What Are You Reading?

What are you reading

Hello Friends!

How long has it been since I have done one of these post? I can’t recall. There is a reason behind it all though. Simple…I have been in a reading slump…

*Dun dun duuuuunnnnn*

I want to read, but then I start reading and I no longer want to read. What is this madness??! I am still in a reading slump. I am trying to force my way through the books, but I just can’t seem to do it. And they are super interesting stories that I want to read…but sitting down and actually reading is so hard!

So I have set myself a goal to make sure I read every day. I had planned on 50 pages a day, but I think for now I will drop that down to just 10 pages a day. Just to make sure I am reading something, but not forcing too much so I can get out of this slump.

Any tips for getting out of a reading slump??

I am only reading one book right now.

Curio by Evangeline Denmark


The cover is so pretty and the story is pretty good so far. If I could just make myself read.

Since today is the last day of my vacation, I have a TON of stuff to do because I put it all off until the last minute. Ugh, I am such a procrastinator. I have to fix that.

Have you read Curio? What did you think of it?

What are you reading right now?

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