Short Story: Soul Collectors (Part 7)

Short Story part 7


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Two weeks passed in Lilith’s basement.  Two weeks of planning and fighting about the plan, and coming up with a new plan.  I knew the layout of heaven like I knew the back of my hand.  I knew every exit, every entrance, and every secret path way.  Gabriel knew everything about heaven, and the few things he didn’t, Naolin and Lilith could fill him in.  We had a plan, a backup plan, and a backup plan for the backup plan.  My head was filled with twist and turns and possibilities.  It was the only thing we ever talked about, even Tessa kept her normal ramblings to a minimum.

I was tired of planning.  I was tired of talking about what we were going to do.  I was ready to get out there and get things done, but Lilith wanted everything perfect.  The only problem was, none of us knew what Lilith planned to do after we had freed heaven.  We were going in to free Michael, who would then help us free the rest of the angels.  Lilith said she would take care of things after that.  I didn’t trust the demon.

“No, you have to take this path first.”  Lilith said again, pulling my attention to the map of heaven.

“I think you are mistaken.  That path leads right to the dungeon where Lucy is being held.”  Naolin argued.  Lucy was Lucifer.  All the books got it wrong, saying Lucifer was a male angel.  Lucy was all female, but no one had ever really seen her.

“I need you to take a message to Lucy.”  Lilith said.  One hand rested over her forehead while the other propped her up on the table.  “It’s important that she knows what’s going on.”

“Why is that?”  I asked.  I knew there was a reason I didn’t trust Lilith and she was starting to crack.  Everyone being trapped in this little room together was driving us all a little mad.

“Because Lucy is my mother!”  Lilith shouted.

“That’s what this is all about, isn’t it?”  I asked her, taking a step closer to her.  My hands were clenched by my side.  Sure, finding out that Lucy was Lilith’s mother was a shocker, but things made a lot more sense now.  “You want us to break into heaven and create chaos so you can free your mother.  Did you forget why she is even locked up in heaven?  Have you forgotten how she almost destroyed every human we have given our lives to protect?”

“The angels protect the humans.  Kyson, you are like me.  We are demons.  We were meant for greater things then to protect some useless life of a human.”

“No!”  I shouted.  Naolin grabbed my arm, her touch calming me almost instantly.  “We won’t do this for you.  I have been protecting human souls for as long as I can remember.  I kept them safe from demons like you.  I will not let you free Lucy.  What purpose do we have if there are no humans to protect?”

“Our purpose is to sit in heaven while we watch the angels struggle for a change.”  Lilith spit.  She was in my face, our noses almost touching.  “They sat up there lounging around, laughing while we did all the work.  Then, I was cast out of heaven because I fell in love with someone who thought he was too good for everyone.”  I watched as a tear slid down her face.  “I didn’t seduce him like the stories say.  I fell in love with him.  And he made me think he was in love with me.”  She stepped away and turned her back to me.  “He was fine with me as long as no one knew, and the moment we were caught, he cast me out.  He told everyone that I was a useless demon and he could never love someone like me.”  She turned back to face me, her face red with anger.  “He used me and I will make him pay.”

“By destroying all humans?”  I let Naolin pull me away from the argument.

“I think we need a break.”  Naolin said, her voice soft.  I almost didn’t hear her over the boiling of my own blood.  Lilith was willing to release the one person with the strength and nerve to send Earth into total chaos and destruction, just to get back at her past lover.  It was stupid and made no sense.  I followed Naolin outside and took a deep breath.  My lungs filled with the cool air of the night and the light of the moon eased my anger.

“She is being ridiculous.”  I said.  I had tilted my head to the stars, not looking at Naolin.  I didn’t want her to see the anger in my eyes.  I didn’t want to see how she looked at me now that I had lost my temper.  I thought several times that she may be falling for me, but after tonight she would only hate me.  I am a demon, and one thing that is true about us is that we have very short tempers.  How could an angel ever love a demon like me?

“She is.”  Naolin said.  I heard her sigh.  “But for now she is our only hope .”

