! I have been dealing with a lot of stress this month and…well, I sleep more than anything. I know, sorry excuse, but it happens!

What that being said, what I am reading isn’t much different from what I was reading the last “What are you Reading” post. Yep…same ol’ stuff.

I’m almost done with The Eye of Minds by James Dashner.


It’s such a good book. I’m listening to it, so I only listen when I am driving to work. I have like 20 minutes left of the book.I know I could have sat down for a few minutes and finished it already, but I have a ritual…I listen when I drive to work. It helps me get through the work day. So I try to drag out the books I am listening to for as long as possible. Especially seeing as I only listen to one book a month.

You’re Never Weird on the Internet(Almost) by Felicia Day…


This book kind of took a back seat when I started reading another book. I was trying to power through as many books as possible and I just killed myself or something and haven’t been able to finish anything. Ugh! And this book is so good! I just need to sit down one day and finish it!

Lastly, I am reading Turn Coat by Jim Butcher.


Again, this is a really good book! I don’t know what my problem has been this past month, but I plan on finishing all of these books this week and moving on to my next pile of books that I want to read.

Since I am reading the same stuff, I thought I might add a little extra this week and let you know what is next on my TBR list!

First is Armada by Ernest Cline.


I have been so excited for this book and I have been taking my sweet time getting to it.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.


The next book in the series comes out February 9th. I wanted to have it re-read before the book came out, but I may be a little late finishing it to read the next book. Don’t worry, I plan to finish both in the month of February.

Monsterland by Michael Phillip Cash.


This was suggested to me on Goodreads and I got it free on Netgalley, so I want to read this this month and put up a review!

Beautiful by Sarah Dawson Powell


Sarah is my author of the month and I need to read her book so I can get to interview her. Yep, I am a little behind in all my stuff for this blog! I sometimes hate myself, but I am getting back on track!


That is what is to come and what is…what are you reading? What is your TBR for February? Let me know in the comments.