Movie Review: Suicide Squad

Release Date: 8/5/2016
Cast: Will Smith | Ike Barinholtz | Margot Robbie | Jared Leto | Jai Courtney | Joel Kinnman | Jay Hernandez : Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje | Cara Delevigne
Production Company: Atlas Entertainment | DC Comics | DC Entertainment
Director: David Ayer


Okay, here is the secret behind…me. I don’t get into superhero movies. I feel like they have gotten so boring because it’s the same thing over and over again. Also, I never really connected with the superheros. I was always the strange girl that loved the bad guys. I mean…come on, they have way cooler costumes and tragic backgrounds. There just seems to be more to them. When you make a movie full of bad guys of course I am going to go see it! Even after all of the horrible reviews!

The acting in this movie was fantastic. I feel like every actor that crossed the screen did a wonderful job. I may have jumped on the Harley Quinn band wagon after this movie as well. Margot Robbie was such a believable Quinn. She was crazy, bad, and under it all, just another girl in love. I want to be her after watching this movie.

movies suicide squad margot robbie harley quinn

My favorite character was Deadshot (after Harley Quinn, obviously, because…girl power!) This was another character that was so great. Will Smith has never let us down with his acting…(except in that one movie he did with his son (After Earth) but that wasn’t his fault, that movie was just horrible) and he didn’t disappoint in this movie either.

I could go through the list of characters and tell you what I loved about them all and rave about how great they performed, but I will save you from the boring.

After this…

jared leto suicide squad joker


Jared Leto! Still no Heath Ledger Joker, but OMG so amazing! I was told that the Joker in the comics is actually abusive to Harley Quinn and pretty much uses her, but in Suicide Squad they have this crazy, psychotic love that…well, if I was a bad guy I would totally want their love story!

I realize that a lot of people dislike Suicide Squad, and I can understand what you don’t like. The story line was kind of all over the place, like they were given trouble, just to introduce the characters. The whole witch thing didn’t make much sense and I think I would have been okay with a movie just about the members of the Suicide Squad, without the lame storyline of them taking out this strange, old soul witch lady.

Would I watch the movie again? You bet I would! Even with the horrible story line, it was action packed and the backstories were fabulous! I would even consider spending more money and going to the theaters to see it again…if I wasn’t broke at the moment. Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as the critics say it was.

If you are looking for a interesting movie that will NOT put you to sleep, this movie will fit the bill. I had gone to work at 5 am the morning I saw the movie. This was after getting very little sleep the night before and no nap before seeing the movie. This usually means I will fall asleep in the theater if the movie is bad or not that great. This movie kept me awake and alert. I loved it.

My Rating



6 thoughts on “Movie Review: Suicide Squad

  1. ArcaneHalloween says:

    Agreed the movie was fantastic! I am a DC fanatic (no surprises there really as my website is dedicated to everything DC, and thought it was a sublime conversion of the comic series. Jared Leto was stunning as Mr J, Will Smith was an amazing as Deadshot and Margot Robbie really nailed Harley Quinn. My own review was also glowing, check it out if you get the time, my friend. 🙂

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