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Hello Nerds!

I have a fun book tag for you today! I found it over on YouTube and you can see the original HERE. I might be a little addicted to the BookTube world…is it too late for me to join in the fun?

Anyways, I have a list of creatures of the night and I have to name my favorite book that features these creatures. So, here it goes!

  1. Vampire: Now…you know I love me some vampires. I might be a tad obsessed. So, it was hard to figure out what my favorite book was that featured vampires. And I chose…
    42899The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. This series is amazing and I love it! And the guys are all vampires…obviously.
  2. Werewolf: I had to think about this one for a second. I haven’t read a lot of books with werewolves…at lest not ones that I liked. But there I remembered!140082
    In the third book of the Sookie Stackhouse series, Alcide is introduced. Wonderful, beautiful, hunky Alcide. Now that is the kind of werewolf I could learn to love!
  3. Zombie: This one was kind of easy. I just read this series and the 4th novel of the series will be released in September of this year!11300302The zombies in this book are a little different from the ones we have seen so far, but I love it. The story is so captivating and amazing and…Zombies!
  4. Ghost: This one was even harder than the werewolf one! I could only think of one book I have read and I didn’t like it too much so I didn’t want to use it. Lucky for me, after reviewing a few books that I have read in the past (meaning I went through my list on goodreads) I finally found one!91476Grave Peril by Jim Butcher is the 3rd installment of the Dresden Files series. In this one Harry Dresden actually battles a few ghost. Woot!
  5. Witch/Warlock/Spellcaster: This one I had many to choose from. I could have picked Dresden Files again. Or I could have picked another book that falls in a different catagory, but I wanted each category to have a different book. So I went with one of the most obvious answers to this one…3“You’re a Wizard Harry.” How could I not include Harry Potter in all of this wonderful creatures of the night book tag? I just couldn’t resist.
  6. Fairy/Fae: This one was hard because I am just as obsessed with fairies as I am with vampires. Over the years I have read SO MANY books about fairies and I just couldn’t decide which one to pick. So I went with the one that I had just recently read.20958632I am still reeling from this book. It was so good and amazing and I want to read it again!
  7. Demon: This is the other book I could have picked for Wizard, or vampire, or fairy, or werewolf…But I had to pick it for Demon because I just love a few demons in this book series!30259Kim Harrison is one of my favorite authors and I love this series so much! There are several demons in this series. My favorites are Al and Newt. They are crazy demons and you grow to really love them as the series progresses. I suddenly have the urge to read this series again…
  8. Angel: I have not read a lot of stories that I like with Angels in them. But I found one that I could agree with…at least the first book in the series.6339664I was in love with Patch, but I wasn’t in love with the series. I didn’t finish the series. I loved the first book, but it got boring in the third. I just traded them in to get new books…
  9. Alien: YES! Now this one I can get behind because…aliens. And I just read the first two books of this series a few months ago and it is still fresh on my mind!16101128Love this book so much and Evan Walker…I don’t care if he is an alien!
  10. Superpowered Humans: This one was another easy one.10576365This was such a good book. I can not wait to finish the series. But the kids in this book have strange powers and…you should read the book!

Okay, that is all I got…all I have to do. Some of these were a little tough, but I got down to it. I got it done. And I love this entire list!

YOUR TURN! I tag everyone that reads this! It’s fun, try it!



Short Story: The Soul Collector (Part 10)

If you haven’t read any of this story, please go to my Short Story page and start there.  I think it’s worth the read.

I am sorry to say it folks, but here lies the end of this short story.  Good news, this last part is longer than the other parts have been.  And finally the picture that inspired this short story is revealed.



I didn’t know what was going on.  I just followed behind Naolin, who was following Michael.  I had missed something somewhere.  Naolin had a plan, but I didn’t know what it was and no one was telling me anything.  We didn’t even go the back the way we had come, we went straight through the main halls of heaven.  We were not quiet.  Michael was shouting orders to any angel that our paths crossed.  He had taken over heaven in a matter of minutes, he was the leader and no one questioned his lead.

I was wondering if anyone even knew that a demon was walking among them.  Not that I would have noticed any weird looks.  I was too busy looking around at heaven myself.  I was taking in the green grass, the blue waters, and the fruit trees that seemed too full to be true.  I slipped off my shoes and stepped into the grass.  I knew the world was in trouble, but I couldn’t help myself.  I didn’t see myself getting back into heaven once everything was said and done, this was my only chance.  My feet touched the grass and I could feel relief spread through my entire body.  The grass was softer here than at the gates of heaven.  For a moment I understood why an angel wouldn’t want to leave.

I pulled my shoes back on and caught up to Naolin.  She looked back at me with a sad smile across her face, she knew like I did.  Once this war was over, neither of us would be back in heaven.  She would be banned for betraying heavens rules and I was never meant to be there in the first place.

Michael looked back at us, his face hard and serious.  “If we don’t get to her soon, it will be too late.”  His voice was deep and harsh.  I hadn’t noticed it before, but it sounded like he had not used his own voice in a very long time.  I could only assume that he spoke to no one while he was locked away.

“Then let’s go.”  I said, anxious to get back to earth.  I was worried about my sister, who was still with Lilith.  Had I known the mess that would have resulted in us coming here…had I known that Gabriel would turn on us, I would have sent Tessa somewhere safe before I left.  I didn’t have time to worry about her.  It would only hold me back from doing what needed to be done.  For a moment, I would have to force myself to believe that Tessa could take care of herself.  It was the only way I was going to get through this day.

