Inspiration Friday

Hello friends! Here is your inspiration to get you through this Friday. 🙂


As you heard my story yesterday about the pain I am in, you must have seen this coming. It’s a reminder that every thing I go through there is some kind of purpose for it. The pain I am in. No, I’m not going all religious on you, to be honest I am not sure what I believe in when it comes to religion. But I do feel like everything has a purpose. There has to be a purpose for it all…right?

I have to keep reminding myself to just keep going, just keep moving. It’s the only thing I can do because I can’t just sit down and give up. It was never in my blood to do so. And you should be the same way. Never take anything sitting down. Get up, walk it off, and get back to achieving your dreams.

I can tell you from experience that some struggles make you appreciate what little you have.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and keep moving on. And should you ever need someone to talk to, just hit me up. You can contact me through e-mail. 🙂


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