Friday Inspiration

Hello Friends! It’s Friday and I am about to have three days off work! A much needed little vacation from the crazy of this week.

This week has been rough. I have had a few panic attacks. We had inventory today and this week, getting ready for it has been so stressful! I tried to stay positive but by the end I was so stressed I thought I was going end up just laying in the floor staring up at the ceiling.

That is why this quote this week is so perfect for me!


No matter how hard things get I know that in the end I am headed somewhere great. And by great, it can be a simple as making someone happy, or getting a raise. Just because it’s hard or difficult, doesn’t mean you should give up or that it’s not worth it. I was once told that nothing worth having is easy to get.

Where will I be at the end of this difficult road? Well, this week I will find myself on a mini vacation with three days to stay at home and do nothing. But there is an even further destination that this all leads to and I don’t know where that is but I am a fighter and I am willing to travel down this broken road.


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