Cakes and Cupcakes and Cakepops, Oh My!

This past week has been a week of fun. I have been playing around with cake pops again. It seems any time I have a day off work I am in the kitchen playing with cake pops. I have found love for them…or rather a rediscovered love for it. Around Christmas time I was having issues with the cake pops when dipping them in the melted chocolate. I actually found out that it was the chocolate that I was using. It was over a year old, still good, but it didn’t melt as well. I was using a ton of paramount crystals (used to thin out chocolate) and it was refusing to be the consistency that I needed.

About a week ago, my cousin put in an order for her daughters first birthday. She wants Minnie mouse cake pops and a mini mouse smash cake.

Now, if you don’t know, a smash cake is the small cake that a child gets on their first birthday. It’s the one that they smash their hands and face into. I have had so many people ask me what a smash cake was. I thought everyone knew.

Minnie Mouse cake

This is just a rough test of the Minnie Mouse cake. I am going to be covering it in buttercream icing instead of frosting. I will also add a pink bow that I will make out of royal icing. It will dry hard and make a perfect topper for the cake. Also, how else would you know that it was Minnie Mouse.

Minnie mouse cake pops

This is just another rough test of the Minnie Mouse cake pops. They are so adorable! I love how perfect they came out…well, perfect as in they will be perfect when I do the final run. I googled a few ways to do the Minnie mouse and found this option. In the process of making them I was worried that it wouldn’t turn out good, but once all the pieces came together it was awesome.

I had a few cake balls left after I figured out Minnie Mouse and decided to play a little more. I have seen the other cake pop people doing a lot of bride and groom cake pops so I wanted to try it. Mind you, at this point I only had black and pink chocolate so I was working with what I had.

groom cake pop

The groom actually reminded me a lot of Doctor Who. I guess the pink and the big red bow helps. But I did it! I made a groom just like all the other big wig cake pop makers. I feel like I am moving up in the world.

I showed my mom and she asked “What about the bride?” So I went back to the drawing board to see if I could do the bride as well.

Bride cake pops

Another rough test and I get a general idea of how I would do bride cake pops. It’s amazing! I seriously love them so much. I really feel like I am going some where with my business and I am perfecting my craft.

I still had some cake balls left and a few of them I had dipped to make grooms out of. It was late and I was tired. I also had to be at work at 8:30 the next morning so I had to get to bed. So…I was putting up the cake pops and I noticed something. If you turn the tuxedo cake pop upside down, they look like granny’s with buns. So I made faces for them.

Granny cake pops

How adorable are they? I want to work with the concept a little more to make a polished looking granny, but I like what I got from play time.

That was all I made this past week, but I feel like it was a productive week at least.


Hello 2015!

2015 New Year celebration

To me, the new year didn’t really start until today. I don’t know…I just like to start things on Mondays. It also gave me time to really sit down and figure out what I wanted to accomplish in 2015. I have a lot that I want to accomplish. After looking back at 2014 I see that I had a lot happen, but I had so many opportunities to make more happen.

I decided I needed to set more than four goals for 2015. And I say goals because resolutions make it sound like I have been lazy. I need goals. I have actually found that setting goals helps keep me going.

So here it is, my 2015 goals!

