April Wrap-Up

Monthly Wrap up and Haul Image

Hello Friends! I know what you are thinking, “Where is the short story??”

See here is the thing…I haven’t written it yet. I thought I was going to have time and I got called into work. Ugh! This makes three weeks in a row that my two days off have been interrupted. I get two days off, but they are not back to back like they have been scheduled. It’s annoying…but that is life in retail management.

So, instead of getting a short story today (it will come later this week, promise) I wanted to go ahead and do my April wrap up. I am not doing a book haul today, but that will come up this week as well.

Moving on!

April Books

My favorite book this month was Changes by Jim Butcher. It was a fantastic book! My lease favorite was The Legendary Haunting of Quentin Wallis. Nothing wrong with it, it just seemed to drag on. The story was cute though. Also, the author did an interview with me so…I liked it for that fact to. lol

I also listened to Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

April Audio

Which again I will say, this book is really up there on the creep factor. I loved it.

I think I did pretty good reading 6 books this month. Though, Waylaid by Kim Harrison was actually a short story, but I am still counting it! I hope to do better in May and get a little more reading done. That is if I can stop just laying around on my days off. I need to find a better place to read during the day. I usually lay in bed to read, even during the day, which causes me to get sleepy. I need to stop that.

What did you read in April? What was your favorite and least favorite book?


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