I followed again.  Michael was in the lead, then Peter, Naolin, and I was in the back of the line.  Naolin had my hand gripped tightly within her own.  She wouldn’t look at me.  In the back of my mind I knew something bad was coming, but I pushed it down until I could forget that fear.  It was too much.

We slipped through the gates and passed the angels already fighting Lucy’s followers who had come to the gate.  Someone grabbed my foot and I tripped.  When I turned to pull my leg free the reality of what was happening hit me in the face.  The reality was an angel whose wings had been torn from her back.  Her face was covered in blood and a sword was through her chest.  I gasped, trying to breath, trying to cry for help, but her body couldn’t take any more.  By time I was free of her, she was gone.  She was nothing more than a body.  No soul or spirit left.  I don’t know where angels go when they die, but I feared it was not a pretty place, if it was a place at all.

Naolin grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd of fighting angels and demons.  I didn’t want to know what it looked like on Earth, not after what I saw in heaven.  I was starting to think that the only safe place to go now was hell.  No one wanted hell, it would be safe.  But then I would be a coward.

We flew down to Earth, hurrying to find Lucy before it was too late.  We had to find her before she had torn the souls of the lost, before she could get her claws into humanity.  We only had an hour, if that much, before it was too late.  At least, that is what I was told.  I didn’t know how Lucy was going to work so quickly, but what I had seen so far, I didn’t doubt what the others said.

“Kyson!”  I heard a voice crying out to me.  When I found her face, I could feel my own face go pale.  My heart had stopped and for a moment all hope was lost.  There stood Tessa, with a sword against her throat.  Gabriel held her tight, giving her no room to wiggle free.

“Don’t come any closer, none of you move or I will slit this demons throat.”  Gabriel said.  Then Lucy stepped out from behind him, her smile was wicked and wide.  She had already won and we were just pawns in her game.

“Let her go.”  I said.  I moved closer, but stopped when I saw a bead of blood drip down Tessa’s throat.  “You don’t need her.  Just let her go.”  I said.  Anger was building inside of me.  The edges of my vision had become blurry.  It was the one thing I hated about being a demon.  There was a point where anger caused you to black out, but there was nothing I could do to stop it.  They had my sister, the demon I had sworn to protect.  She wasn’t like other demons.  The one who created her made her too small and too fragile.

“I don’t need any of you.”  Lucy snarled.  “I just need you out of my way so I can finish this.  I will have my revenge and you will not stop me.”  A speed and strength I didn’t know I had helped me get across the gap between us.  Before I even knew what was happening I had Tessa in my arms and Gabriel had lost his head.

Lucy screamed.  She hadn’t expected me to move.  She had underestimated me.

Just as I had underestimated her.

It was hard to follow, everything that happened next.  Lucy charged after Naolin.  It wasn’t until then that I realized what I had done.  Lucy had loved Gabriel.  He wasn’t the one that had betrayed her, he was the one that had saved her.  I saw it in her eyes, right before she moved after Naolin.  I saw love I didn’t think was capable for her.  I had killed the one she loved, and she was going to get revenge on me.

“No!”  I shouted, but it was too late.  A knife I hadn’t seen was now jutting from Naolin’s chest.  I let go of Tessa and raced to Naolin, getting there just in time to catch her before she hit the ground.  I heard another scream come from Lucy and looked up to see Michael slitting her throat.  Tessa screamed and I turned to look at her, now noticing the one person I had forgotten.  Lilith.

Lilith stood over Tessa as I watched another knife pierce the chest of another loved one.  Peter rushed to Tessa, snapping Lilith’s neck in one quick motion and catching Tessa.  So much had happened in seconds.  All because I moved too quick.  Naolin coughed.

“Naolin.”  I whispered.  “Don’t die on me.”

“This is the way it was supposed to be.”  She said with a smile.  She coughed again, this time blood filled her mouth.  “I’m sorry we didn’t have more time.  I’m sorry that you fell in love with me.”  She stopped to take a deep breath.  “I love you.”

“We can fix this.”  I said through tears.  “They have to fix this.  We just saved Earth.  They owe you.”

“No.”  She said, her breathing had become wheezy.  “Angels and demons can not be together.”  I wiped away the blood that streamed down her face.  I held the spot where the knife had entered her chest.  I squeezed my eyes shut and prayed for the first time in my life.

“That won’t work now.”  Michael said from behind me.  “She is gone.”

“No.”  I said.  “No, no, no.  She can’t die like this.”  I hugged the body that once held the soul of the one I loved.  I tried to hold in what was left, whatever spark of life was left there.  I tried to bring her back, still praying to a god that had forgotten and betray us.  It couldn’t happen like this.  It couldn’t end so quickly, so soon.

“We have to go, we can still save Tessa.”  Michael said, his hand on my shoulder.

“And what, just leave Naolin here?”

“They will come to collect her body, there is nothing you can do to stop them.  It’s best that you are not here when they do.”  Michael pulled me away from Naolin’s body.  I could feel my chest caving in, like someone had stepped on me.  My heart felt like it would never be right again.

I have been alive for thousands of years and Naolin was the only one I had ever loved.  How could it be over so soon?  I wanted to make someone pay, but the one who had killed Naolin was already dead.