“We can’t let her free Lucy.”  I said, looking at Naolin.  I froze where I stood when I saw the tears rolling down Naolin’s cheeks.  I hadn’t even realized she was crying.  “I’m sorry.”  I told her as I wrapped my arms around her.  “I didn’t mean to lose my temper.”

“It’s not that.”  She said as she pulled away.

“Why are you crying?”  I asked, my heart was beating faster than a hummingbirds wings.  I was suddenly afraid of what she was going to say.

“It’s just, Lilith’s way may be the only way.”

“The only way?”  I stared at her, not sure what to say.

“If we don’t change things, there is no hope for us.”

“What are you talking about?  We can free the angels without freeing Lucy as well.”

“No.”  She grabbed my hand and kissed my palm.  “If we don’t change everything, we can never be together.  You and me.”  She looked into my eyes and smiled.  “I have fallen in love with you Kyson, and until heaven changes I am breaking the rules.  I can be banished from heaven forever.”  She wrapped her arms around my waist.  I had no words.  All I could manage was wraping my arms around her.  “It all has to change.  No one should be able to tell me who to love.  Why can’t an angel love a demon?”

“Even if that demon has a short temper?”  She pulled away from me and placed her hands on my face, pulling me down.  Before I could comprehend what was happening, her lips were on mine.  They were as soft as I had imagined.  The world could have ended in that moment and I would have gone happily.  She pulled away and smiled at me.

“I love everything about you and I will do whatever it takes to stay with you.”  She raised up on the balls of her feet and kissed my cheek.  “Maybe Lucy is the only answer, but we will exhaust every other option before we take that step.”


Short Story: Soul Collectors (Part 3)

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Yay! Part 3.  I have yet to figure out where this story is going, but I’m excited to ride out the adventure.

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Naolin and I followed the setting sun, her tears falling to mark our path.  As her tear drops reached the clouds they would turn white, grow wings, and fly off as doves.  It gave a whole new meaning to “when doves cry.”  When a demon cries, which is a very rare occasion, the tears are only red with blood.  I know stories of vampires who cry tears of blood, well, they got that from demons.  They are part demon after all, but that is a story for another time.

I could sense Naolin’s fatigue.  I pulled her towards the Earth, through the clouds, and landed in a forest so thick that only traces of light stole through the leaves. My feet touched the ground, but Naolin fell to her knees, her tears falling heavier.  This time, her tears did not turn into doves, but made flowers grow where the sun would never reach them.  The flowers were dark blue and no bigger than a dime.  I had only seen the flowers in one other place, the fields of war, where the angels would cry over the short lives of good men.  I could feel my own heart breaking as I watched a beautiful angel cry out her soul.

“Naolin.”  I said.  I dropped to my own knees beside her and wrapped my arms around her.  She didn’t fight it like I thought she would.  She leaned into me, her body shaking from her sorrow.  My heart beat quickly with joy that she would let me comfort her.  I stroked her hair catching the scent of roses.  I had always thought angels were lucky, sitting in heaven chatting and playing all day.  Yet, here was this one angel in so much pain that everything I had known about heaven had to be a lie.  I didn’t move or try to hurry her; I just let her cry until she could face the world again.  I wondered how long she had held this in.  How long had she tried to escape.  All this time I had spent angry at the angels, and they were living in their own special hell.

Naolin had grown silent.  Actually, she had fallen asleep.  Her steady, even breathing was pulling at every string in my heart.  I brushed her black hair from her face and stared.  She was breathtaking.  Not like any angel I had imagined meeting.  Her face was stained with tears and only now did I realize that her tears were silver.  They caused her face to shimmer in the beam of moonlight we sat in.  Her lips were thin, her bottom lip fuller than her top lip.  I wanted nothing more than to see what her lips felt like against mine, or even just against my fingers.