  1. Write Everyday! I have been slacking on this a bit already. I have been writing blogs, but that is not the kind of writing I had in mind for this goal. I want to write part of a story every day. I want to keep it fresh and flowing. I need to if I want to get any where with my writing.
  2. Be Productive Everyday. I tend to lay around some days and get nothing done. I don’t mean I want to be turned up on high everyday, always doing something and not taking time to rest. I just want to make sure I do something a little productive everyday. Friday was a bad example of this. I was in so much pain that I came home and took a nap and didn’t do much of anything after my nap.
  3. Get Healthy. I don’t want to set a goal of losing weight. I just want to make healthier choices. Eat healthier. Exercise. Just be healthy all around. I know making healthier choices will lead to a healthier body.
  4. Become More Organized. I am such a spazz when it comes to keeping up with things. I just need to make sure everything has a place and everything is in it’s place. Especially if I expect to accomplish #5 on my list of goals.
  5. Start a Business. Yes, it is finally going to happen. My business is called Heather’s Sweet Haven. I will be selling cakes and cakepops and all the wonderful other crafts that I love to do so much. It’s going to be a bit of a “catch all” type of business.
  6. Read 50 books. Yes I am shooting for that goal again this year. I will keep setting this goal until I actually make it.
  7. Learn Something New Every Day. I want to make an effort to learn as much as I can in 2015. Weather it is business, craft, cake decorating, baking, or just general information related. I want 2015 to be the year I make myself smarter.
  8. Set a Budget. I really need to get on top of my finances. I just have to do better with my money.
  9. Stay Positive No Matter What! This is my favorite. I tend to let the outside world break my fortress of happiness. I let the little things get to me and I have to stop that. I have to be happy no matter what comes my way. I want to be like every heroine that I have admired in books and movies. No matter what life throws at me I will hold my head up and keep moving forward.

That is all I have for the goals. I was going to set a goal to post every day of 2015 but I am afraid I won’t actually accomplish that. I am going to try, so it’s an unofficial goal. I will make it a monthly goal though.

Which brings me to tomorrows post. I have decided that now I have a big picture, I need to set some smaller, monthly goals. And weekly goals that can be broken down into daily goals. I am only going to bore you with my Monthly goals, tomorrow.

For now, tell me what are your goals for 2015? I hope they are good ones. Share them with me, I may have to add to my own list.

Meet Again 2

Sore Feet and Determination

First I would like to thank all the lovely new followers!! I promise I will get around to looking at your blogs and following back. Right after I catch up on all my other readings.

I have been a little MIA lately.  I think part of me is just too lazy to sit down and write a blog and another part of me feels like I don’t have anything interesting to say. Which is completely insane because I am awesome and everything I say is interesting. 

I have been doing the same thing I was doing last time I made a post. Baking cakes and cupcakes, working, and going to the gym.  Let’s not forget reading.  I’m sure I have time for much more, but I let the day get away from me.

What other things should I be doing? I will give you a list.

  1. Writing.  My biggest dream is to become a traditionally published author and meet the great Stephen King. Wow Mr. King with my fancy words and wild imagination and then co-write a book with him.  It’s a big dream, I know, but why dream if you can’t dream big?
  2. Learning to use photoshop again so I can make my wordpress look that much more awesome. I lost Photoshop for a while and just got it back on my computer. I was super excited, but I haven’t used it yet.
  3. Baking more cakes.  I have a few people wanting cakes.  I need to practice making different cakes so I can get to my other dream of owning my own bakery. Yes, this girl has many dreams. I just can’t help myself.
  4. Reading more!! I have a goal of reading 50 books this year. I set my goal on Goodreads and until now I have always been a few books ahead. Now, I am “right on track.” I don’t like being “right on track!” I need to be ahead for when the holidays come around and I can’t read as much. I have to meet at least this goal this year!!
  5. Spending more time with Pixel.  My poor puppy probably feels neglected. I am always at work, at the gym, or hanging out at the mall with my cousin.  Pixel has to stay behind at home and wait for my return. But, when she greets me when I get home…best feeling in the world.

I’m tired of the list now. There are tons of things I need to be doing, but never seem to find the time to do them. My priorities are a little messed up I guess. 

A little update, my feet hurt so bad! They are swollen and painful. I know it’s because of my weight, but with my cousin now going to the gym with me I am going a lot more. We have fun and get a good work out in. Hopefully I can stick to it this time. I just have to cut out the junk food. I have to try smaller samples of my cakes.

It’s obvious that I have to try them to see if they taste good, but I should probably just stop at a little taste. 

I know that once I lose the weight I won’t have the problem with my feet anymore. I know that I am fat…there really is no other word for it. I will own up to the fact that I am fat and I need to do something about it. My biggest problem is night time. For some reason I want to eat everything in site. It’s just another thing I need to work on.  And I will. I am determined to be the girl I see in my head.

