Friday Inspiration

Hello Friends! Happy July! Where did June go!?? Okay, so here is the inspiration I have dug up for you, my friends.


Here is the thing about most of the quotes I share. I find them where most people find fitness and weight loss inspiration. And sometimes that just makes me a little angry. It seems that people forget there is so much more to try than losing weight or eating healthy. Sure, that is important, but there are other things too. I feel like there is just too much pressure put on losing weight and we lose sight of other things in our lives.

What do you want to not give up on? For me it’s writing. I haven’t been doing so good with writing. I write my weekly short story, but other than that I don’t do anything else. I have all these projects started and I just haven’t done much with them. So…I need to get things going. If things work out, I may have a friend to do a writing group with, which would be amazing! I would have a set time to get some writing done, but to be honest, I need to do that on my own too.

I also don’t want to give up on reading and reviewing books. I feel like reviewing books and really focusing my blog around reading/reviewing/writing has really helped bring some kind of direction into my life.

Again I ask, what do you not want to give up on? What have you almost given up on, or have given up on, and wonder what would have happened if you hadn’t given up? Let’s not give up this week, no matter what it is that we are trying to do.

Happy Friday Friends!


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