Chit Chat: Wrong Cast


Hello Friends! Kind of a late post today because I have the day off and I’m a little lazy…or a lot lazy.

Anyways, it’s time for another little chit chat!

As any Stephen King fan would know, they have decided to do a Dark Tower movie. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it is a series that Stephen King wrote about a Gunslinger and his quest to find the Dark Tower. Don’t ask me too many details because they are all a little foggy right now. I need to read the entire series again and soon. It’s a great series, I know that much.

I also know that Roland, the main character, is a white man (the color of his skin is important for this post) who travels worlds looking for the Dark Tower and either running from or chasing after the Man in Black. I think later on in the series the Man in Black ends up being Randell Flag, which is the bad guy from The Stand. So, now that I have let that little spoiler out…though is it really a spoiler??

So, the other day I noticed that they have cast Matthew McConaughey as the Man in Black. I have not been following the casting, I just don’t follow castings to movies that often. I wait until it’s all cast and they have started showing previews for the movie. I was reading some of the comments about Matthew McConaughey being cast, to be honest I think he will make a great Man in Black.

In the comments I noticed someone say something about who they had cast as Roland, they didn’t name any names and they didn’t say what the problem was, they just said they wouldn’t even mention the issues with who they cast for Roland.

I looked it up, being the curious person I am and I actually got a little angry. They have cast Idris Elba as Roland Deschain. Is it because he is a black man that I am angry? For once, yes, yes it is.  But before you yell at me and call me racist let me explain why this angers me.

In the book Roland comes across a black lady in a wheelchair, Susannah. She is a loveThe Dark Tower V Art IX - Wolves of the Calla - Bernie Wrightson - "Riza": ly woman, until her other personality kicks in. This other personailty is extremely racist and calls Roland all kinds of names. She is ruthless in her racism and Roland basically lets her speak, without saying a word. There is also another character in this. Eddie, a white man who falls in love with Susannah and marries her.

Now, I am a little foggy on ALL the details, but I do know that Roland was

Eddie and Susannah Dean:

Susannah and Eddie

a white man that was hackled by a sick personality of a wheel chair bound black woman. I also remember her hackling Eddie, the man that she marries. Also, at some point
this personality of hers becomes and important aspect of the story as it is born into a child and becomes a new bad guy for the gang to chase down.

So my only problem with Idris Elba being cast is the fact that the storyline is going to completely change. Are they going to cast Susannah as a white woman, to keep the racism of the story intact? Or do they even plan to make it past the first book in this movie?

From what I have seen so far, this movie will not be as long as The Stand. It’s not a movie series. It’s going to be a regular length movie. So in the end all those people that have not read the books are going to be completely lost. And the fans of the series are going to be disappointed. I have always loved movies based on Stephen King novels. Because Stephen King still has some input in the movie and it never ventures too far from the book. At least, that is what I have seen so far. If you have seen different, please share with me which movies you have seen completely different. I would like to check it out and see for myself.

I have been so excited for this movie. I always get my hopes up every time they start talking about it. A few years ago they had talked about turning it into a TV series, which to be honest would have been the best route. There has been talk about movies before now as well. It never pans out. Now they are actually filming the movie and have a release date for sometime in 2017. I am trying to not get my hopes up, because it will either be canceled or it’s going to be extremely disappointing.

What are your thoughts on the movie?

2 thoughts on “Chit Chat: Wrong Cast

  1. Shanna LeBlanc says:

    I know it sounds crazy, but he may have written a screen play for this movie BASED on the series, but on its own. I dunno. It happens sometimes and as long as the series seems to be there is no way in hell they can do it all in one movie. So it is a possibility that it was just a movie based on the tales of the Dark Tower.

    • Heather M. says:

      I could see it being done in one movie. A LOT of stuff would be cut. So I guess it shouldn’t be a big surprise if one of those things cut was the racism towards Roland by Susannah. Of course, it wasn’t just the racism towards him, she also played the victim because of the color of her skin. I’m just not terribly hopeful for the movie now.

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