Heather, where have you been?

I don’t know who reads my blog, or even cares to read, but for some reason I always feel the need to explain my absence.  So, my absence this time was due to laziness.

I have found something about myself that I didn’t know before.  I do this weird thing, where I get super excited to try something new, but then I fear I will mess it up.  When the fear sets in, I shut down.  I wait until the last minute to get it done, just because if I mess it up…I don’t know actually.  It really makes no sense what so ever!  I’m just a strange person.

I haven’t done much since I have gone MIA.  I have been working a lot with a new script that I am writing for the youth groups drama team.  I love those kids so much, and I want nothing more than for them to succeed in life.  I am giving them all I can.  I feel like it has become a battle though.  My ideas against what is “acceptable” in church.  For me, there are issues that need to be addressed, things that teens need to know exist.  Sadly, some church folks don’t agree with me.  Luckily, up to this point, the two leaders that I am working with on the drama team has liked my ideas.  Meaning, it’s not just me fighting to give these ideas a chance to live.

On top of that, I have been trying to finish up the freelance writing class I have been taking, along with baking cakes and getting classes set up for cake decorating.  This week I am working on doing a cake that is for a spa party and it has been requested that I do a fingernail bottle shaped cake.  It’s another one of those things I got excited about, the feared about.  It should have been done already.  I think my small kitchen plays a role in it not being done as well.  I seriously need my own kitchen!  Unfortunately, I can not afford my own place, so I am stuck living with my parents and stealing the kitchen when I can. Which, there is usually only one solid meal cooked at my house, but for some reason, when I go to make a cake or cake pops everyone needs to get into the kitchen.

Let me make this clear.  I live in a double wide trailer.  Ever seen a kitchen in a double wide trailer?  Some are actually nice, but mine is tiny.  It is not a good place to try to be creative, but I make do.  I think if I had a bigger kitchen, or less annoying family I would bake more, who knows.

October is coming!! It is seriously my favorite month ever!  I have so much to do! I need to figure out a costume and what treats I want to make.  I have to carve a pumpkin.  I have to make my aprons before October. So much to do.

What is coming up this week?  Well, I recently made a giant birthday cookie for my brothers birthday, so I will share that with you.  Wednesday is just another fun wacky day!  Thursday I may be sharing my fingernail polish bottle cake with you…it may be a fail, but I might surprise myself!  Friday I will finally show you what I have had in the works for about a month now.  It’s fun with googly eyes!

Anyways, if you have been waiting for a post…HERE IT IS!  If you are reading my blog for the first time WELCOME! I hope you stay!

Happy Birthday To Me

I took a break yesterday, seeing as it was my birthday.  I am officially two years away from being 30.  With that in mind, I started thinking about my life, where I am in life, and where I want to go in life.  Luckily, I am kind of sort of on track with where I want to be.

My biggest dream has always been to be a well known author.  I just want people to read my stories.  I self published my first book last year and I have been working on my second book this year.  I started taking some classes on freelance writing to improve my writing as far as grammar and sentence structure goes.  I would like to try to go the more traditional route and have a publisher pick up my work.  I think it’s good enough for the masses, I just have to perfect it.  I am my biggest critic though, and it’s never perfect to me.  I just want to prove to myself that I can capture the eye of the publishers.

My newest dream, a dream I just discovered, I want to own my own bakery.  I want to make cakes, pies, cake pops, pastries.  I want to do it all.  I will be starting next month with some cake decorating classes, and as you have seen on my blog, I am experimenting with new recipes. It’s something that I have a passion for.  It’s fun to put your heart into a cake or cake pops.  In the end you have a beautiful work of art that people will admire 10 seconds before they devour it.  Then their eyes will light up with how amazing it taste!  Even though my art doesn’t last forever, it will bring joy into someones life.

