Prompt Challenge: 060416 The Path

Prompt Challenge

Hello Friends! This is the last week with this prompt challenge. I am ready for a new one, but this one has been fun. Though, when do I dislike a good prompt challenge?

I wanted to challenge myself a little further today, so I challenged myself to write this weeks prompt story in 500 words or less. It ended with 499 words. YES! Nailed it!

Since it’s short I hope you enjoy it just as much as any other of my short stories.

Prompt Quote

BorderThe Path

There was a path in the woods. Worn, yet overgrown. Like it had once been overly used, but was forgotten soon after. It made me sad at first, to see something so loved, left behind and collecting dust. So, I decided to follow the path and find out where it went.

It wasn’t a long path, in fact, it was only a few steps, but when I looked behind me the path I had traveled look much longer. I couldn’t hide the smile on my face. I had found something magical and I suddenly didn’t care where it led me, because I had found magic.

As I came into an opening, there was a little man standing there smiling at me. He was almost jumping with joy when he saw me, and I couldn’t help but to laugh at him.

“Hello!” He shouted to me as I made my way to him.

“Hi.” I said back, not sure what was going on.

“It’s so great that you have made it here. This place has been long overdue for a new keeper.” The little man grabbed my hand and pulled me towards a group of trees. “Your home has been cleaned and ready for you. You can bring anything in that you like. You can leave when you want, but you can’t be gone too long.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked, trying to free my hand from him.

“The Enchanted Hallow.” He stopped and turned to face me. “Or some call it the Mythical Mountains. Enchanted Forest. The Common Caves.” I shook his head. “I hate when they call in the Common Caves. They use that to throw off the non-believers. But the true believers find themselves in places like this, when it is their turn to care for magic.” He beamed up at me.  “The path chose you. You love for magic and fantasy has lead you here.”

“Okay…” I said. I wasn’t going to fight it. I had been searching for something like this all my life.  A place that needed me. A place that was proof of what I had always believed it. I knew magic was real.

“It’s not just magic that is real.” The man said as if he had read my mind. “When you think of magic you think of good things. Unicorns, fairies, and all things good in the world. But there is a balance. Where there is good, there is also evil. And it is your job to keep the evil at bay. Or the world of magic could take a dark turn.”

“Okay.” I said again, raising my chin and setting my shoulders straight. It wasn’t going to take much to convince me. “Where do I live?”

He pointed me toward the opening of the tree. “I’m sure you’ll be pleased. It’s surprisingly lager once you’re inside.”

“Magic.” I said as I entered my new home and accepted my fate as one of the worlds protectors of good magic.


Leave your thoughts about the story in the comments. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Prompt Challenge: 060416 The Path

  1. Shanna LeBlanc says:

    Eeeeek I loved it! ❤ Even though it was short it pulled me in! I wish it were a tad longer though ha ha.

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