Monthly Writing Update

A Writers Corner

Fun fact, the image I use for my writing updates is a picture of my one and only typewriter. I got it for my birthday a few years back. I have never used it and sadly is stays in my closet because I don’t have anywhere to display it right now. I plan to one day have a nice office and display it in a display case of sorts. Hopefully I will collect more over the years. I love old typewriters.

It amazes me that authors used to write on these things. So many words have been inked on to pages with typewriters. There were no backspaces (until later models) and if you messed up at the end of a page, chances are you had to retype the whole page. Can you imagine the hassle of editing your novel too? I think we forget how lucky we are with our modern technology.

Sorry, had to gush over my love for typewriters. BUT!!

Moving on…

This week has been a good week for me. I have finally found some momentum in writing. I had to set aside the one book I have been working on for so long…like over 8 years now. It’s the one story that has been holding me back. The story that I have been so stuck on and I now realize that maybe, this won’t be the first book that will be published. The story will be out there one day, but maybe it just isn’t the first.

So I started writing a new story. The title at the moment will be “Sky Mountain.” And that is all you will know about it. It’s actually kind of a lame title. But the story…okay I will tell you one more detail. It’s about a young girl who doesn’t remember her past, aside from a dream that plagues her most nights.

This week I have written at least a 1000 words a day, except Friday. Friday was just a strange day and I didn’t know what to write. I actually figured out the next scene in the book Saturday while I was at work. It was pretty awesome.

Thursday and Saturday I wrote 2000 words each night, so I made up for not writing one day. I am proud of myself and I am enjoying the story. And of course, this month I finally got back to writing the short stories and that has helped too. I think doing the prompt challenge every week has helped open up my imagination. It helps make the words flow.

I even have a set time that I write…kind of. I have been writing every night before bed. I start around 11 or 12 and write for an hour, or until I get to 1000 words. I think my typing has gotten faster too. Saturday night I wrote 2000 words in an hour. I was on a roll!

I don’t know why I go so long without writing. It’s like my drug. I’m less depressed when I am writing, less stressed. Why can’t I just come to the terms that writing is in my blood and I have to write? Someone remind me next time I go even a week without writing. K?

How about the rest of you writers out there? Have you been writing everyday?


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