Friday Inspiration

Friday Inspiration

Hello Friends. Happy Friday! Happy Friday 13th!! It’s also a full moon, so be on the look out, you might run into a few crazies today. Good news though…it’s Friday. So if you don’t work retail, you have the weekend to look forward to. If you are me, you have really early mornings to look forward to. *Groan*

So here is a little something to get you through the day!


Too many times do we look to others and think “I wish I had ____”. I feel like we really need to stop doing this to ourselves. My biggest “I wish I had___” is usually more books, more time to read said books, and more shelves to put those books on. I think I watch way too many youtube videos on book hauls and book reviews. I also often wish I had a publishing contract or was self-published. Of course, that comes with work and I haven’t done much when it comes to writing other than share my short stories with you all.

Anyways, wishing for what others have is just another way that we come just like each other. We say sorry for our weird quirks and go as far as saying “I know I’m weird.” Well you know what? Your weirdness is refreshing! It makes you who you are and we should embrace that. Unless you are serial killer weird…then you need to tone it down because murder is sort of illegal.

Embrace the weird and strange. Embrace being original, because a world full of copies is a boring world.

Have a wonderful day Friends!


Friday Inspiration

Hello Friends! I hope you have had a wonderful week and plan on having an even better weekend.

In case you need a little inspiration…


I love this quote. I also love the background I made for it. ^_^

You see things all the time talking about people on their death beds do not regret the things they did, but the things they didn’t do. Why do we decide not to do some things? Because we are afraid of the scars and bruises that come with trying new things. How many scars and bruises do you hold with pride? And I am not talking about the ones on your skin, but those that litter your soul.

My scars and bruises are what brought me to the person I am today. And I think I am pretty awesome.

I think if we all stopped worrying so much about the scars and bruises we could reach our dreams that much quicker. Maybe we would even be a little bit happier.

Let’s start showing up for life.

Friday Inspiration

Hello Friends. Happy Friday.

I am dying. Okay, not really dying, but my sinuses have decided to kill me. Sore throat, coughing, stuffy nose and head, my ears are doing this weird crackly pop…Dying…

So I didn’t make my own image for today. I kind of borrowed it from Pinterest.

I absolutely love this quote. It goes along with the saying that the only way to fail is to give up.

I can think of several different situations that this quote rings true. First one being a high school English teacher becoming one of the biggest and best selling authors, Stephen King. I would have loved to sit through his class and tell the world that Stephen King once taught me English. He was also rejected 30 times before he was published

Another example in writing is Dr. Seuss. He was turned down 27 times before someone published his books. I would like to think that the first 27 publishers are still beating themselves up. Not as many times as Stephen King, but it’s still a lot.

I am sure both of these authors at one point though it was impossible. Okay, maybe not Stephen King. I feel like he would have just started killing people until they published him…I swear his books are his way of fighting back his killing nature.

Stepping away from the book world for a moment. Let’s look at people who have lost so much weight. Some of these people have lost at least half of their weight and when they started that journey, they never thought they could be where they are today.

What we conceive as impossible is just our minds limiting what we think we can do. It’s one step at a time. One word at a time. One day at a time. Eventually, the impossible is right before our eyes. It becomes a dream we can touch and see and show off to the world.

So if it seems impossible today, just keep moving towards it. Tomorrow it will be possible.


Friday Inspiration


Hello Friends. Happy Friday. This week I bring you a simple quote. Why so simple? Well, why do we insist on making things so hard?

I feel like half the time the reason I don’t do things is because I tell myself I can’t.

There is so much that we tell ourselves we can’t do. And there are even more things that people tell us we can’t do. In the end, we can do whatever we put our minds to.

Okay, so maybe I can’t grow to be at least 6 feet tall…but you know, there are somethings we just don’t have control over.

Things that I can do:

  1. Become a published author.
  2. Have a successful blog.
  3. Lose weight.
  4. Get out of debt.
  5. Be the person I see myself becoming.

