Friday Inspiration

To Inspire

Hello Friends! Happy Friday! Yes, the weekend is finally here for those of you that don’t work on weekends. The rest of us…just means the end of another week. A busy day in retail, because some people are getting pay checks. It means a night out with friends, or a night in with a movie. What ever Friday means to you, just remember, you made it through another week…maybe not unscathed, but you made it. 🙂


Here is what I love about this’s so true! I will tell you, I was once homeless. I lived at the lake with my parents and brother. For an entire summer! Three months! In the end I came out okay. A little tan and an earache from being waterlogged, but I survived. Why am I not ashamed of that? Because I made it out. I keep it as a reminder that no matter how low you think your life has become, there is always a way out.

My story will inspire someone out there. Just as your story will inspire someone. I hope that my story will give someone hope that even bad times have to come to an end at some point. You just have to…keep swimming!

Disney Pixar disney happy friday pixar

Some days all you can do is put one foot in front of the other. And sometimes, that is completely okay.

Have a wonderful Friday Friends.



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