Hours had passed before Naolin stirred from her sleep.  She had mumbled a few times, but nothing was coherent, it made no sense.  Once I heard my own name pass her lips in her sleep.  I had smiled at first, then worried that she was possibly killing me in her dreams.  Yes, a demon can be killed.  We will never enter heaven though.  There is another place in hell for demons that have been killed.  It’s below the deepest depths of human hell.  Demons are not bad, not all of us, but because of the few bad ones we all must suffer the same fate in death.

“I am sorry.”  Naolin said.  She stood quickly and brushed off her pants and tugged her shirt straight.  She wore such simple clothing for such a beautiful woman.

“What is there to be sorry about?”  I asked her as I stood and brushed my own clothes off.  I looked at her and watched as she took a step back.  Putting more distance between the two of us.  I could feel the dagger in my heart.  Not only moments ago she felt safe enough in my arms to sleep and now she was pushing me away.  I guess everyone just needs a shoulder to cry on every once in a while.  Even if you can’t stand the person the shoulder is attached to.

“I shouldn’t have lost myself in my own misery.  We both have work to do and I have wasted our time.”  She turned to walk away.

“You can’t just walk off now.”  I said.  I took on step and grabbed her arm.  “You need to explain to me what is going on in heaven.”

“It’s nothing you can help with demon.”

“Really?  That again?”  I dropped her hand and turned my back to her.  “My name is Kyson, in case you forgot.”  I turned around with my arms crossed at my chest.  “Also, I just helped you escape heaven again.”  I glared at her, waiting.

“You didn’t help me escape.  You simply left with me.”

“And then watched over you while you cried and fell asleep.”  I tried to keep my voice soft, but anger was seeping into my words.

“I didn’t ask you to do that.”  She said.  Her voice was so low I almost didn’t hear her.

“But I did it because demons are not what you think we are.”  I uncrossed my arms and shoved my hands in my pockets.

“That is not what we have been told in heaven.”  She looked at me, her eyes were almost teal and the whites of her eyes still red from crying.

“Well you have been misinformed.  Just as the demons have thought wrong all these years.  Do you know that demons have hated angels for years now?”  She was staring at me, one eye brow raised.  “Yeah, we hate angels.  We thought you were all sitting in heaven, laughing while demons did all the work.  Then, we do all this work for nothing.  We can never get into heaven, yet we are doing all of heavens work.”  I took a deep breath and looked up at the tree tops.

“Is that true?”  Naolin asked.  I jumped when her hand touched my bicep.  I hadn’t heard her move closer.  “Demons are never allowed in heaven?”

“Yes.  Why would I lie?”  Her eyes had captured me.  I could fall deep into her eyes and live there.  I would never need anything again, just her eyes on me.  “It seems that both angels and demons have been fed a lot of lies.”  I moved my hand out of my pocket and sat it on top of her hand that still rest on my arm.  “I think we should clear things up now.  You have to tell me what is going on in heaven.”

“There is nothing you can do.”  She dropped her hand and lowered her head.

“There is always hope.”  Her head snapped up and her eyes locked on mine again.  A smile spread across her face, a beautiful smile that could light the darkest of places.  “We have to try to make things right.”


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Short Story: Soul Collectors (Part 2)


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When the story is over I will share the picture that inspired it all.  If I share it now it may give away the ending.


I flew straight to the pearly gates of heaven.  I was tempted to show off in front of Naolin, but she was in no mood to play.  I landed gently on the soft grass that sat in front of the gate.  I know humans believe that the streets of heaven are paved with gold, but that is only a human desire.  What good would a gold street do?  It would be cold and hard on our feet, not that I ever went past the gates.  It was the softest grass you could find anywhere.  The grass bends under your feet and springs back when you walk away.  I sometimes took a nap in the grass, but that usually ends with Peter waking me up to tell me one of his stories.  Nice guy, but he doesn’t know when to stop talking.

I waved at Peter when he noticed me.  His smile was always bright and welcoming.  I believe that if he wasn’t guarding the gates of heaven he would be on Earth collecting souls like the angels are supposed to.

