Friday Inspiration

Hello Friends! I hope you have had a wonderful week and plan on having an even better weekend.

In case you need a little inspiration…


I love this quote. I also love the background I made for it. ^_^

You see things all the time talking about people on their death beds do not regret the things they did, but the things they didn’t do. Why do we decide not to do some things? Because we are afraid of the scars and bruises that come with trying new things. How many scars and bruises do you hold with pride? And I am not talking about the ones on your skin, but those that litter your soul.

My scars and bruises are what brought me to the person I am today. And I think I am pretty awesome.

I think if we all stopped worrying so much about the scars and bruises we could reach our dreams that much quicker. Maybe we would even be a little bit happier.

Let’s start showing up for life.


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