Show Review: The 100

There are a few new shows starting up recently.  Some have been on for about three weeks, while others have only had their first episode.  One show that has only had one episode is The 100.

This show comes on the CW on Wednesday nights at 9PM.

The idea of this show is the Earth has been evacuated for 97 years and what ever population made it off the Earth safely is now floating in space on the Ark.  Sadly, the Ark is dying and they have to figure out a way to save lives.  The  Chancellor of this ship is like the president, he calls all the shots.  Because of the tight space and the lack of supplies, any and all crimes are punishable by death.  Lucky for anyone under 18, they get to sit in a cell until their 18th birthday before they are sentenced to death.

Now, the reason Earth was evacuated is because of radiation poisoning.  Someone on the ark decides that Earth might actually be safe to return to, but in order to check they create a plan.  Unfortunately for 100 of the kids under 18, rotting away in a cell, this plan includes putting them in a ship and sending them down to Earth.  These teens are given a simple task.  Make it to Earth to test the air, if they die Earth is not safe, if they live they are to find supplies that were left in a safety zone 97 years ago before Earth had to be left behind.

As soon as the ship lands on Earth the kids separate.  You pretty much know from there who is going to cause problems and who is going to take the mission seriously.  Of course, they all committed some kind of crime, so why would they start listening to the adults now?

My Take on the Show
The first episode was fantastic.  It was enough to keep me interested and left me wanting more.  Here are my thoughts in a nice little list!

  1. First of all, these kids are criminals.  They have all done something stupid to put themselves in prison.  Why would they be the first to send down?  Actually, it makes sense to send down criminals to see if they survive, but why so many at one time?  They could have been sent in smaller groups.
  2. Why kids?  They are all under 18.  They are minors with parents that still love them no matter what stupid crime they did.
  3. ANY CRIME can get you locked up.  Does this mean that if one kid steals an extra bite of food and gets caught, the kid automatically goes into lock down to wait for his death the moment he turns 18?
  4. Each couple is only allowed one child.  One couple has a second child and tries to hide it.  When the child is discovered it is taken from the family and the mother is killed.  Was this really necessary?  Really??
  5. One group of kids goes off to find the supplies they were told about.  On their trek through the woods they encounter a deer with two faces and a giant snake that chills in the river.  Is anything safe to eat?
  6. At night the plants glow and two of the teens that are awake find it fascinating.  Yes, it was gorgeous, but it was caused by radiation…is it really that beautiful?  Will it kill you?
  7. One kid that knows his plants picks a flower and eats it.  What part of radiation did they not understand?

All in all, I will be watching more of this show.  Curiosity killed the cat, but I bet the cat was never bored.  This show has got my attention.  I want to know what is going to happen.  Will the ark be saved?  Will everyone return to Earth?  Is Earth really safe?  And who will fall in love with who?  A good show is never complete without a love story, even just a hint of one!

At least in my opinion.

What Do You Think?

Have you seen the show?  If so did you like it?  Do you want to watch it?  Go HERE to check it out!


What Does it Mean to be Human?

I was listening to a song the other day on the radio.  It is a song by Christina Perri and the song is called Human.  The lyrics that stand out is the line that says “But I’m only human.”  This got me thinking, what does it mean to be human?  Do we even know what it means anymore?

Being human once meant that we stopped and helped a stranger in need.  Sometimes we would put our own safety aside for the safety of others.  We would stop by our neighbors house and check on them, because there were only you and the neighbor for 5 miles.  When someone new moved into the neighborhood, we would go welcome them and get to know them.  At one point, no one was a stranger, because no one gave them time to be a stranger.

But did this make us human?

Now days we fly by a woman stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire because “we don’t have time.”  People will walk by a child who seems to be wandering around without their parent.  I have lived in the same place for 11 years and I don’t know a single neighbor, and they live a few feet away from me.  I meet strangers everyday and avoid eye contact in case they try to talk to me.

Does this make us human?

Again I ask the question, do we even know what it means to be human?

It seems that human has become the word for cruelty.  The definition of human is flesh and blood, with great minds that are used to destroy the few good things we have in this life.

I am not saying that every person is evil, but we seem to have lost our backbones.  We have become a world of invisible bubbles.  We try our best not to get close to one another and we avoid eye contact.  Some people walk around with headphones covering their ears as a “do not disturb” sign.

You see stories everyday about animals who help other animals, or animals who seem more human then people.  It seems that long ago we decided that the word human meant kindness, trust, reliable, and love.  We have lost something over the years.  When an animal is called more human than a human…maybe we should really rethink what we are doing with our lives.  Maybe we should start being more like animals.  The animals who will risk their lives to save their human owner, or the animals that risk their lives to save one another.  You see the stories all the time about how great animals are.  I am tired of seeing stories of great animals.

Our newspapers and magazines should be flooded with great people!  Not criminals.  We should hear about people who pulled over and helped a single mother change a tire so she can get her sick kid to the doctor.  We should hear stories about people who sat with an old lady because she had no family to help her when she fell.

Yeah, we hear those stories sometimes.  But we should hear them everyday.  When people think of humans we think of criminals.  Killers and rapist.  We think of the mothers who kill their kids and the fathers who leave their families.  The world is so full of hate and it’s all because of people.

Maybe we should stop being such humans and become animals…because right now the animals are the only ones holding on to hope, love, and kindness.  Where is our courage?