“Peter, anything new going on?”  I asked.  I walked closer to him and noticed he looked confused.  One brow was raised and he was staring behind me.

“Naolin, what are you doing?”  Peter asked the beautiful angel that had followed me.  He looked at me, his eyes wide.  “Did you know that she was behind you?”

“Yes.”  I said.  I couldn’t help my laugh.  I had no idea what was going on, but I could sense something was wrong.  “Is there a problem?”  I asked Peter.

“There is no problem.”  Naolin answered.  I turned to look at her.  The anger in her voice caught my ear.  Something was definitely wrong and I was afraid I had inadvertently been pulled into the middle of it.

“But there is a problem.”  Peter said.  He moved forward and grabbed Naolin’s arm, pulling her towards the gates.  Naolin jerked her arm from Peter’s grip and moved behind me.

Yep, in the middle of it and there was no going back now.  I seemed to always get myself into a mess.  You know the saying, wrong place, wrong time.

“You will not put your hands on me Saint.”  She glared at Peter.  “I was only making sure this demon delivered the soul he collected tonight.”

“My name is Kyson.  You know this already.”  I said.  I shook my head and rubbed my face.  I didn’t even want to know what I had stepped into.

“Kyson always delivers his souls.  He is our best collector.”

“He is a demon.”  Naolin said.

“Yes, he is, and he does his job.”

“Angles should be the ones bringing souls to heaven.”  She said.  She had moved from behind me and stood in front of Peter.  It was only then that I noticed how short she was, at least short compared to Peter and myself.  Peter and I were the same height, 6 foot 5 inches.  Naolin was even with Peter’s chest.  Her short stature didn’t hinder how intimidating she was.  There was an aura about her that kept everyone at a distance.

“Naolin, you know how this works.  Angles have not been collecting souls for years.  There is much to do here in heaven.  Why are you out?”

“Because this is what I was created for.”  Naolin’s hands were clenched at her side, her nails digging into the skin on her palm.  I took a step away from her, just in case the angel decided to spontaneously combust.

“It is the job of the demons now.  An angel’s job is to collect the souls at the gate.”  Peter pleaded with the stubborn angel.

“I will not!”  She shouted.  She stepped to the edge of heaven, her wings open as she threatened to fly off.

“Naolin, please.  If they know that you have returned and I let you get away, I will be the one in trouble.”

“What is going on?”  I asked.  I was starting to feel like I was invisible.  Even though I didn’t want to place myself in the situation, curiosity got the best of me.

“I will tell you what is going on.”  Naolin said.  She came to stand beside me, her eyes narrowed as she glared at Peter.  “They have locked us up, the angels, in heaven.  They told us that we were of better use here.  They told us that collecting souls was too impure for our innocent hands.”  She spread her fingers revealing the moon shaped cuts she had created with her nails.  Blood covered her palm and fingers.  I hadn’t known that angels could bleed.

“Your hands.”  I said.  I pulled a bandage from my pocket.  Yes, I keep them with me.  I sometimes mingle with humans and humans are clumsy creatures.  I stepped forward and grabbed one hand, wrapping it and moving to the next.  When I looked up I noticed that Peter and Naolin were both staring at me.  “What?”

“Did you not hear what I just said?”  Naolin asked me.

“Of course, but you were bleeding.  Also, I find it hard to believe that the angels have been locked in heaven.”  I looked at Peter for support, but he looked away avoiding eye contact.  “Even if you were locked in heaven, why would you really care?”

“I care because I was created to help a soul journey to heaven.  I was created to bring people to peace.”  She took a deep breath and released it.  “I cannot just sit in heaven, with everything I could ask for, and watch as souls are wrongly delivered to hell or left to wander the world, lost and confused.”  A tear streaked down her face.

“Peter.”  I said.  I looked at my old friend and forced his eyes to meet mine.  “Is it true?”  I asked him.  “Please, Peter, tell me that the angels are just lazy and decided not to collect souls anymore.  Tell me that what Naolin is telling me is a lie.”

