Prompt Challenge: 040116 Reclaim

Prompt Challenge

Hello Friends! It’s a new month, and I am running short on time so let’s just get into this!!

April Prompt


There are things in the world we don’t see, or rather, we refuse to see. Things that make us uncomfortable and let fear settle in. In the back of our minds, we know it is there, but we leave it in the back of our minds because we can’t properly comprehend what it means for us.

Then there are the few of us that choose to face that fear, to push the boundaries of our own minds and accept the truth rather than hide in the safety the government has blinded us with. There are a few of us that know the safety that the government offers is only going to get us killed. We are not a rebellion, we are not out to make the world see the truth. We are just the ones that try to keep the blind ones safe, because the government is about to drop a bomb.

Not a literal bomb…no, this is far worse. The walls they have built, the protection that they have so kindly provided for so long, is going to fall. All those creatures of the night that so many thought were just stories are going to invade our homes and take us prisoner. It was only a matter of time before these monsters got into the heads of the “big wigs” and struck a deal, turning us all into cattle.

Of course, if you really think about it, we were all cattle to begin with. Those of us who disappeared did not just disappear. Not in a place as closely guarded and protected as our home. They were sacrifices, to keep the monsters a bay. What has changed since then? I don’t know, but I felt it when it shifted. One little sacrifice here and there is no longer adequate. They want more. They have a taste for our blood and it has to be stopped.

The demand they put on us has become too much. My friends and family are becoming fewer and fewer due to these demands. It is up to me and a select few to travel around the walls of the system and find out what is really happening and how to stop it. Where time wasn’t an issue for us before, it has now become one of our greatest enemies. More disappearances happened today alone then last month. Maybe even more than the past two months. My board can no longer hold the faces of those missing. And in a world where those around me are immortal, someone disappearing raises questions that no one is brave enough to ask about. I’m asking now. Where are our people going?

They call us vampires. We sleep in the day and lurk in the night. We have adapted to drinking the blood of animals, or that synthetic crap they pass out to us. None of us have tasted real human blood in centuries, not since our government put us under “protection.” I wonder if those with higher status still get blood, or if they are just as stuck as we are. There were once stories about how the humans were becoming extinct because the vampire population was growing so rapidly. That is when the humans started hunting us, killing us and finding ways to control us. Who knew such feeble creatures could find a way to control strong creatures as the vampires…

That was when our government hid us away.

I came willingly, to protect my family. Being one of the oldest vampires, no one in my family, my children, were harmed. Until last month, when my youngest was taken. I know she is still alive, I can feel her blood calling to me. I waited for her return, thinking she had just ventured away. Then I felt her pain. And then another of my children were taken a few weeks later. Just yesterday, two more were taken. This will not continue.

I will jump these silly walls. I will defy the rules. I will get my family back and I will bring the vampires back to what they once were. Humans will learn to fear us again, even if I have to kill every last human myself to do so. They will run screaming when they hear my name. They will bow before me, because I cannot be controlled by some weak human.

The sweet blood of pumping hearts will coat my tongue and throat once more. They couldn’t control me before, and they will not control me now. I will reclaim my crown in the heart of fear.

4 Nerd Girl Rating

I hope you enjoyed this short story. Let me know what you think in the comments. Or you know, if you find spelling or grammatical errors…you can write those in the comments as well.

Have a great day friends!


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