Book Review: Waylaid

Waylaid by Kim Harrison

Rating5 Nerd Girl RatingPlus Mustache

Author: Kim Harrison
Release Date: April 4th 2016
Series: The Hollows
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 87
Publisher: Pocket Star
Buy it : Amazon

This is a short story, so the review is a little short as well. 🙂


This is a short story of The Hollows series and The Peri Reed Chronicles meet. Peri’s boyfriend tries to prove a point and accidently summons a demon by the name of Rachel Morgan.

I love the Hollows series and while there is only one book of the Peri Reed Chronicles, I think I am going to love it as well. But, being the Hollows fan that I am, I will gladly read anything that brings back Rachel and any of her friends. In this short story it is Rachel, Jenks, and just a tad touch of Al.

You have to have read at least one of the Hollows books (but really all of them) and the first Peri Reed novel to kind of know what is going on, but for the fans this was so fantastic.

The only problem I had was that it was just too short. Just when I had Rachel in my grasp again, she just slips away.

I felt like the story stayed true to both worlds and it was completely believable that these two worlds could come together. To be honest, I would love to know more about the differences between the two and why one world is so different from the next.

The cover is gorgeous and so perfect for the story. I just wish it was longer and we had more time with Rachel. I miss the Hollows so much.


As we come to the end, Peri ends up having to draft to save the day, which results in her forgetting everything that happened. Or rather, someone forces her to forget. I was a little sad that Peri would completely forget about the red head demon that we all love.



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