I looked back, one last time at the body still laying there.  The woman I had loved for only a few weeks.  It wasn’t enough time.  “I will always love you.”


I hope you enjoyed this short story.  Please share your thoughts and complaints in the comment section below.  I really enjoyed writing this story, even knowing the ending wasn’t going to be a happy one.

Short Story: Soul Collectors (Part 9)


Photo Credit: Genzoman (DevianArt)

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As promised, two parts of the story this week.  Next week could possibly be the final and you will finally see the photo that inspired this short story.



I had paced my cell, I had shaken the bars, I had even tried to pick the lock with a knife I had in my pocket.  Nothing worked.  I couldn’t cry out for help, for fear of Naolin getting captured quicker.  I wasn’t shocked that Gabriel had turned on us.  He was here for Lilith the whole time, he was trying to please her.  Of course I had seen it from the moment I saw the two together.  I just didn’t realize in time that it would lead to failure.

I sat on the bed, amazed at how soft it was.  Bouncing on it a few times, I considered just sleeping through the mess.  Eventually someone would make their way down to the dungeon to find that Lucy had escaped.  If I was lucky, someone would notice before it was too late, but I hadn’t been lucky so far.  I leaned over and put my face in my hands.  I couldn’t believe I had messed things up so bad.  Who was I kidding, thinking that Naolin and I could be together?  Of course the universe would be against it.  Why would a demon have a happy ending?

I shook my head and scolded myself for giving up so easy.

I had to do something.  I jumped up from where I sat on the bed and scoured the cell, which was more like a bedroom then an actual cell.  I looked through books, journals, boxes, and drawers.  I didn’t know what I was looking for, but there had to be something there to help us.  I had to get out and save Naolin.  I had to fight for our right to be together, to find love and to live that love out until it was spent or the world came to an end.  The way things were going, the world would end within a week.

“What are you looking for?”  My heart stopped.  I was afraid to turn around, in case my ears had deceived me.  It sounded like Naolin, but maybe my mind was playing tricks on me.  I stood from where I had crouched down digging through a box, and turned around slowly.  She stood right there in front of me, with the door open.  How had I missed the sound of her feet, or even the opening of the door.

“Anything to get me out of this cell and stop Lucy from destroying mankind.”  I said to her as a smile spread across my face.  She ran into my arms and kissed me with so much force she came close to splitting my lip.

“I know how to stop her.”  She said when she pulled away from me.

“How did you get the cell door unlocked?”  I asked.

“With my help, of course.”  Peter said as he walked around the corner.   “Good to see you Kyson.  I was wondering how long it would take for Naolin to convince you to help.”


“He knew what I was up to.”  Naolin said, looking back and forth between Peter and me.  “That’s why he didn’t stop me.  He wants this mess cleaned up.”

“So you used me?”  I asked both of them.  I wasn’t mad, I just thought it was funny that I had been played a little bit.

“Kind of.”  Naolin laughed.  “I hadn’t planned on falling in love, but I guess it was just meant to be.”

“We have to go.”  Peter said as he disappeared around the corner again.  Naolin grabbed my hand and we rushed after him.

“He found me lurking around the dungeons.  I was headed to find Michael.  I knew he would help us, but I didn’t think Peter would.”

“Why isn’t he at the gate?”

“It’s already started.”  Naolin said, tears filling her eyes.  “Lucy wasted no time.  Peter left the gate because so many of Lucy and Lilith’s followers are coming to the gates, demanding that they be opened.  So he locked the gates and left his post.”

“Is it too late?”  I asked, my hand gently squeezing hers.  “Can Lucy still be stopped?”

“Yes, but it won’t be easy.  I know what to do.”

“Tell me the plan.”

“I can’t”  She wouldn’t look at me.  She just kept moving forward, but her voice had faltered.  I could hear the sadness in her voice.  It was a sadness I had seen in myself, the day I realized my best friend would have to die.

“Someone has to die?”  I guessed.  She only shook her head and continued to move me forward.

Up ahead I could hear the keys in a cell door and the door sliding open.  I almost felt relieved when I heard Michael’s voice, or what I assumed to be his voice.  It was loud and powerful, a voice that bounced boomed into existence and left a permanent scar on your heart.  Michael was the enforcer of rules, the warrior that fought for what was right.  The question that lingered was, what side does he feel is right?

“It feels good to be out of that prison.”  Michael said as we approached him and Peter.  He turned to look at me and his eyes turned black.  “What is a demon doing in heaven.”

“Trying to save it.”  Naolin said as she jumped in between us.  “We came here to set you free, so you could help us free the angels.”  She touched his bare arm.  “Gabriel betray us and set Lucy free.”

“Now Lucy is wreaking havoc on earth, destroying anyone and anything that gets in her way.”  Peter stood beside Naolin.

“We have to change things, or we will find ourselves right back in the same situation.”  Naolin pleaded with the warrior angel.  His eyes had never left me, but his eyes were returning to their normal blue color.

“I am only here to help.”  I said as I moved to stand beside Naolin.  I couldn’t show fear to the angel, I had done nothing wrong.  Naolin grabbed my hand, entwining her fingers with mine.

“I know how to stop Lucy, you just have to trust me, and you have to have my back.”  Naolin said.  Her words were rushed and quiet, as if she didn’t want me to hear.

“It’s the only way.”  Michael said, his hard face going soft with a frown.  I had missed something that everyone else knew.  It left a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I would have done something about it, but I didn’t know what was going on.  I didn’t know what I had missed.  It was some kind of angel knowledge and they were not letting me in.