“I do not lie.”  Naolin said.  She was looking down at her feet trying to hide her tears.  “Kyson, please believe me.”  Her voice carried my name to the depths of my own soul.  My heart sung in gratitude to hear my name pass the sweet lips of this angel.  I knew what I had to do then.  I believed Naolin.

“Then let’s go.”  I said to her as I grabbed her hand, careful of the self inflicted wounds I had wrapped for her.  I lifted my wings and stepped off the ledge of heaven, pulling Naolin with me.  We soared through the air, a soul clutched in one hand and an angels warm fingers in the other.

In the distance I could hear Peter yelling for me.  Something had happened in heaven and they had done a fine job keeping it from the demons.  Unlucky for heaven, Naolin had escaped their hold.  It was time for the truth to be told.


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Short Story: Soul Collectors (Part 1)

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Soul Collectors (Part 1)

There once was a myth about angels and demons.  Actually that myth still seems to hold true.  Angels are always seen as the good guys while demons are supposedly evil.  That’s just putting it simply.  There is more to the stories.  Like how angels help when you are in trouble, or they take your soul to heaven.  Demons on the other hand are said to create chaos, spread fear, and drag souls to hell.  What if I told you it wasn’t true?  What if I told you that everything you know is wrong?

Angels are no better than demons and demons are no worse than angels.  We were all made from the same cloth.  We were all angels in the beginning and technically we all still are angels.  Some of us were just unfortunate enough to be sent to manage hell while the lucky stayed in heaven.  Demons are actually the ones that deliver souls to either heaven or hell, and demons are usually the ones to fight for a soul who has been mistakenly sentenced to hell.  Angels are kind, but they don’t want to get their hands dirty.  They will save a human from death and they will show you around heaven once you are there.  They don’t want to touch the souls before then.

Honestly, I think their position in heaven gave them a bit of a big head.  At one time they worked just as hard as the demons, but some of the demons went a little bad.  Hell can really get to a demon, especially when your job is to torture the souls who were evil in their life.  Some of the demons changed and became twisted.  Some of these demons are the reason demons have bad names.

Angels sit in heaven and live the good life, while demons work their wings off to keep the position they have. At least that was what the stories said.  I believed them all until I met an angel myself one day.  I had never met an angel before her, but I knew what she was the moment I saw her.  Her fair skin glowed in the moonlight and her black hair glittered as if the stars themselves hid there.  It was her eyes that gave her away though.  Her eyes at times were crystal blue, almost clear, and other times they were the color of a stormy sky.  It was love at first sight…for me.  For her, I was just another demon in her way.

We met one night during a run.  I was collecting a soul to take to heaven.  I had just collected the soul and was looking up at the moon when I felt her presence.

“What are you doing with that soul?”  She asked me.  When I looked at her she stood with one hand on her hip and a sword hung in the other.  I had never seen someone so serious.

“I am doing my job.”  I answered her.  I held the glowing stone of a soul in my hand, clutching it to keep it safe.  “Why are you here?”

“This is my soul to take.”  She said.  She moved closer, but I took a step back.  I had never lost a soul, never took a soul to the wrong place, and I was not going to start now.

“I believe you are mistaken.  This soul is to go to heaven and I intend to deliver it there.”

“Heaven is no place for a demon.  It should be the job of an angel to deliver any soul to the holy land.” She said.  She was snarky and fierce.

“Really?  Then where are the angels?”  I asked her.  I was growing angry, though I wasn’t sure why.  It never bothered me that demons had bad reps and I agreed with her, but that was beside the point.  “They sit up in heaven and wait for the demons to do the dirty work.  You make us look like the bad guys and take all the credit when the soul reaches its destination.”

“You know I’m an angel?”  She asked me.  Her brow pinched in confusion. I held back a laugh, I knew she would take my laughter the wrong way.  I thought she was beautiful, even if she seemed a bit naive.

“Of course I know you are an angel.  I have not seen any of you on the Earth realm in a while.  Are you lost?”

