My First Book Signing


Hello Nerds!

One day that title will mean something totally different! But for today, it just means I went to my first book singing event, of another author. Robert Beatty just released a novel called Serafina and the Black Cloak.

It was really fun. I got to talk to the author a little and who doesn’t love a signed copy of any book?

The event was held at my local Barnes and Noble book store, so of course I didn’t just get a signed book.

The event itself was pretty short. It only lasted about an hour. I stood in line for maybe 10 minutes to get my book signed because I got there early. Then there was a quick Q&A. I even got to ask my own question. There were not a lot of people there.  After the author went back to signing books and I found new friends.

I ended up talking to a few other ladies for about an hour about books, reading, movies, and writing. It was seriously the first time I have had an instant connection with people since high school. It was a blast.

Also, this is probably the first author I have personally met…ever. lol

And you should see the book behind the dust jacket!


Anyways, want to see what else I got??

IMG_2824 (1)I have been wanting to read Alice in Wonderland…so I finally bought the book. The cover is adorable.


The writing prompts are cute and it just seemed fun. I may share a few. And you can never have too many notebooks. I am going to decorate this one and sort of personalize it.

IMG_2826No trip to a book store is complete without a few bookmarks. How cute are the owls?

I can’t wait to go to another book signing and make more friends!