A Little Frozen

Hello Friends! Happy Sunday! I tell you what, I think I’m getting worse at making sure I have my blogs ready for the week. I was getting Sundays off and was able to plan everything on Sundays, but that changed. So now I have to fit everything into the one or two days I get off each week. Last weekend I went to the SC comic con.


Yes there was a Tardis! Sadly this one was not bigger on the inside. Lol

So my planning went down the drain because I was too busy nerding out and spending money.

I had yesterday off, but I had other duties to preform…like being Elsa for my cousins daughters 2nd birthday party.


The lady standing beside me just so happens to be my awesome mom! Hi mom!


Yep I went all in Elsa yesterday. 🙂
Today I am at work again. And I’m blogging from my phone. Which is having some spazz attacks for some odd reason. I also may have gotten a little sun burn yesterday…


Yeah, it hurts. But I must push through and not throw my phone across the room.

I have two days back to back off this week. Woot! So hopefully we will be back to our regularly scheduled program before long.
Have a great day friends!


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