Pin-It Saturday: They Don’t Think They Are Bad

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I haven’t been writing much other than my short stories and I really need to get back to my novels. But while on a break at work one day I came across this little diddy on Pinterest.


It made me stop and think about every antagonist I have ever written. Every bad guy has a back story. There is a reason they are the way they are. Something in their life has changed their way of thinking. We may see them as the bad guy, but they don’t always see themselves as the bad guy. They see themselves as the wronged guy, the person who deserves something for the crap they have been through.

Of course, I do believe there are bad guys in stories that are just messed up bad guys, but most of the time there is a reason and a purpose.

It made me question my own antagonist in my novels. What is their story? What makes them the evil beings that they are? As a writer I understand that I have to know every side of the story. I may not know the whole story when I start, but I learn it along the way. As a writer I have to see the bad guy as the good guy in his own world, in his own head.

I think for a moment I forgot about that. It was nice getting a reminder.

What makes your bad guy so bad?