Book Review: Treasures, Demons, and Other Black Magic



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Author: Meghan Ciana Doidge
Release Date: December 18th 2014
Series: The Dowser
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 350
Publisher: Old Man in the Crosswalk Productions
Buy it : Amazon

First Line: With One hand on the invisible knife at my hip and one hand twined through the wedding ring charms on my necklace, I stepped out from the golden magic of the portal onto the shores of Lock More.

Blurb from Goodreads: I hadn’t set foot in the human world for more than a few hours in over three and a half months. Sure, I was stronger and faster than I’d ever been before, and I had a shiny new sword, but I was seriously chocolate deprived. I don’t recommend quitting cold turkey. And the new sword was a problem — to my mind, anyway. It represented all the expectations of a powerful father and a new otherworldly life. A life that wasn’t the one I’d worked so hard to build. It also represented the responsibility I had to bring my foster sister Sienna to … what? Justice? I didn’t know if that was even possible. What I did know was that Sienna wouldn’t stop, and that I couldn’t just leave everything up to fate and destiny … or maybe I was. Maybe I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. If you believed in that sort of thing.
I just hoped that before the chaos and mayhem renewed, I’d manage to get my hands on some chocolate. It didn’t even have to be single-origin Madagascar. I was utterly prepared to lower my standards.


Cover: Another cover that just…it’s so simple and intriguing. Seriously, these books would look good on any bookshelf.


This book is another three months after the second book. The last book ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, with Jade stuck in the Nexus, learning who her father was, and leaving her friends and family behind having no idea what had happened to them. During the three months she has been able to call home, but she hides in the Nexus to avoid a prediction a Seer showed her.

She has left the Nexus because she is on a mission. The last time she saw her sister, Sienna, she had gone full black witch, summoning demons and sacrificing whoever she needed to accomplish her feat.

As she comes out of the Nexus she finds that a young Dragon, Drake, has followed her and refuses to go back. She also finds her best friend, Kandy, and the vampire Kett. They gather to start tracking down Sienna and stop whatever it is she is trying to do. Which soon they find that she is trying to summon demons with more sacrificing.

Jade now knows that there is no saving her sister, she has been lost to the darkness. Jade feels it is her fault and her job to destroy the evil her sister has become.

There are many close calls and Jade finds herself being dragged deeper and deeper into a sadness that has consumed her soul.

Here is what I just don’t understand. How does Jade even begin to think that all of this is her fault? If anything, it’s her grandmothers fault from keeping Jade and Sienna away from the magic they could have and learn. Of course, I feel like Sienna would still turn out to be a black witch because she would still want the power that Jade has.


The ending…let us talk about the ending.

I am still a little…emotional at the ending. Jade has defeated the black witch. She has done what she set out to do, with the help of many, many supporters, but she finds she cannot kill the person who she used to be so close to. Then Desmond takes it upon himself and takes care of it for her. And Jade gets mad at him!! In all honesty, killing Sienna was doing her a favor because the pain she was going to suffer for what she had done would had been a fate worse than death. And did Jade not ask Kett to do it for her if she couldn’t? Would she had been mad at the vampire if he had done it? Every person in the final battle had right to want the black witch dead, no matter if she still had her magic or not! So really, Jade should have been thanking Desmond for doing something she couldn’t bring herself to.

Then, when Jade pushed Desmond away…I about flipped!!

Okay, let me get something straight right now. I will NEVER stop being a supporter of Jade and Desmond! There was just so much chemistry and passion between those two.



Aside from the disappointment in some things with the ending, I am happy with this novel. It was fantastic and another book that kept me reading from beginning to end. I jumped right into the 4th book after this one. I just can’t stop myself!


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Treasures, Demons, and Other Black Magic

  1. Michelle says:

    I so want Desmond back in jades life. Agree this ending was hard. I hope the author resolves the relationship in the future books. I’m not through it all yet.

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