There are things in my life that I need to work on.  I want to be in the best shape ever by time I turn 30.  I want to be one of those gorgeous 30 year olds that enjoys everything in life.  I want to be a runner and a health nut.  That gives me two years to get this whole fitness thing down!

Yesterday was such an amazing day.  I was center of attention, which as a Leo, I loved!  But it wasn’t just about being center of attention.  For most of my life I have felt like an outsider. I always felt there was no where I belonged.  I thought that the only people who would love me unconditionally would be my parents and my brother.  I have family that tend to forget about me, and I am sure they somewhat hate me too.  I don’t know why, I have always been a good person.

I had so many birthday wishes posted on Facebook.  Everyone at work was telling me happy birthday.  I even got a card and cookies from work.  My favorite part of the day was going to church.  I have always been such a closed off person.  I find it really hard to let people in, and at church last night I realized, my walls have started to fall.  These wonderful people that I have met and become friends with are slowly chipping away and this wall built with fear and sometimes hate.  The students of the youth group just melt it away like it was nothing.  I am learning to love again.  I am learning to trust again.  I am learning that I am no longer alone in this world, and I never really was.  I have a group of people who are not blood related, that love me more than some of my blood related family does.  And it’s nice to wake up and see what has been there waiting for me to see.  A family that choose to love me because its what they do.

Cake Pops: Baby Faces


Made for St. Patrick’s day.


Random Cake pops to test out Peanut Butter candy coating

I have been making cake pops for a while now.  I started off just reading stuff on the internet about them.  I don’t even know what made me want to do them.  I read about them and the next day I was at the craft store getting all I needed for them.  I then took a few classes and learned new techniques and nifty tips.  I love making cake pops.  They are so much fun, though, I haven’t learned how to just do a few at a time.  I usually do a whole cake worth of cake pops.  This is just because I love making them so much! I have been doing simple ones up until now.  Most of them just round with fun sprinkles on them.

I ventured out a little bit for Christmas and made these really awesome teddy bear cake pops.  I can’t find a picture of them though.  I just recently made 50 for a silver anniversary for a guy I work with. After I posted a picture of them, another friend contacted me for some cake pops.  She needed some for a baby shower.  At first I was thinking simple.  I was just going to do cake pops with fun baby colors, but I wanted something more.  I racked my brain for a while, then I came across a book for cake pops.  I had a book once before, but everything was made with fondant and that stuff is not fun to play with and it doesn’t taste very good.  So I kind of trashed the book.

Cake pop book

Awesome book!

baby cake pops

My inspiration

One day while I was at Target with my mom I came across this awesome book for making cake pops.  There are so many awesome ideas in this book!!  I found the baby cake pops in here.  I loved the way they looked, they were so adorable.  So I sent the picture to a friend to see how she liked them.  She loved them, so I got busy finding the supplies to make them.

The bows are made with melted candy, and I could not replicate them.  I tried so hard and couldn’t make a bow with the melted candy.  Also, the faces are drawn on with a pen…I have edible pens, but they were not made for melted candies!  So, it didn’t work out.  I had to take the concept of these cake pops and make them my own.  I still did the candy necklace candies for the pacifier, but I added a little more to it.  I was so excited how well they turned out!

baby girl cake popsBaby girl cake pops 2

How adorable are they?!  I used sprinkle hearts and sugar pearl sprinkles for the bow.  Some of the melted candy, and pink sprinkles for the head band.  I used black pearl sprinkles for the eyes.  I also used the melted candy for the nose.  I put a little of the melted candy inside the candy necklace candies and dipped it in the same pink sprinkles I used for the bands.  I used strawberry cake and cream cheese frosting for the cake balls.  I think they turned out adorably, and I hope to make them again soon.  I think next time I make them they will be even better.

I got word from my friend that everyone at the baby shower loved them. I wish I had gotten better pictures of them.

If you want to know how to make cake pops, just keep coming back.  I will share with you some of the tips and tricks that I have learned since I started making them.  They are so much fun and so easy to make.

If you have tried these or plan to, please share! I would love to see how others made them different!