Chit Chat: The Anxiety of it All


Hello Friends! Miss me? It’s been a while since I have been a way for so long…though it wasn’t that long really. I just had to take a moment and not worry about posting.

I have been overly stressed lately and it has been causing anxiety issues. I was able to write a short story this past week simply because I knew it would make me feel a little better. Lucky for me the anxiety attacks seem to be dying off and I am doing better.

There are a few things that caused my anxiety. One being the news. All the crap on the news really gets to me. I can’t watch the news and this is exactly why. I don’t need the news to tell me that the world is crazy and evil, I work retail, I know. But I made the mistake and followed all the crap going on and I had trouble sleeping.friends mrw attack anxiety whats

Another factor that caused my anxiety is work and thinking about being stuck in the same job for the rest of my life. But it wasn’t so much the thought of working the same job all my life as much as watching my dreams die. I have let one of my dreams die. I wanted to go into the military and I played around until it was too late. It’s not to late to become the author I know I can be. It’s going to be hard work to get my name out there, but I know once the world sees me, it’s going to be a fantastic relationship. I just have to write.

The last thing that caused my anxiety attacks is my over active imagination. I have been playing out scenarios in my head and they never go well. I get scared and I recoil from life and try to hide in the shadows, thinking the shadows are safe, but we all know they are even worse.

scared frozen depression fear elsa

I decided that instead of trying to keep up with my blog for the week, I would take a break and let my mind settle down. I have stayed away from the news. I have been writing more and I have been trying to calm my mind down. I will not preach religion on my blog, because I do not force my own opinions on others, but through this all I have found comfort in my own faith, the only little nook that has helped me cope. Even when I try to deny my own faith, it’s the only thing that can sometimes help calm down the chaos in my  mind.

I had two amazing friends step up this week that really helped me out. I didn’t know I had friends that would care to make an effort to find my in my own dark prison. And I am grateful to see that I have friends I can count on. Of course that is on top of my parents and my brother, who are ALWAYS there when I need a little help.

smile wave pitch perfect backstage brittany snow

So here I am again, telling you that I am back and hopefully I am better. Hopefully I have this anxiety under control…until the next time. I can actually sleep with my lights off again.

Do you suffer from anxiety?? What are your tips and tricks to dealing with it?

4 thoughts on “Chit Chat: The Anxiety of it All

  1. The Grand World of Books says:

    I do suffer from anxiety. When my anxiety flares up really bad, I have to actually remove myself from everything that is going on in the house. Find a space by myself and watch one of my favorite shows, or read a book. Something to let me calm down and decompress.

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