Nothing is out of our reach until we are in our graves. So stop making excuses of why you CAN’T do something and realize that you CAN! Make a list of things you can do with hard work and dedication. What’s the saying…”Reach for the moon. If you miss you still land among the stars.” “The only way to fail is to give up.” “You are the only obstacle in the way.”


Friday Inspiration

Hello Friends! It’s Friday, yeah! It actually means something to me this week. I’m getting the entire weekend off and I couldn’t be happier. Though I may feel a little bad about leaving my manager alone this weekend. :/

Let’s get on to the inspiration!


I love this quote because it’s so true. The strongest people I know are the oes that have been through the hardest things in life. Our struggles make us see how fortunate and strong we really are and make us stronger as we come through the storm. I hope you all remember that when your storm comes.

Have a wonderful Friday friends!

Inspiration Friday

Hello Friends! Miss me yesterday? So here is the story about why I didn’t have a post yesterday. Work has been crazy! I feel like I am always at work. And when I am not at work I am reading or writing or taking care of my dog or writing blog post. I have a busy schedule, so I haven’t had much time to watch movies! Thursdays are dedicated to movie reviews. I don’t have time!

But I’m not complaining, just wanted to give you an excuse as to why I was lazy and didn’t post yesterday. 🙂

But, let’s get to what you came here for today!


So many of us have been told “you can’t do that” “You will never reach that goal” “you just don’t have it in you to do that.”

We all let things that people say to stop us from being who and what we want to be. I say from this moment on we say forget what others say! Let’s do what we want and be who we want. Let’s show these people that we can do the things they tell us are impossible. Also, let’s prove that little voice in our heads wrong! PROVE THEM ALL WRONG!

What have you been holding back on doing because someone said you would never be able to do it?

Inspiration Friday

Hello friends! Here is your inspiration to get you through this Friday. 🙂


As you heard my story yesterday about the pain I am in, you must have seen this coming. It’s a reminder that every thing I go through there is some kind of purpose for it. The pain I am in. No, I’m not going all religious on you, to be honest I am not sure what I believe in when it comes to religion. But I do feel like everything has a purpose. There has to be a purpose for it all…right?

I have to keep reminding myself to just keep going, just keep moving. It’s the only thing I can do because I can’t just sit down and give up. It was never in my blood to do so. And you should be the same way. Never take anything sitting down. Get up, walk it off, and get back to achieving your dreams.

I can tell you from experience that some struggles make you appreciate what little you have.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and keep moving on. And should you ever need someone to talk to, just hit me up. You can contact me through e-mail. 🙂

Friday Inspiration


Hello friends! Happy Friday. As I stated last week, I will only share on inspirational quote a week for now. Bare with me as I decided the best little image for the series. I’m still working on it. Any suggestions would be great. I thought I was happy with the inspiration title image until I added it and now…eh.

Moving on to this weeks quote!


Why did I pick this one? Well, here is the explanation. I read it, laughed and moved on. Then I cam back to it. It’s so true. So many of us hold on to poisonous people in our lives  because for some reason we feel like we need them. We don’t even notice how toxic they are in our lives until they leave. It’s kind of like a cloud, you don’t know how bright the sun is until the cloud skitters away.

Of course, we can’t control the clouds, but we can control the people in our lives. We can get rid of the people that bring us down. The ones that constantly lie to us, ignore us, or use us in some way. We are free to pick who we want around us. We don’t have to put up with negativity coming from those around us.

I know the older I get, the more this makes sense to me. I also seem to have fewer and fewer friends the older I get. One way we can take care of ourselves is to be careful of the ones you let into your life. Believe me, some people you are just better with out.

Friday Inspiration

Define you

Happy Friday friends. Miss me yesterday? As usual, I forgot to prep a post for yesterday. I hadn’t had a day off work in a week and tired doesn’t even begin to cover it. Maybe lazy does. 🙂 Any ways, it’s Friday! Let’s move into this inspiration thing to help our day get a little brighter. No lie, I will probably read these while I am at work to help me get through the day.

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