“We have no more time to waste, we have to move if this is going to work.”  Peter said.  I should have asked then, but I was too afraid to know the answer.


This should come to an end in the next part, or maybe two parts, but soon.  I hope you have enjoyed this far.

Short Story: Soul Collectors (Part 6)

Story Quote Part 6

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Lilith led us deeper into the woods.  We came up to a small cabin that we were led straight through and into the basement.  The basement seemed to be the headquarters of Lilith’s plans.  There were two computers along the walls and a large table in the middle of the room.  There were two other angels, one at a computer and the other standing over the table.

“This is Cecile.”  Lilith said as she moved to stand beside the red haired angel at the table.  “She has mapped out heaven for us, along with the dungeons.”  Lilith smiled at Cecile.  “She is a wonderful artist.”

“You have to say that, you are my sister after all.”    Cecile smiled and her green eyes lit up.  “That over there is my husband, Gregory.  He is keeping track of the angel and demons movements.”

“How exactly does he do that?”  I asked moving up behind Gregory.

“All angels and demons have a signature.  We give off a sort of signal that can be tracked through a system that I created myself.”  Gregory turned to face me.  He stood to up reaching eye level with me and offered his hand.  “Nice to meet you, Kyson.”

“So, that thing can tell you which demon or angel you are tracking?”  I asked as I took his hand to shake it.

“Oh, no.  I just know who you are from our runner.”

“How long have you been watching me?”  I asked.  I was starting to fill trapped.  I have gone all my life without seeing an angel and I suddenly find myself in a room full of them and Lilith being a demon didn’t ease my mind.  I was starting to wonder if it was all some kind of plan to trap me for some reason.  I ran through all the things I had done in my life, trying to find where I might have ticked someone off.

“Just since you ran into Naolin.”  Gregory said with a laugh.  “You should have a seat, you look terrified.”

“Who is the runner?”  Naolin asked, coming to stand beside me.  Her warmth calmed my nerves.  I was almost grateful for the problems in heaven.  If it wasn’t for that I never would have met Naolin.

“Tessa.”  A short girl with purple hair said from the entrance.

“Tessa?”  I stared at her, unable to wrap my mind around what I was seeing.  The girl that had been watching Naolin and me was a demon.  But she wasn’t any demon, she was my sister.  Not a sister as in we have the same parents.  I trained her and even shared a living space with her once.  She is younger than me and I always looked after her like a sister.  She disappeared a few years ago and I had no idea where she had gone.  All I wanted to know now was how she got mixed up with Lilith.

“Hey Kyson.”  She said looking at her feet.  “I wanted to tell you.”

“Tell me what?”  I had moved to stand in front of her, my hands clenched at my side.  “That you disappeared to join forces with Lilith?  That you left me without a word?  Did you know that I have driven myself crazy trying to find you?  I tried to get any information about you.  I just wanted to know you were alive!”  I turned my back to her and took a deep breath.  I didn’t mean to yell at her, but I had been so worried when she disappeared.

“Kyson…”  I didn’t let her finish.  I didn’t care what she had to say at that moment.  All I wanted to know was that she was okay.  I turned to face her again and saw the tears in her eyes.  Relief flooded me and I wrapped my arms around her in a hug.

“I’m just glad you are alive.”  I whispered.  She would tell me the rest later.  I would force her to tell me.  But at that moment I was just glad that I could hug her.  “Are you okay?”  I asked as I pulled away from her, my hands still on her shoulders.

“I’m fine.  I heard about what was going on in heaven.  Heaven found out that I knew.  I was coming home to tell you what I knew and they came after me.”

“Heaven doesn’t want anyone to know they are having problems.”  Lilith said.  I turned to face the demon.  “Don’t look at me like that.”  She said as she wrinkled her nose.  “I saved your little friend here.  Doesn’t that count for something?”

“If Lilith hadn’t found me I would have never survived.  You would have had to find some way into demon hell to see me again.”  Tessa said.  She grabbed my hand and squeezed it.  “I’m really okay.”

“What are we doing down here?”  Naolin asked.  She had moved to stand beside me again.  I would be lying if I said my heart wasn’t trying to escape my chest.  Too much had happened in too short a time and I could feel anxiety checking in to hotel me.

“Headquarters.”  Lilith said as she raised her hands and spun around.  “We are trying to figure a way to get the angels out of heaven and then take over heaven so this doesn’t happen again.”

“Our first task is to get Michael!”  Tessa said with a jump and a clap.  “They are going to let me go for him.”  Her smile grew wider.

“No.”  I stated.  I was putting my foot down.  I had just found my sister again and I was not going to let them throw her into the fire.

“She is our best runner.”  Cecile said.  She stood straight with her hands on her hips.

“No.”  I said again.  “Send me.  I taught Tessa everything she knows.”

“I was hoping you would say that.”  Lilith said.  She was standing in front of me, running a hand down my face.  “I knew you would be the one to save us from this mess.”  I jerked away from her touch and glared at her.  I didn’t like Lilith and I hated that I was going to help her in anyway.  If it wasn’t for Naolin, I would have been long gone with Tessa in tow.

“I’m going with you.”  Naolin said, grabbing my hand and lacing her fingers through mine.  I stared at our hands, wondering what I had missed.  I thought her confession before, of her attraction to me, was to please Lilith, but I was starting to believe it was true.

