What Are You Reading?


Hello Friends!

I almost didn’t want to do this today because what I am reading this week isn’t much different from last week. I hate when I get stuck on a few books.

I am still listening to Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

Of course, this will be a month long thing anyways, so it’s not big deal. But this book is so skevy. Yeah, I have read Stephen King books before…he wouldn’t be my favorite author if I hadn’t, but I don’t remember reading any that made my skin craw like this one. Maybe it’s different because I am listening to it instead of sitting down to read it. Either way, it’s still really good and makes me really question Mr. King’s morals. I’m only kind of kidding

What I am reading:

Changes by Jim Butcher

Like I said last week, this one got put on the back burner for another book I was really into, but last night this book hit it’s mid-point and got super interesting. I am sure I will finish it this week.

The Legendary Haunting of Quentin Wallis by C.K. McKenzie

This is the author of the month and the one book review I will be doing for The Reading Bud. The whole story has been very intriguing, but I am finding it to be a little long winded as well. It hasn’t lost my interest, I just have to really focus when I am reading it.

Tell me, what are you reading this week?