Friday Inspiration

Hello Friends! Happy Friday! I hope that this week has been fantastic for you. It’s been a little crazy for me, but when is that not my answer to the week? I guess working in retail it’s just fact that life is going to be a little crazy.

Anyways, I know what you all came here for today. This weeks quote is more of a…I don’t know, kind of poem/bible verse?

I think it may be something taken from the bible, then again I could be completely wrong, I don’t know the bible well. I just felt like we could all use this reminder.

5-27-16 The storm

I saw this earlier this week and it kind of sparked a fire in me. It made me really want to be a stronger person…the one causing the uproar and not the one trying to hide from it. I just like the idea of being the storm in life instead of the one trying to escape the storm.

I know many of us will look around and find ourselves letting the storm of life bring us down, but in the end we really are the writers of our stories, the lightening in our storm. There are things in life we have no control over, yes. But most of the time we can get ourselves out of things we can’t control.

This weekend, maybe sit down and try to figure out how you can be the storm in your life. How can you make your presence known? Demand respect? Fight back the demons of life? We are the rulers of our own domain. Show the world you royal side.

Happy Friday Friends!


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