Friday Inspiration

Friday Inspiration

Hello Friends. Happy Friday! Happy Friday 13th!! It’s also a full moon, so be on the look out, you might run into a few crazies today. Good news though…it’s Friday. So if you don’t work retail, you have the weekend to look forward to. If you are me, you have really early mornings to look forward to. *Groan*

So here is a little something to get you through the day!


Too many times do we look to others and think “I wish I had ____”. I feel like we really need to stop doing this to ourselves. My biggest “I wish I had___” is usually more books, more time to read said books, and more shelves to put those books on. I think I watch way too many youtube videos on book hauls and book reviews. I also often wish I had a publishing contract or was self-published. Of course, that comes with work and I haven’t done much when it comes to writing other than share my short stories with you all.

Anyways, wishing for what others have is just another way that we come just like each other. We say sorry for our weird quirks and go as far as saying “I know I’m weird.” Well you know what? Your weirdness is refreshing! It makes you who you are and we should embrace that. Unless you are serial killer weird…then you need to tone it down because murder is sort of illegal.

Embrace the weird and strange. Embrace being original, because a world full of copies is a boring world.

Have a wonderful day Friends!

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