“Fantastic!”  Lilith said clapping her hands.  Her smile stretched across her face and I knew then that I would never trust her.  She was up to something and I was going to figure it out, before it caused my death.

Short Story: Soul Collectors (Part 5)

Love and Chaos


To catch up to now, check out my Short Story Page to find the rest of the Soul Collectors Story.


I was not looking forward to seeing Lilith.  I had met her once.  It wasn’t an unpleasant meeting, but she is manipulative and she wants what she wants.  She might actually be a little bit loony and I had no idea how Naolin planned on finding her.  No one found her, she found you when she wanted you for something.

I came across her on a job.  She decided that she wanted me.  To know that someone as beautiful as Lilith wants you is usually a good thing.  But not when it is Lilith herself.  I have seen demons and angels that have fallen in her path.  The men that she wanted the second she saw them, but grew tired of them just as fast.  She would use them up and they would become addicted to her like she was some kind of drug.  When she let them go they were beyond help.  They would wither away and become shells of what they used to be.  Most of these men, angel or demon, end up in hell with all the other demons that have been killed.

I had to kill one of those men.  He was my best friend and I watched as he deteriorated over the course of his relationship with Lilith.  She is like a vampire, only living on souls instead of blood.  He followed her like a puppy dog, and she used him as such.  I have never seen anything so disturbing.  He waited on her hand and foot and I once witnessed her use him as a chair.  After she grew tired of him he lost his mind and started taking souls to her as an offering.  Nothing was ever good enough and I had to kill my best friend to save the souls he was putting in danger.

You can imagine that I was far from ready to see Lilith again.  I began to question Naolin’s role in Lilith’s game.  How does one become owed by Lilith?  The woman who does what she wants, when she wants, and cares nothing about the people she hurts.

“Lilith.”  Naolin called the sky.  The sun was starting to set again.  We had been walking all day because flying would draw too much attention from heaven.  We had stopped deep in the forest.  The trees above had opened up to let in a little sunlight, but everything outside of the light remained dark.

“Naolin.”  A voice said from behind me.  I turned to face the woman, catching my breath as I met the peridot green eyes that stared at me.  I watched as a smile stretched across her face.  She flipped her blond hair behind her shoulder and licked her ruby red lips.  “Have you brought me a gift?”  She asked, stepping closer to me.  I watched her hand reach out and cringed when her fingers stroked my jaw.  “I have wanted this one for a long time now.”

“Lilith, hands off.”  Naolin said.  She stepped between us with her back to me.  “I came for that favor you owe me.”

“That offer has expired.”  Lilith turned away from us.  I heard her growl before she took a deep breath.

“Lilith, please.”  Naolin pleaded.  “Heaven has made prisoners out of all the angels.  I need your help setting them free.”

“Why don’t you get Michael’s help, he likes to fight.”

“He has been chained up in the dungeons.”

“Heaven has a dungeon?”  I asked.  The more I learned the less I liked the idea of heaven.

“Of course they have dungeons.”  Lilith said.  She walked around Naolin and brushed her hand across my chest.  “I think you would look better without a shirt.”  She pulled at my shirt.  I knew this was going to happen.  I knew she was going to remember her attraction to me as soon as she saw me.  “I have seen the dungeons personally.  I was a very naughty girl.”

“Lilith, get away from him.”  Naolin almost growled.  I wanted to smile, but I was afraid to move.  It was easy now to think that Naolin had growing feelings for me.  We had only been together for two days, but love happens instantly for some people.  Was it so wrong to think an angel and a demon could fall in love?  Then my common sense kicked in, I was the only person willing to help her at the moment, of course she would keep me from Lilith.

“How cute, little Nao has a crush.”  Lilith said, poking out her bottom lip in a pout.  “Such a shame that it won’t work out.”

“I came to you for help, just as you came to me for help all those years ago.  I didn’t hesitate to help you.”  Naolin’s cheeks had turned red.

“Not until you admit you are attracted to the handsome demon standing beside you.”

“Fine, yes.  I find him attractive.”  Naolin said in a rush of air.  I stared at her unable to think of anything to say.

“Good.”  Lilith said giggling and clapping her hands.  “It was a match made in…”  She paused.  “Okay, not in heaven.  It’s kind of forbidden, but that won’t matter when I am done.”

“What are you going to do?”  Naolin asked.

“I don’t know.  First I need Gabriel.”

“Gabriel is only a messenger.  And he isn’t allowed out of heaven either.  All of the angels are banned from leaving.”

“There is always a way out, dear Naolin.”  A man said from the shadows.  “I mean, you escaped.  Obviously a messenger angel would have several ways out of heaven.”  The man stepped up to Naolin and wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug.

“Gabriel, I am so glad you escaped.”  Naolin said, returning his hug.  “We need to get more out.”

“We are working on it.”  Gabriel said as he straightened and brushed his shoulder length, black hair out of his face.

“Who all is working on it?”  I asked, able to speak again after the shock of Naolin’s confession.

“Many angels and demons are working together to resolve this issue.  Maybe you should go home, demon.  There is no need for you to be in this.”

“His name is Kyson, and he stays.”  Naolin said, wrapping her warm fingers around my hand.  Heaven and hell were breaking all the rules, and I was just a demon in love, trapped in the middle of chaos.

