Where Do You Buy Books?


I have so already purchased so many books this month…it’s ridiculous and I may have to put myself on a buying ban. Or rather, realize that my bank account is crying in pain because it stays so drained.

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite places to buy books. I have a few. I will start with the obvious…

Barnes and Noble!

I just found out last weekend that Barnes and Noble has a credit card. You better believe I signed up for that. Now to be the responsible adult and not max it out buying books I will never have time to read. I can do that!

I recently spent like an hour and a half…maybe 2 hours in the store just browsing and looking. I even found a really comfy chair and sat down to read a chapter in a book I was planning on buying. It was a lovely time.


I used to use Amazon all the time. Until I got my Barnes and Noble membership and it was cheaper to go through them. Now it’s on rare occasions that I buy from Amazon. Most of the time I am just too impatient to wait for it to ship.


I browse this site so often! I keep adding things to my cart and taking things out when I realize that I just can’t afford all those books. Most of the books are so cheap compared to what you will pay in the stores. I have also bought a few signed copies of books too.

Local Second Hand Book Stores

I have two in my area that I go to all the time. The first and my favorite is called Mr. K’s. This place is so awesome. They sale mostly books, but they have a few movies and CD’s available. It’s always so neat and organized and so friendly! Seriously, when you go in there you feel like the people working there are instantly your best friend. I don’t know what it is, maybe it is just the shared love for books.

The second one is called 2nd and Charles. They sale so much more than just books. They have Figurines of your favorite characters, CD’s, Movies, Comic books, Manga, and T-shirts. They also have a section for games for just about every gaming console. The place is huge! But I go for the books. I just recently discovered that they had a middle grade section. Who knew?! The only problem with them though is that they are usually more expensive than Mr. K’s. So if there is a specific book I am looking for I will go to Mr. K’s first and then go to 2nd and Charles if I don’t find what I am looking for. They have a bigger selection though. But the vibe isn’t as friendly.

Of course if you want to go free…


I get a few books from here, but not a lot. Just because I have to limit what I get so that I can give myself time to leave reviews, which is the main purpose of Netgalley to begin with.


Walmart and Target

Honestly, I don’t like to buy books too much at either of these places. They are much more expensive than any of the other places listed above. But, they are closer to my home and there isn’t as much traffic on the roads when I go to these two places. All the other places (that are not internet) are in Greenville. The Greenville in SC if you were wondering. The traffic is heavy and crazy and I get stressed driving there some times. But, if you go early enough it’s not so bad, so I usually plan on spending time at the book stores in town on days I can get there before 4 or 5pm. Okay, truth of the matter, this is only if I want to go to Barnes and Noble. The local second hand book stores are in much more accessible shopping areas, but they don’t always have the newly released books.

But if I am impatient and really want a book RIGHT NOW that has just rleased, I will go to Target first, and then to Walmart.

Tell me, where are your favorite places to get books?


9 thoughts on “Where Do You Buy Books?

  1. Rosie Rockets says:

    I tend to hit up a website called Brotherhood Books, here in Oz. It’s a 2nd hand charity and if you buy more than 3 books delivery is free! Next up would be Kmart and then perhaps Book Depository. I try to find the cheapest option first otherwise I’d be broke! šŸ™‚

    • Heather M. says:

      I always forget about Book Depository. I usually spend any and all extra money on books. And sometimes the money that isn’t exactly extra. I think there is one Kmart anywhere near me. It’s really close to where I work, but I never thought to go there to look for books. I may have to make a stop tomorrow after work. lol

        • Heather M. says:

          I actually didn’t even make it to Kmart to look. I work at Dollar Tree (I don’t know if you have in in Aus) and we got a new box of books in today on truck. I ended up buying a few books from work instead. lol Which I am disappointed in myself that I didn’t add Dollar Tree to my list of places to get cheap books.

            • Heather M. says:

              That’s a bummer. There seems to be a Dollar Tree in every corner in the US. Everything’s a dollar, even books. Lol We actually get really good and slightly popular books from time to time. My Store Manager knows that I will riffle through the box of books as soon as they come in. I can’t help myself.

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