Prompt Challenge: 050416 Origin

Prompt Challenge

Hello Friends. Here is this months last short story. This has been a fun prompt to do and even more exciting that it was a prompt created by me. With that being said, I am ready to get to the next prompt challenge!

Let’s get into the story!



Mira had been living in the forest for only a few years. It was necessary if she was to find her brother, Kai. She felt like she had been tracking her brother far longer than a few years, but living in the woods had been hard on her. She had never been the nature kind, but it wasn’t her brother’s fault that he was out there. He had only stolen the food from the witches garden to feed them after their father had died and their mother had hauled them off. Their mother had said she just couldn’t take care of two kids alone and they reminded her too much of their father.

Kai was older than Mira, by only a few minutes. If you asked him, he was years older than her, though, mentally, she was years wiser. They each had their strength. Mira was smart, while Kai was strong and quick. Mira had planned the whole thing. She had watched as the witch went about her day, timed how long she was gone once a week. They had gotten away with the stolen food for several weeks, only taking enough to feed themselves. Never more, but sometimes less. They had no way to pay the witch, but they would watch over her home when she was gone and had run a few wild animals out of her garden. They tried to make it right.

One day the witch had come home early, just as Kai was in her garden pulling a few carrots and he already had a hand full of potatoes. The witch wasted no time grabbing Kai by the nape of the neck and dragging him into her hut. Mira had run to the window, watching and trying to plan her next move. Her only thought was to free her brother. They would run far away and never bother the witch again. Her brother had been pushed into a chair and was unable to move. Mira could hear the witch grumbling. She pulled bottles of liquids out of her cabinets, mixing liquids from different bottles into a bigger bottle.

It only took a few moments, there wasn’t enough time for Mira to stop it. She could only watch in horror as the witch forced Kai to drink the mixed liquids. He screamed and hunched over, falling out of his chair. He tried to stand but was forced to his hands and knees by the pain. Mira continued to watch as her brother grew fur, his legs shortening and thinning. His face started to grow a snout and pointed ears grew from the top of his head. Mira held in her cries as she watched her brother turn into a wolf. The witch opened the door and Kai raced out and into the woods. Mira went to chase after him but was grabbed by the witch.

“What did you do to him?” Mira cried out. “Let me go.” She pulled at the hand that held her firmly.

“Sit.” The witch said as she pulled Mira into the hut and threw her into the chair that Kai had sat in. Mira found herself unable to move. She was sure the witch would do the same to her that she had done to Kai. “This is the cure.” The witch said as she started mixing the liquids again. Different liquids from different bottles than before. “This ought to keep you out of my garden, you little thieves.”

“I’m sorry.” Mira said through her tears. “We were hungry. We didn’t take much.”

“That’s why I am giving you the cure.” The witch stated. She turned to face Mira. “I know that you and your brother have no family and no money. It gives you no right to steal from me. You should have asked. I would have provided for you. Found you work to pay for your food. This is why you still live, why I do not hunt your brother down and kill him for his meat.” Mira gasped. “A punishment is all I give. You have to track your brother down and give him this, but it will not be easy.” The witch handed Mira the new potion and Mira was able to move again. She stood and took the potion from the witch. “Once you find him and give him the potion, come back and see me. I could use a strong hand and an apprentice.”

Mira nodded, realized that this was not a request, but a demand. She left the hut and started searching for her brother.

She could feel it in her bones, today was the day that she would find her brother. Finally, she would return him to his human form and then they could deal with the witch.

Mira heard the howl from the distance and she ran, following the sound. She wasn’t sure if it was her brother, she never was. The fur coat, shoes, and blankets were proof that she had been forced to kill many a wolf. All the wrong ones.

She came face to face with the wolf who had howled. She moved closer to him, as quiet as possible. She moved closer until she was face to face with him and she gasped. His blue eyes stared at her, sad blue eyes. Those were the eyes of her brother. The eyes she had so very much missed.

“I missed you brother.” She said, stepping closer and putting a hand on his head. He whined a dog like whine and bowed his head. “I have the cure.” She whispered. Kai tilted back his wolf head and opened his snout. Mira quickly poured the liquid down his throat and stepped back. Kai howled again, but this time in agony. Soon his howls turned into screams of a human and in the place where a wolf once stood, was a man. Her brother in the flesh. She quickly draped a blanket over his shoulders, covering his naked body and hugged him.

It was over. He was returned. They made their way back to the witches hut, which was no small feat. They had traveled long and far, Kai running from his sister, Mira chasing her brother. Once they had made it back, a month had gone by and the moon was full. The witch frowned as they stumbled into her hut and rushed Kai back out. “A lingering effect of the curse I gave you.” She stated simply. Kai screamed and soon his screams turned into howls. He was once again a wolf. “You will return to your human form at dawn.” She said. “A werewolf. Do not bite or scratch a human for you will spread the curse to them.” The witch bowed her head. “I am sorry. I was angry when I found you in my garden and I was too quick to punish. I should have thought on it longer. I have given you a life long curse that I have no cure for.”


I hope that you enjoyed the last story of this month/prompt. Let me know your thoughts. Writers feel free to use the prompt yourself and share the short story or what ever it inspires!


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