Dreams…What Does it All Mean?

First, I would like to apologize for not having part of my short story up.  This week got away with me with all the excitement of a new job and I never got around to writing it. To make up for it I will try my best to have two parts next week.  Hopefully I can pull it off.  Of course, if I just crack down on myself it will totally be possible.

On to my topic today. Dreams.  Not the dreams we strive for, like becoming a published author, or owning my own bakery.  I’m talking about the wonderfully vivid dreams we have when we close our eyes at night…or during to day for naps.  The dreams that we have no control over unless you have gone through some kind of training to control them.  The dreams that tease us with the things we want and make it feel so real that you sometimes can’t tell if it was a dream or not.

I have a lot of vivid dreams.  They are full of monsters, distress, romance, and just plain nonsense.

Last night I had a dream that I was some kind of monster that hid as a human.  When I got angry or scared I would transform into this monster like thing with long nails, reptile skin, and could climb up walls.  I was a part of some kind of organization that helped others like me.  Not an X-Man kind of thing, we were all monsters hidden as humans.  I was learning to control my change and found that there were way more people like me than I thought.

I some how ended up back at headquarters with new knives for throwing.  I shared with you all once that I one of my hobbies is throwing knives, so this part at least made sense.

Headquarters ended up being home and I met up with my boyfriend who had no idea that I was some kind of monster.  Then there was a baby that belonged to someone, that I ended up taking care of.

It was just a mess of scenes that didn’t connect, but when I woke up I was just annoyed and angry.  I’m not even sure what part I was angry about.  The part where I was actually someone important or different, or the part where I had a cute boyfriend.

I know, I complain a lot about the whole single situation.  It’s not as bad as I make it out to be, I just feel like I am missing out on something.

Back to dreams.

All of my dreams seem to be this mess of chaos.  Everything happens within seconds and I try so hard to hang on to the dreams.  Which might actually be the reason I wake up in a bad mood.  I am trying to hold on to something, just to watch it slip through my fingers.

Do you think dreams mean anything? My most vivid dreams I always look up meanings of the things that stand out the most in my dreams. Though, I can never find a sure answer because my dreams are so strange.

On the bright side, my dreams do make for some interesting stories. Sometimes I will wake up still filling in the details of the dream that wasn’t there.  Things that I think should have happened or made sense with the non-sense dream I just had.

Do you have vivid dreams?  Do you write them down or try to remember them?  Do they frustrate you?  Do you sometimes forget what happened in real life and what happened in your dream?  I would love to hear your opinions on dreams.

Cake Pops: Baby Faces


Made for St. Patrick’s day.


Random Cake pops to test out Peanut Butter candy coating

I have been making cake pops for a while now.  I started off just reading stuff on the internet about them.  I don’t even know what made me want to do them.  I read about them and the next day I was at the craft store getting all I needed for them.  I then took a few classes and learned new techniques and nifty tips.  I love making cake pops.  They are so much fun, though, I haven’t learned how to just do a few at a time.  I usually do a whole cake worth of cake pops.  This is just because I love making them so much! I have been doing simple ones up until now.  Most of them just round with fun sprinkles on them.

I ventured out a little bit for Christmas and made these really awesome teddy bear cake pops.  I can’t find a picture of them though.  I just recently made 50 for a silver anniversary for a guy I work with. After I posted a picture of them, another friend contacted me for some cake pops.  She needed some for a baby shower.  At first I was thinking simple.  I was just going to do cake pops with fun baby colors, but I wanted something more.  I racked my brain for a while, then I came across a book for cake pops.  I had a book once before, but everything was made with fondant and that stuff is not fun to play with and it doesn’t taste very good.  So I kind of trashed the book.

Cake pop book

Awesome book!

baby cake pops

My inspiration

One day while I was at Target with my mom I came across this awesome book for making cake pops.  There are so many awesome ideas in this book!!  I found the baby cake pops in here.  I loved the way they looked, they were so adorable.  So I sent the picture to a friend to see how she liked them.  She loved them, so I got busy finding the supplies to make them.

The bows are made with melted candy, and I could not replicate them.  I tried so hard and couldn’t make a bow with the melted candy.  Also, the faces are drawn on with a pen…I have edible pens, but they were not made for melted candies!  So, it didn’t work out.  I had to take the concept of these cake pops and make them my own.  I still did the candy necklace candies for the pacifier, but I added a little more to it.  I was so excited how well they turned out!

baby girl cake popsBaby girl cake pops 2

How adorable are they?!  I used sprinkle hearts and sugar pearl sprinkles for the bow.  Some of the melted candy, and pink sprinkles for the head band.  I used black pearl sprinkles for the eyes.  I also used the melted candy for the nose.  I put a little of the melted candy inside the candy necklace candies and dipped it in the same pink sprinkles I used for the bands.  I used strawberry cake and cream cheese frosting for the cake balls.  I think they turned out adorably, and I hope to make them again soon.  I think next time I make them they will be even better.

I got word from my friend that everyone at the baby shower loved them. I wish I had gotten better pictures of them.

If you want to know how to make cake pops, just keep coming back.  I will share with you some of the tips and tricks that I have learned since I started making them.  They are so much fun and so easy to make.

If you have tried these or plan to, please share! I would love to see how others made them different!