“No!”  She shouted.  I could no longer contain my laughter.  “Hand me the soul.”  She said as she lifted her sword toward me.  It was the first time I witnessed her eyes changing color.  They went from their crystal blue color to an angry gray.

“I will not fight you, because demons and angels should be working together, not fighting.  I also will not hand over this soul.  I have been delivering souls to heaven since the angels decided to retire from the job.  If it wasn’t for us demons heaven would be empty and lost souls would haunt every inch of the Earth.”

“I have never stopped my duty.”  She snarled at me.  With every moment that passed I felt my attraction to her grow.  She was strong for an angel and maybe not as naïve as I first thought.

“Well, this is my soul.  You were a little late in collecting this gem.  Please, go on to your next assignment while I deliver this soul.”

“I cannot trust that you will deliver that soul to heaven.”  She stepped closer, but this time I stood my ground.  I was not afraid of her and if truth be known, I wanted to be closer to her.

“Then travel with me so that you can see you can trust me.”  There was a hint of a dare in my words.  I wanted her to leave, but another part of me wanted her to stay.  I wanted to spend more time with this angel, to see what made her tick.

“Then let’s go, demon.”

“You can call me Kyson.”  I smiled at her.  “Do you have a name, angel?”

“I am Naolin.”  She glared at me.  “Move it, before you waste anymore of my time.”

“If I remember correctly, you are the one that stopped me from my work.”  I laughed.

“I will not fret to use my sword on you.”  She said as she raised her sword to my throat.  I could only laugh as I spread my black wings and took to the air.  Seconds after my feet left the ground Naolin was beside me, her white wings spread wide.  I had never seen an angels wings before, I only had stories to go by.  I had only heard rumors about how beautiful they were.  Now I could see the appeal.  They were white, but lining the edges of every feather was a thin trace of silver that caught the moonlight.  It wasn’t just her hair that had stars living in it, but her wings as well.

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Book Review: Storm Front by Jim Butcher




Storm Front is the first book in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher.  It follows Harry Dresden, a wizard who openly shares what he is.  He is one of the few wizards that are open to the public, while the rest hide away.  He runs his own business of finding things that people have lost and he also works with the local police department when Lieutenant Karrin Murphy request his advice.  Karrin is in charge of the Special Investigations department, meaning she gets everything that can not be explained by common science and most always involves magic of some sort.

As Harry is waiting for a client he gets a request from Murphy to help with a case.  The case involves two lovers who have had their hearts burst from their chest.  The investigation leads Harry Dresden on a wild adventure where he runs into several different creatures.  He faces a vampire who is not the pretty vampires we are used to today.  He is also propositioned by the city’s mob boss, encounters and defeats a demon, tricks a fairy, fights off giant scorpions, and brings down the bad guy.  If that wasn’t impressive enough he also had to hide from his warden, Morgan, who has been sent to watch him for the White Council.

Every one thinks that Harry is the killer and the only help he receives is from a snippy talking skull named Bob, and a worried house wife.

Personal Opinion

I loved this book.  Really I did.  It reminded me a lot of another series that I am reading (The Hollows by Kim Harrison), but the main characters are of opposite sex.  I will admit, I fe1l in love with Harry Dresden.  He is the gentleman that every girl wants in her life and he knows magic.

I thought this book was an easy read, but not so easy that you would think it was written for a child.  The language was simple and consistent and the story progressed quick enough to keep me interested but not so quick that you felt something was missing.

I felt sorry for Dresden when no one believed he was innocent and I wanted him to have a better house.  Also, he is a wizard, how come the man doesn’t have more money?  He has a giant cat named Mister and a talking skull who keeps all the spells.  Who could ask for a better life.

This was only book 1 of a 15 book series and the last one has not been released yet.  I can’t wait to continue reading this series.  This book fulfilled every one of my interest.  There were demons, vampires, fairies, and magic.

I would suggest everyone to at least give this book a try.  Just read the first one.  It ends on a good note, where you could possibly stop there and not continue the series, but why would you want to do that?