Short Story: Soul Collectors (Part 4)

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Soul Collectors Part 4

Naolin and I sat in a booth by a window.  We had left the security of the forest and stopped in the first diner we had come to.  There wasn’t much else around, just the diner and an old trailer park behind it.  All the trailers, as well as the diner, were worn down with age and the diner sign was hanging by one rusty chain.  Had the diner been closer to town, it probably would have already been shut down.  It didn’t bother me much; I was used to eating at places like it. I try not to bring too much attention to myself; some people can tell I am a demon.  And not many people like demons.

It also helped keep us hidden, seeing as heaven was probably looking for Naolin by now.  They know she is free, and they know that she is about to open the flood gates of lies that we have all been told.

Naolin picked at a piece of pie she had ordered and I was sipping on a cup of hot tea.  Yeah, angels and demons alike do enjoy human food and we do require a little food to keep us going.  Naolin hadn’t said a word since we had left the forest, other than to order her pie.  I took the time to study her face.  Her skin looked as soft as silk and her eye lashes were long and glittered in the light.  I wanted to be close enough to feel her eyelashes brush against my cheek.  I wanted to brush my hand across her cheek and run my fingers through her hair.

She looked at me, eyes locking with mine.  I had hoped for a smile, but I wasn’t so lucky.  I did, however, see a spark in her eyes.  A softness that would melt the heart of the coldest hearted man.  It was a spark that I hoped was a reaction to seeing me, and until I was told different I would let myself believe that. “What?”  She asked.  There was no smile, just a grimace.  The spark had faded and was replaced with pain.  I could see a tear forming in the corner of her eye.  I knew at that moment I would do anything to help her.  Even if it meant I would die in the end.

“Are you going to tell me what is going on?”  I asked her.  I sat with my hands in front of me, one on top of the other.

“It’s complicated.”

“It’s even more complicated when you don’t try to explain it.”  I said with a smile.  I tried to stay calm and level headed.  I tried to push back my thoughts of what it would be like to kiss her, to feel her lips on mine.

“Stop looking at me like that.” She whispered.  My words froze when her cheeks became red.

“I’m sorry; you are the first angel I have ever met.”

“You won’t see many of us now.  Not since the revolution.”

“What revolution?”  I asked, leaning in closer to her.

“The angels are tired of being stuck in heaven.  We are tired of having such an easy life.”  She took a deep breath and sat down her fork.  “We were created, just as demons, to collect human souls.  We were to return them to heaven and show them the eternity they were promised.  It’s beautiful there.  Heaven is amazing, and the humans love it.”

“I have only heard stories of the beauty.  Peter told me all about the waterfalls and blue waters.”

“That is only part of the beauty.”  She smiled.  “But angels wanted to experience a human life.  We have been given this great gift of an easy life.  We don’t have to go through the trials and tribulations that humans do.  We did not earn our place in heaven, it was given to us.  Before long, angels were falling in love with humans.  It was a few at first, but once we all saw how happy the fallen angels were.  We wanted to follow.”

“A fallen angel is like a demon though.  They cannot return to heaven.”  I said.

“No.”  She shook her head.  “That is what we were fighting for.  We wanted to experience the human life.  We wanted to fall in love and have a family, then die at an old age and return to heaven.  Heaven wasn’t going to have that.  They said it was wrong, that angels have a job to do and we had no time to waste with such trivial things.”

“How come none of the demons have heard about any of this?”

“Because angels are good at hiding from the demons.  We were told that demons were evil and we had to stay away from them.”  Her eyes met mine again.  “You are not evil, Kyson.”

“No, I’m not.”  I said, my heart was beating so hard against my chest that I was sure it would stop.  Naolin’s blue eyes held my gaze and the corner of her mouth raised in a crooked smile.  I put my hands in my lap, so she would not see them shaking.  I almost laughed at my own reaction, like a school girl with a crush.  I was almost ashamed of it.

“We stayed away from the demons, and we revolted against heaven.  We demanded to live a human life so we could respect our duties with more understanding.  The council did not like the idea.  They said we would become blinded by human desires.”  I watched as she wiped a tear from her cheek.  “That is when they locked the gates of heaven.  None of the fallen angels can return and the ones remaining in heaven are not allowed to leave.  We are prisoners in the one place we were supposed to be happy and free.”

“What can we do about it?”  I asked her.

“There is only one thing I can think to do.”  She pushed her plate away and took a sip of her water.  “We have to see Lilith.”

“What?”  I shouted.  Lilith was a demon, a true demon.  What humans see as demons, is exactly what she is.  She drags chaos where ever she goes.  She is destruction in physical form.  Demons stay away from her.  She is not allowed in heaven or hell, she just wonders the Earth and destroys what gets in her way.

“She is the only one that can help us.”  Naolin said.  She stood from the booth and walked to the door.

“You can’t be serious.”  I said as I caught up to her.  I had met Lilith once.  She was beautiful and seductive.  She was what all men wanted and what all women wanted to be.  She was thrown from heaven after trying to seduce the big man himself.  Remember when I said that everything you know is a lie?  Don’t believe anything you have been told about Lilith or Lucifer and Satan.  Don’t believe what you have been told about god or any of his angels.  It’s all so much more twisted then what you know.  And Lilith is the last person you want to mess with.

“She owes me a favor.”  Naolin said.  She turned to look at me, daring me to ask.



Short Story: Soul Collectors (Part 2)


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When the story is over I will share the picture that inspired it all.  If I share it now it may give away the ending.


