Chit Chat: I Can’t Read That?

Chit Chat

Hello Friends! Today I bring you a new segment called Chit Chat. It’s where I just talk about something I want to comment on…or you know, I have nothing else to post that day and got something off the top of my head. 😉

The other day I read an article about letting kids read what they want. You can find the article HERE.

As a young girl I remember reading Little House on the Prairie with my mom. Alone I read a lot of Goosebumps, Amelia Bedelia, Box Car Children…So many books. It wasn’t long before I found my way to Stephen King and I am fairly certain I started reading his books way before I was technically old enough to do so. My mom never held me back from reading what I wanted to read. I never had a problem with anyone telling me what I could and could not read until I was older.

Funny isn’t it? You get older and think you can make your own decisions and then…BAM the world tries to tell you everything. Pay this bill, pay that bill, pay taxes on all the things you own…

I thought I would be safe in my little book world, and then I got more into the whole book community. Suddenly people were telling me what I shouldn’t be reading. We are told that adults shouldn’t be reading YA books or Middle Grade books. “We are too old for that.”

Now I know that it has long passed since this debate was so big and everyone had a say, but reading the article about letting kids read just sparked a new fire in me. I read a ton of YA. I love YA novels…well the fantasy ones. I love the instant love stories and the complaining teenagers. I love middle grade books and the innocence of the stories.

Adult novels can be so heavy. Or there is just so much about sex and sometimes you just want a story to read.

Why are we putting ages on novels? Why can’t we just pick up a book and decide for ourselves if we will enjoy it? I won’t judge you for what you decide to read. I used to use the excuse that I read middle grade novels so I can suggest books to young kids. But the truth is I actually enjoy the middle grade novels as much as YA.

I read them all. If it’s fantasy I will read it. I may even pick up a contemporary novel from time to time if there is enough hype around it. And I will occasionally pick up a classic novel and try to read it, but stupid school ruined the classics for making me read them.

In the end, we are already killing ourselves to be healthy. We don’t eat everything we want, we don’t sit and watch all of our favorite shows because we have to exercise, we even have to go to work to pay the bills. So why should we restrict ourselves in what we read? It’s not bad for our health to read whatever books we want. Reading actually strengthen our brains no matter what we are reading. So read what you want and don’t be ashamed!


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