Prompt Challenge: 070316 The Hunter

Prompt Challenge

Hello Friends! I almost didn’t get this finished in time. I was too busy watching a new show on Netflix called Stranger Things. Don’t worry, I have a review of that coming!

But I got this little story ready to go for you all.

I hope you enjoy it. It’s not my favorite, but I like it.

BorderThe Hunter

Hunger had set in a day ago. Actually, if she really thought about, Elle hadn’t eaten in over a week. Water? She had plenty of that, some weeks it’s the only thing that keeps her going. She only got food when she brought in survivors. She traded them in for food and other supplies. When she brought in males she got more to survive with, which meant she could go longer before having to track down and turn in another person. She knew what she did was wrong, but she didn’t know how else to survive. It was all she had ever known.

There were some hunters that would turn over whole families for profit. Those hunters lived like kings and were worshiped like kings as well. Elle didn’t want to be like them. She only did it to stay alive and she only took in enough to keep her going.

How had the world become what it had? How did Elle become lucky enough to be a hunter instead of the hunted? She didn’t know all of the answers. She has just always been a hunter. The fact that she couldn’t remember anything from her younger life may have hidden the secrets, but she was too afraid of the answers to try and unlock those lost memories.

All Elle was focused on now was finding someone to trade for food. She had standards. The people she traded in didn’t have families and most of them were savages that tried to take advantage of a young woman on her own. She wasn’t defenseless either. But the choices are getting slim and she may have to settle for the first person she could find, no matter who they were.

Unfortunately, the hunt would have to wait a day because the sun was setting and night time was even more dangerous than the day. She climbed into a tree, finding a spot that would support and hide her. She fell asleep, but not deep enough to actually rest. She would get just deep enough to dream, and the dreams were never pretty. Her dreams were filled with all the men and women that she had traded for food. The haunted her the way she had hunted them. They would scream, cry, and attack her. She never woke without a jolt and holding back screams of her own.

The night was long and restless, but it was also helpful. From her spot in the tree she saw the man stumbling through the trees. She made her way down the tree, experience keeping her silent as she stalked behind the man. He fell twice and his breathing was heavy. The human side of her wanted to help him, but the survivor side of her knew this could be one of her only chances for weeks.

The third time the man fell, Elle attacked him. She brought a fist to the back of his head and he dropped, losing conciseness. She went back to the tree to grab her bag to get out the rope she had used several times to tie up catch.

“Elle.” The man said from behind her. She whipped around, comig face to face with the man she thought she had knocked out. “Elle.” The man said again. “Hello…Elle!” He shouted. He grabbed her arms and shook her. “It’s time to wake up.” The man shouted in her face.

Elle’s vision blurred, but the man’s face was clear. She could feel the tree at her back and the man shook her again. “Elle, you have to wake up. Before you get us in trouble.” Her vision started to clear, but her surroundings were different. She looked up into the blue sky. The ground at her back, not a tree. The man in front of her smiled. “Dreaming of being free again?” He asked as the fog cleared as her memories forced their way into her mind. The day she was captured, and the food she was traded for. Her dry throat and always empty stomach. Her hands felt rough as she scraped them down her face.

“A dream.” She said as she stood from her bed. She brushed dirt off of her, not that it helped much as she was covered in years of dirt. The only shower provided for the people in the camps was the rain that sometimes fell on them. It was rare and she couldn’t remember the last time she had seen the rain. She would have cried, but the lack of water made it impossible.

“We have to get to work before the boss comes around.” The man said. Though he wasn’t just a man. He was her brother, brought in the same time she had been. How many years had it been? Twenty maybe. It didn’t matter really, because she was never getting out. No one ever made it out of the camps and new people were traded in every day. If only she had been so lucky to be a hunter.


I hope you enjoyed it. Leave your thoughts in the comments. 🙂


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