I flew straight to the pearly gates of heaven.  I was tempted to show off in front of Naolin, but she was in no mood to play.  I landed gently on the soft grass that sat in front of the gate.  I know humans believe that the streets of heaven are paved with gold, but that is only a human desire.  What good would a gold street do?  It would be cold and hard on our feet, not that I ever went past the gates.  It was the softest grass you could find anywhere.  The grass bends under your feet and springs back when you walk away.  I sometimes took a nap in the grass, but that usually ends with Peter waking me up to tell me one of his stories.  Nice guy, but he doesn’t know when to stop talking.

I waved at Peter when he noticed me.  His smile was always bright and welcoming.  I believe that if he wasn’t guarding the gates of heaven he would be on Earth collecting souls like the angels are supposed to.

“Peter, anything new going on?”  I asked.  I walked closer to him and noticed he looked confused.  One brow was raised and he was staring behind me.

“Naolin, what are you doing?”  Peter asked the beautiful angel that had followed me.  He looked at me, his eyes wide.  “Did you know that she was behind you?”

“Yes.”  I said.  I couldn’t help my laugh.  I had no idea what was going on, but I could sense something was wrong.  “Is there a problem?”  I asked Peter.

“There is no problem.”  Naolin answered.  I turned to look at her.  The anger in her voice caught my ear.  Something was definitely wrong and I was afraid I had inadvertently been pulled into the middle of it.

“But there is a problem.”  Peter said.  He moved forward and grabbed Naolin’s arm, pulling her towards the gates.  Naolin jerked her arm from Peter’s grip and moved behind me.

Yep, in the middle of it and there was no going back now.  I seemed to always get myself into a mess.  You know the saying, wrong place, wrong time.

“You will not put your hands on me Saint.”  She glared at Peter.  “I was only making sure this demon delivered the soul he collected tonight.”

“My name is Kyson.  You know this already.”  I said.  I shook my head and rubbed my face.  I didn’t even want to know what I had stepped into.

“Kyson always delivers his souls.  He is our best collector.”

“He is a demon.”  Naolin said.

“Yes, he is, and he does his job.”

“Angles should be the ones bringing souls to heaven.”  She said.  She had moved from behind me and stood in front of Peter.  It was only then that I noticed how short she was, at least short compared to Peter and myself.  Peter and I were the same height, 6 foot 5 inches.  Naolin was even with Peter’s chest.  Her short stature didn’t hinder how intimidating she was.  There was an aura about her that kept everyone at a distance.

“Naolin, you know how this works.  Angles have not been collecting souls for years.  There is much to do here in heaven.  Why are you out?”

“Because this is what I was created for.”  Naolin’s hands were clenched at her side, her nails digging into the skin on her palm.  I took a step away from her, just in case the angel decided to spontaneously combust.

“It is the job of the demons now.  An angel’s job is to collect the souls at the gate.”  Peter pleaded with the stubborn angel.

“I will not!”  She shouted.  She stepped to the edge of heaven, her wings open as she threatened to fly off.

“Naolin, please.  If they know that you have returned and I let you get away, I will be the one in trouble.”

“What is going on?”  I asked.  I was starting to feel like I was invisible.  Even though I didn’t want to place myself in the situation, curiosity got the best of me.

“I will tell you what is going on.”  Naolin said.  She came to stand beside me, her eyes narrowed as she glared at Peter.  “They have locked us up, the angels, in heaven.  They told us that we were of better use here.  They told us that collecting souls was too impure for our innocent hands.”  She spread her fingers revealing the moon shaped cuts she had created with her nails.  Blood covered her palm and fingers.  I hadn’t known that angels could bleed.

“Your hands.”  I said.  I pulled a bandage from my pocket.  Yes, I keep them with me.  I sometimes mingle with humans and humans are clumsy creatures.  I stepped forward and grabbed one hand, wrapping it and moving to the next.  When I looked up I noticed that Peter and Naolin were both staring at me.  “What?”

“Did you not hear what I just said?”  Naolin asked me.

“Of course, but you were bleeding.  Also, I find it hard to believe that the angels have been locked in heaven.”  I looked at Peter for support, but he looked away avoiding eye contact.  “Even if you were locked in heaven, why would you really care?”

“I care because I was created to help a soul journey to heaven.  I was created to bring people to peace.”  She took a deep breath and released it.  “I cannot just sit in heaven, with everything I could ask for, and watch as souls are wrongly delivered to hell or left to wander the world, lost and confused.”  A tear streaked down her face.

“Peter.”  I said.  I looked at my old friend and forced his eyes to meet mine.  “Is it true?”  I asked him.  “Please, Peter, tell me that the angels are just lazy and decided not to collect souls anymore.  Tell me that what Naolin is telling me is a lie.”

“I do not lie.”  Naolin said.  She was looking down at her feet trying to hide her tears.  “Kyson, please believe me.”  Her voice carried my name to the depths of my own soul.  My heart sung in gratitude to hear my name pass the sweet lips of this angel.  I knew what I had to do then.  I believed Naolin.

“Then let’s go.”  I said to her as I grabbed her hand, careful of the self inflicted wounds I had wrapped for her.  I lifted my wings and stepped off the ledge of heaven, pulling Naolin with me.  We soared through the air, a soul clutched in one hand and an angels warm fingers in the other.

In the distance I could hear Peter yelling for me.  Something had happened in heaven and they had done a fine job keeping it from the demons.  Unlucky for heaven, Naolin had escaped their hold.  It was time for the truth to be told.


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Short Story: Soul Collectors (Part 1)

Here it is.  The first installment of my first short story.  I hope that you enjoy.  Please like, comment, and share if you found it enjoyable!

Soul Collectors (Part 1)

There once was a myth about angels and demons.  Actually that myth still seems to hold true.  Angels are always seen as the good guys while demons are supposedly evil.  That’s just putting it simply.  There is more to the stories.  Like how angels help when you are in trouble, or they take your soul to heaven.  Demons on the other hand are said to create chaos, spread fear, and drag souls to hell.  What if I told you it wasn’t true?  What if I told you that everything you know is wrong?

Angels are no better than demons and demons are no worse than angels.  We were all made from the same cloth.  We were all angels in the beginning and technically we all still are angels.  Some of us were just unfortunate enough to be sent to manage hell while the lucky stayed in heaven.  Demons are actually the ones that deliver souls to either heaven or hell, and demons are usually the ones to fight for a soul who has been mistakenly sentenced to hell.  Angels are kind, but they don’t want to get their hands dirty.  They will save a human from death and they will show you around heaven once you are there.  They don’t want to touch the souls before then.

Honestly, I think their position in heaven gave them a bit of a big head.  At one time they worked just as hard as the demons, but some of the demons went a little bad.  Hell can really get to a demon, especially when your job is to torture the souls who were evil in their life.  Some of the demons changed and became twisted.  Some of these demons are the reason demons have bad names.

Angels sit in heaven and live the good life, while demons work their wings off to keep the position they have. At least that was what the stories said.  I believed them all until I met an angel myself one day.  I had never met an angel before her, but I knew what she was the moment I saw her.  Her fair skin glowed in the moonlight and her black hair glittered as if the stars themselves hid there.  It was her eyes that gave her away though.  Her eyes at times were crystal blue, almost clear, and other times they were the color of a stormy sky.  It was love at first sight…for me.  For her, I was just another demon in her way.

We met one night during a run.  I was collecting a soul to take to heaven.  I had just collected the soul and was looking up at the moon when I felt her presence.

“What are you doing with that soul?”  She asked me.  When I looked at her she stood with one hand on her hip and a sword hung in the other.  I had never seen someone so serious.

“I am doing my job.”  I answered her.  I held the glowing stone of a soul in my hand, clutching it to keep it safe.  “Why are you here?”

“This is my soul to take.”  She said.  She moved closer, but I took a step back.  I had never lost a soul, never took a soul to the wrong place, and I was not going to start now.

“I believe you are mistaken.  This soul is to go to heaven and I intend to deliver it there.”

“Heaven is no place for a demon.  It should be the job of an angel to deliver any soul to the holy land.” She said.  She was snarky and fierce.

“Really?  Then where are the angels?”  I asked her.  I was growing angry, though I wasn’t sure why.  It never bothered me that demons had bad reps and I agreed with her, but that was beside the point.  “They sit up in heaven and wait for the demons to do the dirty work.  You make us look like the bad guys and take all the credit when the soul reaches its destination.”

“You know I’m an angel?”  She asked me.  Her brow pinched in confusion. I held back a laugh, I knew she would take my laughter the wrong way.  I thought she was beautiful, even if she seemed a bit naive.

“Of course I know you are an angel.  I have not seen any of you on the Earth realm in a while.  Are you lost?”

“No!”  She shouted.  I could no longer contain my laughter.  “Hand me the soul.”  She said as she lifted her sword toward me.  It was the first time I witnessed her eyes changing color.  They went from their crystal blue color to an angry gray.

“I will not fight you, because demons and angels should be working together, not fighting.  I also will not hand over this soul.  I have been delivering souls to heaven since the angels decided to retire from the job.  If it wasn’t for us demons heaven would be empty and lost souls would haunt every inch of the Earth.”

“I have never stopped my duty.”  She snarled at me.  With every moment that passed I felt my attraction to her grow.  She was strong for an angel and maybe not as naïve as I first thought.

“Well, this is my soul.  You were a little late in collecting this gem.  Please, go on to your next assignment while I deliver this soul.”

“I cannot trust that you will deliver that soul to heaven.”  She stepped closer, but this time I stood my ground.  I was not afraid of her and if truth be known, I wanted to be closer to her.

“Then travel with me so that you can see you can trust me.”  There was a hint of a dare in my words.  I wanted her to leave, but another part of me wanted her to stay.  I wanted to spend more time with this angel, to see what made her tick.

“Then let’s go, demon.”

“You can call me Kyson.”  I smiled at her.  “Do you have a name, angel?”

“I am Naolin.”  She glared at me.  “Move it, before you waste anymore of my time.”

“If I remember correctly, you are the one that stopped me from my work.”  I laughed.

“I will not fret to use my sword on you.”  She said as she raised her sword to my throat.  I could only laugh as I spread my black wings and took to the air.  Seconds after my feet left the ground Naolin was beside me, her white wings spread wide.  I had never seen an angels wings before, I only had stories to go by.  I had only heard rumors about how beautiful they were.  Now I could see the appeal.  They were white, but lining the edges of every feather was a thin trace of silver that caught the moonlight.  It wasn’t just her hair that had stars living in it, but her wings as well.

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